Agent Cody Banks

Continuity mistake: When Cody is in the glass dome with Natalie, Ronica is outside the dome placing little red light thingies. You can see she is wearing purple lipstick, but when she enters the dome to get Cody and Natalie, she has red lipstick on.

Continuity mistake: When Cody pushes a button to blow the place up, Brinkman IMMEDIATELY throws the ice cube out of the metal tongs,it goes to a shot of an explosion and then the ice is back in the tongs and he throws it again,this time showing it hit the ground,but then,it goes to a shot of another explosion and the ice is back in the tongs and he throws it again.

Other mistake: When Cody is learning how to talk to girls and the hologram girl is used. She tells him to "Come here." She pulls on his chin to bring him closer. You can see his skin move and his head is pulled. Holograms can not touch or grab things.


Continuity mistake: When Cody and the CIA agent are trying to save the girl, they see a trail and a plate on it. When the plate comes, they hide it behind cans, but the cans have appeared suddenly, they weren't there before.

Continuity mistake: After Cody is dropped off on the mountain, there is a shot of him (from the plane) standing on the rocket powered snowboard, but in the next shot he is waving to the plane and he is holding the snowboard. (01:10:55)


Continuity mistake: When Cody and his brother are in Cody's room, and Cody receives the location of Hillary Duff, Cody looks at the image, but his brother is still looking at the Game Boy thing.

Continuity mistake: When Ronica first finds Cody after he leaves to search for Natalie, the straps on the flying thing have shoulder straps. Later in the movie, they don't.


Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Cody is chasing the runaway car in Seattle, a Famouse Players movie theaters is shown. Famouse Players theaters are only found in Canada.

Revealing mistake: When Cody cuts the wire to get into the ERIS territory, he cuts it all the way through but the wire stays there floating.


Continuity mistake: When Ronica grabs the school nurse, her sleeve is white, but in the van she was wearing a red shirt.

Revealing mistake: When Ronica takes the towel from one of Cody's classmates, you can see the flesh coloured briefs he has on.

Continuity mistake: In the time period when Cody says that the "Doors are jammed" to the time when the landing pad falls down. If you pay close attention to each shot of the doors, the doors are always in a different spot. In the beginning they are 1-2 meters apart, then later they are 1-2 feet apart, then go back from 1-2 meters.


Continuity mistake: When Cody and Natalie are in the restaurant, the guy come with the burger. You can see in the shots before this that there is a man with spiked hair in the seat behind Natalie. When they start running away from the henchmen there are no people in the seats.


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