Agent Cody Banks

Continuity mistake: When Cody Banks crashes a rocket propelled snowboard into a tree, Ronica Miles meets him using a jet pack. When she lands, she unbuckles herself and all the straps are seen free. After a shot of Cody's snowboard in the tree, it goes back to Ronica and she begins unbuckling herself from the jet pack again.

Continuity mistake: When Cody is trying to save the child in the car, it shows a shot of a railroad guard descending to prevent traffic from coming onto the train tracks. However, when Cody manages to stop the car, it is almost hit by the train and the guard is not there.

Continuity mistake: When the skateboard skids burning out to the side, you can see a chunk coming of the board. If you look close, its the right wheel falling of. When Cody collects his board after the rescue, all wheels are intact and in place.

Continuity mistake: As Cody is trying to stop the car he grabs the front grill and moves to the left of the screen. You see he spins his board 180 degrees from regular footed to goofy footed. In the next shot he is holding the door with his feet back in regular footed position (regular footed is when the left foot is in front of your right foot, goofy is when the right foot is in front).

Continuity mistake: Cody's jersey from the gym keeps changing, i.e. the white trim on the collar disappears in one shot.


Continuity mistake: When Ronica first goes into the glass dome to tell Cody and Natalie that they need to go, Natalie grabs her jacket. Then a minute or so later, when they are standing with the head of E.R.I.S., she still doesn't have it on. Then the shot goes back to Cody and then back to Natalie being shoved into a chair. There she has the jacket on. There's no possible way she could have got it on because she was being held by E.R.I.S. workers.


Continuity mistake: In the driving lesson, at some points when Cody is driving, there is no one sitting in the backseat where Natalie is supposedly sitting.


Continuity mistake: When Natalie slides down the banner, she slides down backwards. The way Cody catches her, she should have been sliding sideways.


Continuity mistake: When Cody is trying to save the young boy from the runaway car, he sticks his head in from the top. He pulls the brake just in time to stop the car from crashing into a train. His legs are animated and they start to go inside the car. When it goes back to real life, he is still halfway outside the car.


Continuity mistake: When Cody is cutting into a ventilator duct at Connor's house he starts the cut about two feet from the ground on his left side and proceeds up and over and down to the ground on his right side. However in the next shot it shows him pushing the 'cut-out' in and it is now cut all the way down on his left. (00:50:30)


Continuity mistake: When Cody uses the skateboard to slow the car down he soon kicks it off to the side. When he goes back to get it, it is closer to the car than it should have been.


Continuity mistake: In the scene right after Natalie falls, and Rhonica Miles comes in as the nurse, in the five minutes between the time Rhonica Miles exits the van and enters the nurse's office, her hairdo changes. How could she change her clothes and hair within the time limit she had? Especially since she had to find a nurse outfit and talk to the real nurse.

Continuity mistake: When the scientist is demonstrating the nanobots which can break down oil, a guy spears a model seal on the end of a fork. He then lifts the fork up into the camera shot with the handle 'down' and the fork part with the seal 'up'. The seal is upright (ie. not upside down). Earlier in that scene, it shows the 'apparatus' with the seal upright. The guy would have forked the seal from above, meaning that when he showed the seal to the camera it should have been upside down, because he rotated the fork 180 degrees before he showed it to the camera.

Continuity mistake: In the CIA they show a picture of the United States with young agents all over it. In one shot a few of the pictures disapear.


Continuity mistake: When Cody is in the glass dome with Natalie, Ronica is outside the dome placing little red light thingies. You can see she is wearing purple lipstick, but when she enters the dome to get Cody and Natalie, she has red lipstick on.

Continuity mistake: When Cody pushes a button to blow the place up, Brinkman IMMEDIATELY throws the ice cube out of the metal tongs,it goes to a shot of an explosion and then the ice is back in the tongs and he throws it again,this time showing it hit the ground,but then,it goes to a shot of another explosion and the ice is back in the tongs and he throws it again.

Continuity mistake: When Cody and the CIA agent are trying to save the girl, they see a trail and a plate on it. When the plate comes, they hide it behind cans, but the cans have appeared suddenly, they weren't there before.

Continuity mistake: After Cody is dropped off on the mountain, there is a shot of him (from the plane) standing on the rocket powered snowboard, but in the next shot he is waving to the plane and he is holding the snowboard. (01:10:55)


Continuity mistake: When Cody and his brother are in Cody's room, and Cody receives the location of Hillary Duff, Cody looks at the image, but his brother is still looking at the Game Boy thing.

Revealing mistake: When Cody is on the jet ski inside the evil guy's hideout, he smashes through some glass. The glass smashes before the jet ski even touches it.

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CIA Director: Ladies and gentlemen, somebody has gotta teach this kid how to talk to a girl.

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Trivia: After Natalie shoves the 'ice cube' down Brinkman's throat, during the following melee, when Ronica Miles kicks one of Brinkman's men over the balcony the famous "Wilhelm" [src] scream is heard as he falls.

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Question: Why did they take Cody off the mission just because he was defending himself from some bullies? Also, why did Cody lie to Natalie by saying he was taken off the mission because he became too close to her?


Answer: The fight with the bullies made the school paper and drew unwanted attention to Cody which could compromise his mission. Cody lied to Natalie to try and impress her.


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