Corrected entry: In the movie, Val Kilmer (as John Holmes) wears a chain around his neck that holds a ring. The ring is the actual wedding band that John Holmes gave his wife, Sharon, when they got married in 1965. Sharon loaned it to Val to give him good luck on the movie. When the movie was over, Sharon then gave the ring to Dawn Schiller.

Correction: Word for word IMdB ripoff.

Corrected entry: Matt Dillon was the first choice to play John Holmes, but dropped out to direct his movie "City of Ghosts."

Correction: Cut and pasted from IMdB.

Corrected entry: When the film played the Toronto Film Festival, one of the promotional items handed out was a ruler that was 13 1/2 inches long.

Correction: Cut and pasted from IMdB.

Corrected entry: The movie did not portray that, while John was being beaten up at Nash's house, Liberace's lover, Scott Thorson, was present. It was his testimony that eventually led to the indictment of Eddie Nash by federal authorities.

Correction: Cut and pasted from IMdB.

Corrected entry: In the beginning a newscaster says that the murder scene is as horrific as the Sharon Tate murders in 1968. Sharon Tate was murdered 1969.

Correction: That's a real mistake, made on air by the actual broadcaster. The Channel 5 documentary "The Real Dirk Diggler" plays the tape back. It actually sounds to me like they used the real tape in this film.

Corrected entry: When Ron throws the VCR through the window, Billy gets upset. However earlier in the movie when Ron fired a bullet into the ceiling to show John that his guns were loaded, Billy didn't say a word.

Correction: When Ron shoots into the ceiling, it's being told from David's point of view, and it's possible that he didn't see Billy say anything to Ron. Billy also may have been in a different part of the house when the gun went off and didn't hear it over the noise of the party.

Corrected entry: At the beginning how would John really know his girlfriend Dawn's whereabouts? Yet he knows the exact location as he comes and picks her up.

Correction: Before the lady brings her food, we see her send John a messege telling him where she was and to hurry and pick her up.

T Poston

Continuity mistake: When John comes to get Dawn and they leave Sally's house, the Chihuahua isn't with them, but all of a sudden it is back with them on and off throughout the movie. (00:05:45)

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John Holmes: And those people at Wonderland? They'll never laugh at me again. They got theirs with a lead pipe, and I'm still here surviving.

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Trivia: Filming of this movie took only eighteen days.

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