Mambo Italiano

Mambo Italiano (2003)


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Angelo Barberini: Look, my folks, they took it relatively well.
Nino Paventi: Sure.
Angelo Barberini: Yeah. Just don't eat anything my mother offers you.
Nino Paventi: They threatened to kill me?
Angelo Barberini: No, but they are Italian.

Lina Paventi: Oh, Nino... look at this beautiful face! Nice, eh? Now, think of his big, fat mother - because that's the face you're going to end up with.

Nino Paventi: How'd you get in here? The door was locked, the alarm system was on.
Lina Paventi: Nino, I'm Sicilian.

Angelo: Being gay and Italian is a fate worse than... actually there is no fate worse than being gay and Italian.

Angelo: Are you okay?
Anna: I will be once the Valium kicks in.

Pina: Me, I can convert anybody. Give me an hour in the Gay Village and there's not gonna be a Gay Village no more! Hai capito?

Anna: Gee! Time flies when you're mortified.

Peter: Angelo, if you can't have compassion for yourself, how you gonna have it for others?

Gino Barberini: Nobody told us there was two America: the real one, United State, and the fake one, Canada. Then, to make matter even worse, there's two Canada: the real one, Ontario, and the fake one, Quebec.

Continuity mistake: When Maria and her husband are at the cemetary, she says Yolanda died at 33. But a few shots earlier, Yolanda's tombstone read "1960-1987".

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