Plot hole: Singe states that Viktor and Amelia are pure-blooded Vampires, and seems to agree when Viktor calls the story of the Corvinus Clan a legend. However, Evolution shows that Lucian had formed a partnership with Andreas Tanis, a Vampire who was outcast by Viktor specifically because he knew the truth of the Corvinus Clan and the origins of the Vampire and Lycan bloodlines. Given his lack of loyalty to the Vampires, there is no reason why Tanis would not have told Lucian that Viktor and Amelia are not pure-bloods, or that the legend of the Corvinus clan was entirely true. Lucian would have passed this information to Singe, as it would be vital to his work.


Plot hole: Even assuming that creating a manhole underneath your own feet Looney Tunes-style shooting a gazillion bullets around you through the floor is a better battle strategy than using said bullets to shoot at the three remaining wolves charging at you in the small corridor, said creatures don't suddenly stop existing just because you fell down one floor, making their complete disappearance - they do not give chase through the hole or stairs nor even make as much of an angry sound throughout the rest of the scene.

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Suggested correction: I think this is more a stupidity than a plot hole. She could have escaped or defeated the wolves in any kind of ways, it's not a plot hole that she escaped by using a tactic that is illogical but not impossible.


I would absolutely agree about the silly tactic itself, but there were pursuing werewolves in that corridor, and for the remainder of the scene she just faces Lucian. There's no explanation why they don't come through the same hole, or take the stairs, or claw a hole through like they seemed to easily do in Michael's apartment.Not even a snarl: she drops one floor and they are...gone? So that part feels like a plot hole to me.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the final battle, a vampire shoots into a totally dark room and kills a werewolf. He then lifts his gun and people are seen reflected in the sights. (01:37:05)

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Michael Corvin: I want to stay with you.

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Trivia: According to the DVD commentary, the entire budget for Underworld was the same as the highway chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded.

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