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Corrected entry: In the scene in the museum food court when Professor Xavier freezes time, just before the shot cuts away from the boy who has been set on fire by Pyro and extinguished by Iceman you can see a big drop of the SFX "ice" fall from his chin. If time was frozen for him then obviously it wouldn't do that.

Correction: Time isn't frozen - Xavier has no power to do that. What he's done is mentally freeze all those present in their tracks, effectively locking their minds so that they aren't capable of movement and they aren't aware of anything going on around them. Time, gravity and so forth are all fully in operation as per normal, so it's entirely reasonable that ice could fall off the boy's chin.

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Corrected entry: When Hank McCoy is shown on the TV screen in the bar, he wants to "round mutants up by the truckload" but in The Last Stand, he obviously wants mutants to fit in.

Correction: He was being sarcastic. He says "mabye it would be easier to round mutants up by the truckload" sarcasticly. If we could hear what he says afterwards we would probably hear him defending mutants as he is one.

Corrected entry: When the X-Mansion is being attacked, Wolverine jumps off the stairs onto two soldiers and throws them backwards with his claws. The soldiers are level with his wrists as they begin flying back. If they had been thrown in such a way, they would have followed the same path through the air as Wolverine's claws. (00:44:10)

Correction: There are four soldiers not two. The first two he drops on and the second pair he stabs low and flips them backwards with a turn of his arm.

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Corrected entry: How did Stryker manage to get a hold of Cerebro, when Professor X is the only person that's capable of entering the room?

Correction: We saw him using a device that allowed him to bypass Xavier's security lock.

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Corrected entry: In the middle of the Wolverine/Deathstrike fight, there is a scene showing Iceman, Rogue, and Pyro waiting on the jet. Pyro stands up and says, "that's it," and lowers the ramp to leave. Iceman jumps up and says, "Paul, where do you think you're going?" The problem is, it was established at least twice (most notably when he's talking to Magneto) that Pyro's birth name is John. Even odder, the actor who plays him is Aaron Stanford, so it makes absolutely no sense for Iceman to call him Paul. (01:38:05)


Correction: He calls him pyro. not Paul. he just says it very quickly.


Corrected entry: In the climax, when Wolverine struggles getting towards Jean, some of the flesh on his body is ripped off by Jean's mutant power. The flesh then is quickly back by Logan's rapid healing ability. But the hair on his chest also comes back the same as it was before. This is not supposed to happen. (01:32:35)


Correction: First, this is for the wrong film. The sequence you're describing is from X-Men 3. Second, as you say, these are *mutant* powers. The very definition implies that the abilities don't conform to anything natural as we understand it.

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Corrected entry: When Wolverine is told by the police to drop the knives, he eventually retracts his claws and the skin heals instantly, but he's still got wounds on his arms from several minutes past.

Correction: The wounds on his arms were more severe when he received them, so they're taking longer to heal.

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Corrected entry: When the X-Men save the children at Striker's installation, they find where they are and then there is a shot where they pan down to them, and in the background you can faintly see Nightcrawler, before he transports down to them.

Correction: Dupicate submission.

Corrected entry: If Kurt didn't know who he was before he attacked the President, how did he know he did the angelic symbols himself?

Correction: The drug that Stryker used on him only caused short-term memory loss. He made the symbols before Stryker got hold of him.

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Corrected entry: When Magneto asks John what his real name is, Wolverine wasn't there to hear it. However, at the end, when Rogue asks where John is, Wolverine says "Pyro?"

Corrected entry: When Colossus opens the door to the hidden passage it opens to the horizontally to the left, but when John, Bobby, Rogue, and Wolverine escape the door closes vertically.

Correction: It's a different door. The mansion has multiple escape routes in case one is inaccessible.

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is attacking all the guards at the White House, after a guard says "Lock this place down", one of the guards lies flat on his back, yet in the following shot he is on his side. (00:03:45)


Correction: He could have rolled over when the camera wasn't on him. It doesn't take that long to roll onto your side.

