Diamonds Are Forever

Continuity mistake: When the cops make a U-turn to chase Bond in Las Vegas, the number of bystanders on both curbs decreases noticeably between the close-up and wide shots.


Continuity mistake: When Bond exits the Las Vegas airport, there is a woman in orange surrounded by cabin crew and a parked taxi next to them. A split second later, it's just her alone and the taxi is away, now driving towards her. (00:52:10)


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Continuity mistake: When Bond raises the man in the mud's head, the mud is smooth. From an immediate new angle, it's rugged.


Character mistake: When Bond sprays water at the dead man in the mud, he is noticeably struggling to keep still. He even starts to flinch right before the shot is cut.


Diamonds Are Forever mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the guy in the tub gets covered in mud, his swimming cap to protect his head protrudes around the ears. After Bond sprays him with water, the cap is gone.


Revealing mistake: You can see the flame resistant sleeves on the actor or stuntman playing Mr Kidd, just before Bond sets him on fire.


Continuity mistake: Before Q explains how the electromagnetic ring works with the slot machines there's a close-up shot of the coins falling. His jacket is nowhere to be seen despite him being right next to the machine.


Continuity mistake: When Tiffany is about to grab Frank's wallet his shirt is covered in foam. When she reaches out for it the foam is gone and his shirt is wet.


Continuity mistake: In the Whyte House casino Q plays with the slot machine with his left hand placed on it. In the close-up his hand is gone. (01:30:30)


Continuity mistake: In the dentist office the cap on the bottle of pills is loose, a shot later it's closed tight and yet a shot later it's missing. (00:10:20)


Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes the Blofeld look alike into the mud pit his feet have a natural position, the tip resting on the stretcher. Couple shots later, when his body is submerged and just the feet are visible, they are skewed awkwardly to the side as if the ankles were broken, revealing he's been replaced by a dummy.


Continuity mistake: When the movie begins Bond chokes a girl with her bikini, light side of the fabric facing camera. A shot later it's the dark side facing.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is having his chase through Las Vegas with all the police there are several shots of the casino clocks in the background. At one point the time goes from 1:30 to almost 4 o'clock in just a few minutes.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is speaking to Tiffany by the swimming pool, he puts one arm into his jacket, but when the camera is behind Bond in the next shot, the jacket is now completely on.

Continuity mistake: When Bond first drives off in the moon buggy the wheels have silver hubcaps on them, but when he crashes through the wall and goes outside, the centres of the wheels are completely different.

Revealing mistake: When the orbiting satellite blows up the missile in North Dakota you can see the scientists nearby move freeze in motion.

Other mistake: When James Bond startles the cat to see which Blofeld it would leap towards to get the correct one, we see it leap to the left. The problem is that the Blofeld the cat leapt at was sitting to the right.

Factual error: When the submarine blows up under water the explosion we see shows no water being thrown up.

Plenty: Hi, I'm Plenty.
James Bond: But of course you are.
Plenty: Plenty O'Toole.
James Bond: Named after your father, perhaps?

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Trivia: The actor who played the real Willard White (not a Blofeld copy) is Jimmy Dean, of Breakfast Sausage fame.

Mark English

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Question: Where were the diamonds hidden on Frank's body?

Answer: Bond's answer to Felix at customs is "alimentary, Mr. Leiter". As in the alimentary canal of a human.

Answer: They were hidden IN Frank's body.

Zwn Annwn

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