X-Men 2

Corrected entry: Given how Mystique can apparently infiltrate any place with her shapeshifting abilities and other talents, why didn't she just free Magneto herself by impersonating the guard, rather than this convolute plan involving injecting him with iron? Or better yet, since Magneto is allowed guests, why not impersonate Xavier?

Correction: Mystique would have needed a pretty good pretext to get him out, regardless of who she pretended to be, and still couldn't have taken anything in that might have aided his escape. Hiding metal in an unsuspecting guard is far more effective, especially since the area would have been locked down as soon as the escape became apparent.


Corrected entry: If Stryker is a US Army Special Ops officer, what the heck is he doing in Canada developing the Weapon X Project on a Canadian citizen (Logan)? Does the US now sanction the use of their officers in foreign scientific espionage?

Correction: It's explained in the comics that the Weapon X project involves many different countries, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, and numerous others that haven't been divulged yet.

Corrected entry: Why bother creating a new cerebro? Stryker took over the mansion, gained access to Cerebro, and could have just brought his son Jason and Professor X to the mansion.

Correction: The US Government knows he has taken over the mansion. If he carried out his operation from there, then they'd know who killed or tried to kill all the mutants. That could start a war between the humans over the mutants' death.

Corrected entry: With regards to the Department of Nartural Resources sign at Alkali Lake - Canada doesn't have a Department of Natural Resources, they have a Ministry of Natural Resources.

Correction: There is in fact a Department of Natural Resources in Canada. The official web site is http://www.cfl.forestry.ca/CFL-LFC/who_we_are/role_nrcan.html

Corrected entry: We see Magneto pulls the pins out of the security guards grenades, however, a real grenade would not explode if this happened. The handle, called the spoon, has to be released from the grenade first. (This is to ensure that the grenade does not explode until it leaves the thrower's hand after the pin is pulled.) The spoons of the grenades on the guards appear to be held down by the loops holding them in place, and we never see the spoons come off or hear them hit the floor.

Correction: Actually... if you watch closely, the scene cuts between angles pretty quickly, you will see the handle (spoon) pop off on some of them after the pins are pulled.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie when Logan is at the 'abandoned' military base, watch his hair and eye brows. The style of both changes significantly between the first shots and the later shots. This is because they had to film the later part of the scene towards the end of filming, when his appearance had been changed considerably, mostly because he was in the middle of shooting Van Helsing, which will be released in 2004.


Correction: Duplicated.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Nightcrawler is about to kill the President pay attention to the knife. When Nightcrawler gets shot in the arm he drops the knife and it leaves a mark on the right side of the desk from the President's point of view. After the attack when Striker says "That was really close" the mark is on the left side of the desk from the President's point of view when he was laying his back on it earlier.

Correction: Pay closer attention. When Nightcrawler drops the knife it lands in a leather section of the desk (there are 3 of them). When Stryker looks at the mark left bt the knife you can only tell that it landed close to the left edge of one of the leather sections, exactly the same spot it was dropped by Nightcrawler.

Corrected entry: When Professor X asks Wolverine to put out his cigar while in Cerebro, he looks around, and finding no other alternative, stubs it out on the palm of his hand, causing him obvious discomfort. It's not like there's anyone else around to show off to, so why not just stub it out the sole of his boot? Some people say Professor X made him do it, but it's hardly in his nature to deliberately cause someone else pain, even if he'd heal from it quickly.

Jon Sandys

Correction: It was done to show the audience his mutant power of quick healing.

Corrected entry: When Logan returns from Alkalai Lake in the beginning, Jean tells him that she and Storm are taking the jet up to Boston to pick something up (Nightcrawler). But Xavier doesn't know yet that Nightcrawler is in Boston; he doesn't track him to Boston until a subsequent scene.

Correction: While he doesn't know Nightcrawler's exact location, it's entirely possible Xavier knew Nightcrawler was just in the general area of Boston. He could have sent Storm and Jean the exact coordinates as soon as he found them.

Corrected entry: Iceman's parents are told that the mutant gene is passed from father to son. This is a contradiction in terms; mutation, by definition, means some change that occurs in the genes AFTER they have been combined from the mother and father.


Correction: However once the mutation has taken place it can THEN be passed on.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the X-men appear in the White House when the president is about to adress the nation, Storm is controlling the weather but when the X-men appear for the first time, her eyes are still their normal brown.

Correction: Storm isn't controlling the weather the whole time - she set up the storm, which could stay on its own, then they appear in the office, then they disappear and Storm calms down the weather.

