The Matrix Reloaded

Revealing mistake: During the highway chase scene, when one of the twin is trying to kill Morpheus, one of the agents jumps on a car. There's nobody in the driver's seat. (01:27:00)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When Smith is talking to Neo in the park after seeing the oracle, the direction of the sunlight over Smith doesn't match the shadows in the park.

Revealing mistake: When the Key-Maker shuts the door in the corridor-scene while being shot at by Smiths, one dead Smith-body lies in the corridor, the one that Neo knocked through the crown of other Smiths. When you look closely at the body of the Smith, you can see his right foot slowly moving.

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Suggested correction: Who says he's dead? It just got knocked down.


Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene 1 of the twins shoots through a car window causing it to flip. If you look closely you can see the stuntman wearing his helmet. (01:25:55)


Revealing mistake: In the freeway chase scene, look carefully at the interior of the cars that get flipped over by the Agents and the Twins. All of them are completely empty, meaning that either they are remotely controlled or they are simply towed by a hidden vehicle. This is most obvious when they are flipping in slow-motion.


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Revealing mistake: In the freeway chase scene when one of the agents jumps onto the hood of the first car then jumps off, the car flips, then a second later as the car is still flipping you can see the gas tank and transmission have been removed. (01:23:45)

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Morpheus: Does the Commander have a plan for stopping 250,000 sentinels?
Niobe: A strategy is still being formulated.
Morpheus: I'm sure it is.

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Trivia: Monica Bellucci's dress is some what see through. You can see that she isn't wearing underwear. (01:05:10)

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Question: Whatever happened to the Twins that work for the Frenchman? They do not appear at all in "Revolutions," or at least not as major characters.

Answer: Well, they get defeated. They probably weren't killed, as they reverted to Ghost form (and were still alive when they did it, as they were screaming) which would repair any damage they sustained, but i can't imagine them being willing to go back to the French guy, if he's as powerful as he's made out to be. They're probably just in hiding somewhere.

Gary O'Reilly

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