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Revealing mistake: In the freeway chase scene when one of the agents jumps onto the hood of the first car then jumps off, the car flips, then a second later as the car is still flipping you can see the gas tank and transmission have been removed. (01:23:45)

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Revealing mistake: In the 100 Agent Smith fight, you can see (especially in the larger shots) that there are many Smiths that don't look like Smith at all. Also, for the ones that have Smiths face digitally painted on them, when they turn around you can see that the backs of their heads are all different. (00:55:50)

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Revealing mistake: During the freeway scene, if you look closely, you will notice that some of the trucks have no axles. Most obvious is the second one the camera goes under when following Trinity on the bike.

Revealing mistake: After Neo takes the pole for the fight with the Smiths, we have some "bullet-time" shots of Neo fighting with the pole. In those shots we can see that Neo and the pole are computer made. This becomes even more obvious because before using the pole Neo was crushed into a wall and got all dirty and the computer-made Neo is completely clean.

Revealing mistake: One more of the Burly Brawl. After Neo is thrown over the park chair and this is broken, count five shots starting with the close up of Neo face, you will see in the end of the fifth one, how an agent loses his wig.

Revealing mistake: In the office building, when Trinity runs and jumps out the window, she seems to pull the Uzis out of nowhere. She is wearing a skintight leather jumpsuit, and previous shots show her not holding anything and with nothing attached to her.

Revealing mistake: After Neo has knocked out the first two agents after the meeting scene, he kicks the last one into the pole of a streetlight. When the agent falls to the ground, he moves his arms from a position where he could brace his fall to one where he could protect his face from the shattered glass that comes directly after when the glass from the streetlight falls and breaks in front of him. (00:09:10 - 00:10:00)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Neo is fighting the 100 Smiths, there's a shot of Neo baseball-smacking a Smith into a set of windows. While the scene is a bit blurry, it's pretty apparent that the Smith literally falls apart when he hits the window, like he was made of sausage links. (00:57:15)

Revealing mistake: During the fight against the Frenchman's men, at one point a giant stone statue is broken, falls over and smashes apart. You see it hits a stone railing on the stairway, which wobbles and makes it very clear that the statue is a breakaway, unlike the rest of the set. (01:18:45)

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Revealing mistake: In the highway chase scene, Trinity, Morpheus, and the Keymaker pull off onto an exit and the twins follow. If you look closely at the exit and the overpass, you can see that it ends after it goes over the highway. The exit/overpass goes nowhere. You can see this during the various shots when Morpheus faces off against the twins and later when Trinity looks back at the overpass from on top of the Ducati carrier.

Revealing mistake: When Neo fights the Agents near the beginning, he knocks out the first by knocking him into the wall. He then knocks the second into the wall by spinning round on the third Agent's back. After the shot of the second Agent hitting the wall both Neo and the Agent go from standing completely still displaying a clear "Action" cue. (00:10:00)

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Revealing mistake: On the freeway chase, when the agent jumps on the bonnet of the car and it flips over, check the underneath. There is no exhaust pipe and a reinforcing frame runs either side of where it should be. (01:23:45)

Revealing mistake: On the freeway scene, there are many cars and trucks that were computer generated to fill in the road, but the shadows are just under the vehicles, not angled away like on the real ones.

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Revealing mistake: During the freeway chase there is a shot over the shoulder of one of the twins as he shoots at our hero's car. He rakes his stream of bullets from left to right following the car as it passes behind a white truck - notice, however, that there are already bullet holes in the truck before the stream of bullets ever reaches it. (01:25:45)

Revealing mistake: In the freeway chase scene, the black car that gets shot at by one of the twins and flips over the k rail and over the Cadillac has skid plates under the nose, so as to slide and flip the k rails easier. (01:26:00 - 01:27:20)

Revealing mistake: Just as Neo begins fighting in the "Burly Brawl," take a look at the Smith to the right of him (he puts his hand on Neo's shoulder I think). The face is not Hugo Weaving's but the face of the stunt person. Looks like the effects crew forgot to put Weaving's face on that guy.


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Revealing mistake: When we see the car careen into the side rail of the freeway and flip over, we can see there are skid plates welded to the underside of the engine compartment and under the front suspension. (01:26:00)

Sol Parker

Revealing mistake: After the twins shoot the black Oldsmobile, it hits a barrier and does a spiral, and lands on its roof. That's impossible because the car's fender would have been torn off. It would have skidded a sharp right and went under the semi that Trinity was driving by. That indicates that there was a ramp to lift the car off the ground and do the spiral.

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Revealing mistake: When the Keymaker closes the door with the Smiths firing at him, if you play it slowly you can see that no bullets actually hit him, as they would have caused bullet holes and blood stains, but his shirt stays perfectly fine right up to when he shuts the door.

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Continuity mistake: During the freeway scenes, the katana Morpheus used as a foot hold to grab the keymaker keeps moving. It was at arm's length from the top when he inserted it; when Morpheus was standing on it, the sword was a whole body length below the top; when Morpheus took the sword out in his fight against the agent, it was back in its original position.

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Morpheus: Does the Commander have a plan for stopping 250,000 sentinels?
Niobe: A strategy is still being formulated.
Morpheus: I'm sure it is.

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Trivia: In the highway chase scene, the license plate on Trinity's car says DA203. If you look in Daniel 2:3, which says "he said to them, 'I have had a dream that troubles me and I want to know what it means.'" This is possibly making reference to Neo's dream, because he went to the oracle partly to figure out what his dream about Trinity meant. The biblical text is speaking about King Nebuchadnezzar's searching for the meaning of his dream. In Verse 3, the Nebuchadnezzar says, "I have dreamed a dream." In Verse 5, when asked to explain his dream, he says, "The thing is gone from me" (all this is from the classic King James Version). Near the end of the movie as the Nebuchadnezzar explodes as a result of the sentinels' bomb, Morpheus says "I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream has gone from me."

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Question: Whatever happened to the Twins that work for the Frenchman? They do not appear at all in "Revolutions," or at least not as major characters.

Answer: Well, they get defeated. They probably weren't killed, as they reverted to Ghost form (and were still alive when they did it, as they were screaming) which would repair any damage they sustained, but i can't imagine them being willing to go back to the French guy, if he's as powerful as he's made out to be. They're probably just in hiding somewhere.

Gary O'Reilly

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