The Last Days of Disco
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Tom Platt: Why is it that when people have sex with strangers on their mind their IQ just drops like 40 points?

Charlotte Pingress: This is going to sound dumb, but, it really works. Whenever you can, throw the word sexy - into a conversation. Its a kind of a signal. Like, um, there's something really sexy about strobe lights. Or, eh, this fabric is so sexy.

Des McGrath: Do yuppies even exist? No one says, "I am a yuppie," it's always the other guy who's a yuppie. I think for a group to exist, somebody has to admit to be part of it.
Dan Powers: Of course yuppies exist. Most people would say you two are prime specimens.

Des McGrath: Group social life has its place, but at a certain point other biological factors come into play. Our bodies weren't really designed for group social life. A certain amount of pairing off was always part of the original plan.

Alice Kinnon: If when making love, the man... spurts... outside the woman, does that count as sexual intercourse?
Tom Platt: "Spurts"?
Alice Kinnon: If it... squirts outside, without getting in... does that count as losing your virginity?
Tom Platt: No part of the man got in at any time?
Alice Kinnon: I don't think so.
Tom Platt: I think part has to get in to be considered sexual intercourse.
Alice Kinnon: So then I was a virgin.

Jimmy: That's like something out of the Nazis.

Alice Kinnon: There's something really sexy about Scrooge McDuck.

Des McGrath: A gay mouth? I have a gay mouth? What does that mean?

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