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Corrected entry: After Ensign Keith reprimands Horrible and Meatball, Meatball remarks that Keith "must think he's a five-star admiral." The scene is set in early 1944, but the rank of Fleet Admiral (a.k.a. five-star admiral) did not exist until December 1944.

Correction: Meatball may not literally mean that Ensign Keith thinks he is a "five star admiral." Meatball might have made this statement in the full knowledge that there was no such rank as "five star admiral." It might have been another way of asking "Who does he think he is?" Meatball could equally well have said Ensign Keith thinks he's a "twenty star admiral", or the President of the USA, or the Emperor of China. Meatball may mean that Ensign Keith has a very exaggerated idea of his own importance, when he is really just self-important, rude, arrogant and ignorant.

Rob Halliday

Corrected entry: Attorney Barney Greenwald arrives at court in a Marine uniform, but in court wears a Navy uniform.

Correction: While Greenwald does appear in a forest green uniform, it is not a Marine uniform. It is an optional uniform worn exclusively in the Navy by officers and chief petty officers in the aviation community, and commonly referred to as "aviation green." It was adopted during World War I and was authorized up until sometime in the 1970s, I believe. Although the color is the same as USMC "winter fields" the rank insignia and buttons are U.S. Navy. Lt. Greenwald appears in the dress blue uniform during the court martial sequence because it was a more formal uniform and would likely have been prescribed by the officer in charge of the court martial board (Greenwald would have had the green uniform, the blue uniform, and the khaki uniform). So this appears to be one of the few times that a studio actually paid attention to its military advisor.

Corrected entry: At that time, no US Navy warship could steam in a circle tight enough to cut its own tow line.

Correction: It should be noted that author Herman Wouk actually served as a watch officer on the class of ship in question, and therefore would be in a position to know.

Factual error: The movie takes place during WW-II. In the scene where Maryk, Keefer and Keith go to visit the admiral on the aircraft carrier, the ship has the hull number of "33". The aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge CV-33 was not commissioned until 1946, after WW-II was already over.

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Lt. Commander Philip Francis Queeg: Get that red-headed fellow over there, that one there.
Lt. Keith: Sir, it's impossible to tell which one is red-headed. They're all wearing their helmets.
Lt. Commander Philip Francis Queeg: Keith - you're an idiot.

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