Corrected entry: One supposes the Professor could pronounce his last name any way he'd like, but not only is it pronounced Za-vier in the dictionary, there isn't a single word in English beginning with X that is pronounced "eggs" as the "eggs-avier" in the movie. Its always like "z".

Correction: The X-Men 1.5 DVD has Hugh Jackman's first reading, and Bryan Singer (reading Jean Grey) pronounces Xavier's name correctly, ie. Za-vier. This suggests that the decision to pronounce the name the way they finally did was deliberate, perhaps to emphasise the fact it starts with an 'X'.


Corrected entry: Stryker says that the Mutant School is in Upstate New York, but when they show a close up of the sign on front gate of the school, its says Westchester County. Westchester County is not in upstate New York.

Correction: Speaking as a resident of Upstate New York, trust me. When you tell anybody outside of the state that you're from "New York", everyone assumes you mean New York City. Therefore, EVERYTHING is considered upstate.

Corrected entry: When the X-Men are leaving the facility at Alkali Lake, they are carrying Professor X because Nightcrawler teleported him. Look closely and you can see Professor X moving his legs back and forth.

Correction: I don't know if this counts as "comic book discrepancies", but professor X CAN move his legs, he's not paralyzed. His legs were crushed so that he can't stand on them, but he has feeling in them and he can move them. I don't think they've said he's paralyzed in the movie, so this isn't really a "mistake".

Corrected entry: When Bobby freezes the coffee in the cup, he manages to defy physics and prevent the frozen liquid from expanding at the same time.

Correction: Water expands due to the slow freezing process, allowing gaps to form between the water crystals. Iceman's power allows him to instantly freeze things - no time for gaps to form. SO he does not contradict the laws, he just does it so fast that no gaps form. This can be done with a deep cryo chamber in a lab.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine is fighting Lady Deathstrike, he claws the metal railing. Only one piece falls out. Wolverene has three claws on each hand, so shouldn't two pieces fall out? The one piece that's cut out doesn't have any mark on it from his middle claw either...

Correction: The sequence was very fast. If you download the trailer with clips from the fight, you can slow it down and you'll see the pieces fall apart into 2 pieces. Thus indicating that he did slice them.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, she manages to cut him up pretty bad and puncture his back many times with her claws. Yet in the scenes following the fight his clothes are in perfect condition and they contain no blood. I know he can heal himself, but are his clothes self healing too?

Correction: This isn't so much a movie/comic discrepancy as it is a question that's answered within the comics. The X-Men's uniforms are made of Unstable Molecules, a material invented by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four that works in conjunction with the wearer's powers. (Unstable Molecules are the reason that the Human Torch's costume doesn't burn up when he flames on.) They do, indeed, "heal" shortly after a battle. We also actually do see Wolverine's costume quite torn up as he is outdoors talking to Stryker the final time. The cuts are very long and thin, and would be hard to notice in the darkness of the base's interior.

Corrected entry: Think that maybe professor X would wisen up in securing Cerebro. It's obvious from the first movie that the eye scan isn't effective (especially because some one like Mystique can change her eyes, and she's still out there) yet he obviously did nothing because Stryker gains access with his machine. You'd think that he might do something simple like, I dont know, password protect it like the government files that Mystique couldn't access.

Correction: According to interviews, only three weeks lapsed between the two movies. It's believable that he simply didn't get around to it in that time.

Corrected entry: When the F-16's fire missiles at the Blackbird, Jean diverts one and the other hits them. Why does such a sophisticated aircraft not have something so simple as chaff (radar missile decoy) and flare (infared missile decoy) dipensers? No ECM generators either.

Correction: The jet is a transportation vehicle only, not a military-style aircraft. Just because it has the advance radar & electronic equipment to see they are being targetted etc, does not mean that it has to have the evasion equipment that is standard on a military jet.

Corrected entry: At the little campfire, why was Magneto able to sense Nightcrawler in the tree? Wouldn't it be Jean Grey who would first notice?

Correction: Yes, but Jean isn't likely to care if the conversation is overheard by somebody else that's on her side, so she wouldn't have said anything.



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Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.



In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, he receives a blue binder, which is laid in front of him on the table. When they have left, you see a shot including the President's desk, and you can see that the only thing he has on the table are some sheets of paper, stapled in the upper left corner, opened up. Then the shot changes to a close-up of the President, and then back again, and you see the blue binder in front of him, closed, and the papers have disappeared.



During the scene in the bar with Mystique and the prison guard the person on the TV is called Dr. Hank McCoy, this is the real name of X-Man The Beast.