An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember (1957)

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By a fluke, Nickie discovers where Terry is staying, although not that she is paralyzed. He barges in to see her and yells at her for breaking his heart. He is just about to storm out when he realises that a woman in a wheelchair came to the studio that sells his paintings and was interested in the one that looked like Terry. He had his agent give the painting to the paralyzed woman. He enters another room of her apartment and discovers the painting. Suddenly he knows why she didn't meet him at the appointed time. She cries and they hug. She states "if you can be a painter I can walk" and the movie ends with a shot of the Empire State Building. In this ending it is left unknown if Terry ever walks again, but none of it seems to matter because they have each other.


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Suggested correction: He says "Hi, Terry", calling her by the right name.


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Question: When Nikki came to see Terri, he laid his hat and coat in the chair - no package. Later, he went to the chair and got the package that contained the scarf. Was the package placed there at a later time?

Answer: This sounds like a movie mistake rather than there being a reason in the plot for it to happen.

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