Hollywood Homicide
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Joe Gavilan: Goddammit! Idiot! That's it! That's it! I'm driving! That's it.
K.C.: All right, all right fine! You think you can do better? Go ahead, be my guest.
Joe Gavilan: Dammnit! Trying to kill us.
K.C.: All right, go.
Joe Gavilan: Idiot.
K.C.: Go ahead.

Joe Gavilan: If I take my gingko... I can still remember where I put the Viagra.

Lt. Bennie Macko: Here we go... Joe.

K.C.: I know you're gonna say it's none of my business, but when's the last time you got laid?
Joe Gavilan: None of your business.

Joe Gavilan: Fuck you very much.

Leon: Joe. K.C.
Joe and K.C.: Hey, Leon.
Leon: Hey. I'm making you two primaries on this disaster. Since you made no progress in the Klepto murder, I figure you're due.
K.C.: Thanks for the confidence.
Leon: Yeah, no problem.

Joe Gavilan: Don't call me sir. I work for a living.

Leon: They called themselves H2OKlik, don't ask me why.

Van Family Son: I don't wanna die.
K.C.: You're not gonna die okay?

Antoine Sartain: It's just a game, nothing but a game.
Joe Gavilan: Well we've got four mama's boys down at the morgue. It wasn't a game last night.

Joe Gavilan: You dog, you.

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