The Caine Mutiny

Factual error: The movie takes place during WW-II. In the scene where Maryk, Keefer and Keith go to visit the admiral on the aircraft carrier, the ship has the hull number of "33". The aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge CV-33 was not commissioned until 1946, after WW-II was already over.

Factual error: In the shot where the three officers ride the aircraft elevator from the hangar deck to the flight deck after arriving aboard the admiral's carrier, you can briefly see some of the aircraft parked on the hangar deck, and they are jet aircraft. The aircraft have pointed noses, no propellers, and the fuselage shape and markings are consistent with first generation Navy carrier jets. These types were not in service until the mid-50s (See "Bridges of Toko-Ri").


Factual error: In the movie's latter part during the trial, when Van Johnson finished testifying he returned to the defense table, and on the wall behind him was a calendar showing all the months of the year. It showed January 1st as a Thursday. According to the movie the trial took place in 1944. In 1944 January 1 was actually on a Saturday, not a Thursday. The actual year on the calendar in the film was 1953 - they clearly used a calendar current for when the movie was filmed.

Movie Buff

Factual error: After Ensign Keith reprimands Horrible and Meatball, Meatball remarks that Keith "must think he's a five-star admiral." The scene is set in early 1944, but the rank of Fleet Admiral (a.k.a. five-star admiral) did not exist until December 1944.

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