An Affair to Remember

Revealing mistake: An open water shot of the Constitution shows the wake from the camera boat.

Nickie Ferrante: I'll just take my ego for a walk.

Terry McKay: We were talking about the place where I was born.
Nickie Ferrante: I can hardly wait for you to grow up.

Terry McKay: And all I could say was, "hello."

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Question: Where is the infamous painting of Terry (the one we see reflected in a mirror) when all the children come to sing at her bedside? Nicki sees it the moment he opens her bedroom door.

Question: When Nikki came to see Terri, he laid his hat and coat in the chair - no package. Later, he went to the chair and got the package that contained the scarf. Was the package placed there at a later time?

Chosen answer: This sounds like a movie mistake rather than there being a reason in the plot for it to happen.

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