Corrected entry: When William Stryker is in the school and is walking towards Cerebro, there is a large metal box to the right of the screen against the wall, in the following shot a large door has appeared next to it, that wasn't in the previous shot. (00:42:50)


Correction: There actually is a door there. It's just hidden in a recess like all the other doors.

Corrected entry: In the fight sequence between Hugh Jackman and Kelly Hu in the chamber where Stryker modified Logan, just after they both crash into the glass shelving, there is a shot where you can see the cable pulling Logan into the air.

Correction: Actually, what you see is one of Deathstrike's claws. It looks like a wire, but I watched it many times and it's definitely one of her claws.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when the President is making his speech, he is interrupted by the X-Men led by Xavier who has stopped all the presidential staff so he can reveal info about Stryker to the President. This is all well and good but what all about the tens of thousands of Americans who will be watching? They will have seen all of Xavier's brief, unless he could stop that many people without seeing them, or know who to stop out of the entire country.

Correction: He or somebody from his crew could easily have switched off the cameras or interrupted the transmission in any other way (they are powerful enough). The people watching would just think that there was a problem with the transmission of the speech.

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Corrected entry: If you have the DVD of X Men 2, in the scene where Rogue falls out of the jet, right after the shot where Bobby yells out "Rogue" the camera shot moves to Logan who Shouts "No" (If you have the DVD) slow the movie down by 1/2 or a 1/4 and as you watch, you will see Logan look strait into the camera as soon as he turns around. (01:08:10)

Correction: When Logan turns and briefly glances toward the camera lens, it can be presumed that he is simply glancing at the area of the camera as if the camera is not there.

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Correction: No it doesn't. If you look carefully just below the hair line, his dogtag chain is visible signifying he's still wearing his dogtags.


Corrected entry: When the X-Men's jet was about to crash and Magneto saves them by preventing the crash, how did he also know to repair the hole in the back of the jet? As the jet comes to a stop, the nose of the jet is facing Magneto.


Correction: Magneto's highly attuned to metals - as we see when he picks up on the metal in the guard's blood - and things constructed using them. When he took control of the plane, he sensed the disruption caused by the attack and bent the metal back into shape.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Magneto & Mystique are approaching the guarded Cerebro machine. There are around 8 guards, but when Magneto pulls all the pins out of their grenades, and then collects them into a pile, there are around 30 pins.

Correction: High chance that the guards carried more than just one grenade each.


Corrected entry: Magneto only escapes his prison by ripping the excess iron out of the guard's blood, which Mystique injected. There was an even better opportunity to escape earlier, when Miss Nagai came in and attacked Cyclops. Miss Nagai has an adamantium skeleton, just like Wolverine, and he could've easily ripped this metal out instead.

Correction: Indeed, and had he not been in the process of being gassed into unconsciousness at the time, he might have done that, but the whole gassing thing can really foul up your concentration. Besides, there's no evidence that Miss Oyama (please note the name) went any closer than the antechamber while he was still conscious - from the fact that they perform the scans there, it's fair to say that Magneto can't manipulate any metals in that room.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Storm and Nightcrawler rush to rescue the children from the holding cell, you see a shot of the cell where the children stand up and say "Listen..." before Nightcrawler teleports inside. If you look carefully, you will see Nightcrawler's silhouette in the shadow against the wall. (01:27:50)

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Pyro: You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about in the news? I'm the worst one.

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X-Men 2 trivia picture

Trivia: During the scene in the bar with Mystique and the prison guard, the person on the TV is Dr. Hank McCoy - this is the real name of X-Man The Beast.

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Question: When Mystique is disguised as Senator Kelly, why did she tell the other politicians about Professor Xavier's school?

Answer: Stryker was trying to get permission from the President to raid the school on the grounds that it is a mutant training facility. Mystique interjects and claims it is a docile boarding school in an attempt to dissuade the President from granting Stryker's request, as she doesn't want the students at the school to be harmed.

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