Trivia: Filming of this movie took only eighteen days.

Trivia: On July 1st, 2003, the anniversary of the murders, Josh Lucas and Val Kilmer spent an entire night in the actual Wonderland house.

Trivia: Included on the DVD's 'Special Features', is the film of the actual police crime scene investigation, which was recorded on July 1st, 1981.

Trivia: In reality John didn't call Eddie Nash after the robbery at his place, but instead he was seen in Hollywood by Nash's associates, who saw him wearing some of the jewelry which was stolen in the robbery. They told Nash, and John was soon taken by two armed men who brought him to Nash...

Trivia: Cast and crew were evacuated on the last day of the shoot due to a fire.

Trivia: Val Kilmer became so engrossed in the film's production, that he created a 'behind-the-scenes pictorial book', which he has not released publicly.

Trivia: The shots seen during murder scene, from John Holmes' perspective, are the real LAPD crime scene photos of the actual corpses.

Trivia: Christina Applegate, who grew up near the site of the infamous Wonderland murders, remembers seeing the bloody mattresses lying on the street. Because of this, she agreed to take on the small role of Susan Launius.

Continuity mistake: When John comes to get Dawn and they leave Sally's house, the Chihuahua isn't with them, but all of a sudden it is back with them on and off throughout the movie. (00:05:45)

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John Holmes: And those people at Wonderland? They'll never laugh at me again. They got theirs with a lead pipe, and I'm still here surviving.

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