Continuity mistake: Jasmine runs up to Jafar to find out the status of the boy,( Aladdin), who is now in his custody. When Jafar tells Jasmine that the sentence has been carried out, "Death, by beheading." Jasmine falls backwards in shock into a seated position on a large ottoman shaped pillow. The pillow appeared out of nowhere. It isn't the pillow on the gold elevated platform in the center of the room with the smoking hooka pipe next to it. This pillow appears right next to Jafar's secret sliding door.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: The watermelon that Aladdin steals is very light green, but when he and Abu start eating it, it is darker green.

Continuity mistake: The decor changes so much in Aladdin's rooftop hideaway between the time we first see it and the next day when he takes Jasmine to see it, that it is too difficult to list them all. Some examples, The curtain is now much shorter and much more jagged on the bottom. A boarded up window has appeared to the left of the large window.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: When the merchant is singing the Arabian Nights song, a shot of the palace shows the main dome as being perfectly round, but for the rest of the film, it has an oval shape.

Continuity mistake: Aladdin gives the boy his bread and he bites into it. A few seconds later the bite marks have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the Magic Carpet picks up Abu's hat and gives it back, the hat disappears off Abu's head. Abu puts it back on and yells at Magic Carpet. Magic Carpet then walks aways dejectedly. When Aladdin calls him back, the shot shows Abu without the hat on. When the Carpet goes past them to show them where the lamp is, it's back on Abu's head.

Continuity mistake: After the Suitor to the Princess storms out, the Sultan runs toward Jasmine seated at the fountain. The long shot positions the bird cage in the foreground at least a hundred yards away from the fountain. When Jasmine walks to the bird cage from the fountain, she only requires eight tiny steps to reach it.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: There are several balconies used in different scenes: Jasmine's sitting room, Jasmine's bedroom, the Sultan and Jafar's balcony during the parade, the balconies behind the throne, and the Genie's balcony in the end. However, no shot of the palace shows any of these or their flanking columns, though the ones with a view of the parade should be located on the front.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: When Jasmine escapes from the palace, we see her blue bottoms showing through her coat. After the tiger comes and she goes up the tree, we see her blue bottoms, yet when it cuts to a close up of her leg, the coat is a lot shorter and there is no bottom of the trousers to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When Aladdin has been trapped in the Cave of Wonders and Jafar (disguised as an old man) is gloating, he opens up his coat to get the lamp, realises it's gone and pats himself over with his coat still unbuttoned. As soon as his hands leave his body however (right before it cuts to a wide shot of him screaming) his coat magically buttons up again.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, whether Aladdin is in Street Rat clothing or in Prince Ali attire, he wears the same exact waistband. It has two distinct styles that constantly change throughout the movie, with either outfit. One style is flat on the bottom; the other has a dramatic point downward in the front. The detail lines across it change constantly as well in many scenes.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: When Jafar first enters his secret lair, he pulls a cord from a lantern suspended to the left of the secret sliding wall door. The next shot comes from the other side of the secret door as it slides open to reveal Jafar and Iago before they enter. The door slides open in the opposite direction for the remainder of the film. Notably when Iago gets stuck in it.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: During the Prince Ali parade, Aladdin shakes the hands of some men in a towering pile that Genie has scooped up with a human wheelbarrow. The top five of those men pile onto Aladdin. Then the number of faces grows in the pile, first to six, then seven, then eight faces. When Aladdin lifts the pile, there are six men in it.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, whenever Aladdin is dressed as the "Street Rat", he wears pants that are very baggy with a crotch below the knees. When Aladdin is prisoner in the dungeon, seated and shackled to the wall, his pants are like modern sweatpants with full legs and a regular crotch. They conveniently become more pants-like when necessary for running, jumping, Etc.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: When Aladdin enters his rooftop hideaway, the curtain over the window is supported by a peg on each side. The curtain sags down it the middle to show this fact. When Aladdin opens it later, it slides over as though it were on a curtain rod. Also of note, our first look at the curtain shows it going all the way to the floor. When he tucks Abu in, then turns to open it, the curtain is now above the rim of the wall and less torn. When he slides the curtain open, Aladdin is by Abu on the right of the window, he never takes any steps, but once the curtain is open, Aladdin is on the far left of the window 12 feet away and sits down.

Mike Wotton

Continuity mistake: Right before the song "Prince Alï", Jafar and the Sultan are shown having a conversation. In this scene, Sultan stuffs a cracker into Iago's mouth, and Iago spits it out. But in later shots, the cracker is gone.

Continuity mistake: Each time the palace is shown in a long shot, it has a straight, wide road leading up to the palace gates. After Jafar has been turned into a genie trapped in the black lamp, and the spells are broken, everything is restored to it's original splendor. However, when the palace is shown to be restored, it no longer has a road leading up to it. The area is packed with houses. Was it put back in the wrong spot?

Mike Wotton

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Suggested correction: This is simply not true, it's seen in only 2 shots and both the pelvic and the dorsal fin stay the same size, the fish is further away in the second shot and the pelvic fin changes position and looks a different size but they use the exact same drawing. Even so, the dorsal fin of a fish can change size even when dead and shaken about by the salesman. And the tail fin is only seen in 1 shot.


Continuity mistake: During the song line "These guys don't appreciate I'm broke", the barrel moves closer to the box than earlier.

Continuity mistake: After Aladdin is knocked out by the guards, he is thrown into the sea. His head gear floats down and starts to unravel as if it were a turban but through out the rest of the movie, when in his Prince Ali outfit, his head gear is simply a hat.


Factual error: The animators have clearly tried to make all the writing in the film look Arabic. However in one scene we see the faces of Jafar and the Sultan as they read a scroll. Their eyes move from left to right; Arabic is read right to left.

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Genie: But oh, to be free. Not to have to go "Poof! What do you need, "Poof! What do you need, Poof! What do you need?" To be my own master. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world. But what am I talking about? Let's get real here, that's never gonna happen. Genie, wake up and smell the hummus.

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Trivia: Because Robin Williams ad-libbed or improvised so many of his lines, the film was ruled ineligible for the Adapted Screenplay category at the Academy Awards.

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Question: Two Questions about the Cave of Wonders: 1) The Cave states that only Aladdin can enter, but Abu enters the cave as well. That suggests that Aladdin is just the only human welcomed into the cave while the rule does not apply to animals. Why doesn't Jafar send Iago into the cave to retrieve the lamp for him? 2) The Cave also warns Aladdin not to touch any treasure besides the lamp, because if he does the cave will erupt and collapse on him. The cave is also where Aladdin and Abu meet the Magic Carpet. Clearly, they touch the carpet. Why doesn't the cave erupt and collapse when Aladdin and Abu touch the carpet?

John Ohman

Chosen answer: The cave has some level of sentience. It is aware of who is entering the cave, and decides whether to allow them to enter. It is able to tell that Abu is with Aladdin. It seems to keep a watchful eye on the person in the cave, and when it says "touch nothing" what it means is "don't try to take anything. It seems it was fine with them interacting with the carpet, and only had an issue when Abu was attempting to actually take something.

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