Hollywood Homicide

Hollywood Homicide (2003)

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Corrected entry: In the bar scene, Harrison Ford refers to a property that he owns on Mt. Olympus. The next time he refers to it as being located on Mt. Olympics.


Correction: Harrison Ford was being sarcastically exasperated at not being able to sell the property, and the way he said it was deliberate.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie at the shooting range, all of the shooters are wearing earplugs, but none of them are wearing eye protection. No one ever is allowed to fire at a legitimate range, let alone a Police range, without wearing eye protection. Later when KC goes to the range alone, he has no ear or eye protection. This is possible since he was alone and angry about his father's murder, etc.

Correction: People break rules and do things they are not allowed to do all the time. It's real life. People are injured and killed every single year because they were not wearing the proper safety gear.


Corrected entry: What exactly is Macko arrested for at the end of the movie? They never say what the charge is. I suppose it relates to his investigation of Gavilan and Calden, which was meritless, but I can't think of any specific criminal charge to apply there. Perhaps subordination of perjury, since he made a deal with Lolita Davidovich to testify that she had relations with Gavilan? But then, he'd have to have known that that was untrue, and the cops would need proof of this to arrest him, which was not indicated at all in the scene. They just show up and arrest him.

Correction: He's a dirty cop, all along. He was involved in KC's father's murder.

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In the first scene with Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford, where they are at the club's murder scene, Josh's hair is first swept over his forehead, and then, the next shot shows it's not. Then a few shots later, it is over his forehead again.



When Harrison Ford is walking through the old guy's mansion, there is a shot of them walking down a hallway. This is the same shot (and house for that matter) that was used in the movie Fletch when he was talking about how Hopalong Cassidy used to live in that house. The front of the house with the fountain in the middle of the circle driveway is also recognizable.