An Affair to Remember

Nickie Ferrante (Cary Grant) is a rich famous bachelor. On a cruise he meets Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) and they fall in love. He takes her to meet his grandmother and she becomes like one of the family. They both have romantic entanglements elsewhere, but they agree to meet on the top of the Empire State Building in six months if they still feel the same. Six months later, Nickie Ferrante waits for Terry, but she never arrives because she has been knocked down by a car and paralysed on her way to the rendezvous. Too proud to let him be with her out of pity, she doesn't tell him what happens and he is broken hearted, thinking she doesnt care.


Other mistake: When Cary Grant came to visit Deborah Kerr, he laid his coat and hat in the chair. Later he remembered he had a gift from his grandmother for her. He did not have it when he came in. Someone had to put it under his coat.

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Question: Where is the infamous painting of Terry (the one we see reflected in a mirror) when all the children come to sing at her bedside? Nicki sees it the moment he opens her bedroom door.

Answer: Is the picture on the wall opposite her bed?

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