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Corrected entry: Given how Mystique can apparently infiltrate any place with her shapeshifting abilities and other talents, why didn't she just free Magneto herself by impersonating the guard, rather than this convolute plan involving injecting him with iron? Or better yet, since Magneto is allowed guests, why not impersonate Xavier?

Correction: Mystique would have needed a pretty good pretext to get him out, regardless of who she pretended to be, and still couldn't have taken anything in that might have aided his escape. Hiding metal in an unsuspecting guard is far more effective, especially since the area would have been locked down as soon as the escape became apparent.


Corrected entry: When Bobby freezes the coffee in the cup, he manages to defy physics and prevent the frozen liquid from expanding at the same time.

Correction: Water expands due to the slow freezing process, allowing gaps to form between the water crystals. Iceman's power allows him to instantly freeze things - no time for gaps to form. SO he does not contradict the laws, he just does it so fast that no gaps form. This can be done with a deep cryo chamber in a lab.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine is fighting Lady Deathstrike, he claws the metal railing. Only one piece falls out. Wolverene has three claws on each hand, so shouldn't two pieces fall out? The one piece that's cut out doesn't have any mark on it from his middle claw either...

Correction: The sequence was very fast. If you download the trailer with clips from the fight, you can slow it down and you'll see the pieces fall apart into 2 pieces. Thus indicating that he did slice them.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, she manages to cut him up pretty bad and puncture his back many times with her claws. Yet in the scenes following the fight his clothes are in perfect condition and they contain no blood. I know he can heal himself, but are his clothes self healing too?

Correction: This isn't so much a movie/comic discrepancy as it is a question that's answered within the comics. The X-Men's uniforms are made of Unstable Molecules, a material invented by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four that works in conjunction with the wearer's powers. (Unstable Molecules are the reason that the Human Torch's costume doesn't burn up when he flames on.) They do, indeed, "heal" shortly after a battle. We also actually do see Wolverine's costume quite torn up as he is outdoors talking to Stryker the final time. The cuts are very long and thin, and would be hard to notice in the darkness of the base's interior.

Corrected entry: When Mystique (as Jean Gray) tries to have sex with Wolverine, he notices the scars from when he stabbed her at Liberty Island. If Mystique is really capable of duplicating other people according to height, weight, voice, etc., shouldn't she have been able to hide those scars?

Correction: Yes, but there is another explanation as well. She wants to give away that she is NOT Jean. In a way she wants to be found out, but hopes that he will have sex with her anyway. Love makes you do crazy things, and believe crazy things as well. There is a story in the comics where Wolverine has sex with a disguised Mystique, she thinks she decieved him but he claims he knew all along because of his senses - this could be the movie equivalent.

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is first seen in the White House his face is flesh coloured (makeup, no doubt). As soon as he starts kicking ass, it's blue.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: When he peeks through the door and pounces across the floor towards a guard, you can see that the white/flesh is sweating off. There are streaks in it with blue showing through.

Corrected entry: When Stryker unchains himself from the chopper, he gets up just before Xavier attacks all humans, he then collapses in front of the chopper. When Magneto and Mystique show up Stryker is sitting leaning up next to the wheel with the chain looped over him. He might have sat up somehow, but why would he have looped the chain over himself again?

Correction: Stryker isn't chained when Magneto & Mystique came to the chopper.

Corrected entry: Mystique injects the security guard with a liquid metal which is later revealed to be iron. Regardless of whether it's suspended in liquid, molten, or anything else, enough iron to make 3 decent sized ball-bearings, injected into the body, would kill you.

Correction: When Magneto says he must have too much iron in his blood, this is meant as a pun. The liquid is not iron but resembles mercury or something similar. Since they already have one made up metal alloy in the movie (adamentium) it is possible to have another. This one would stay in liquid form and not be harmful to the human body and be able to pass a security scan.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jean Gray is outside the X-jet diverting water from the burst dam, there is a shot of Storm and Nightcrawler inside the jet. Look at Nightcrawler closely - you can see that he does not have his yellow contact lenses in, in the next shot they are back.

Correction: Sometimes you might think that he hasn't got them because he doesn't look straight into the camera or the scenes switch so fast.

Corrected entry: When Stryker is visiting Magneto in his cell he appears to be wearing metal-framed glasses.

Correction: It's next to impossible to tell if they're metal or not. But you have to give Stryker the benefit of the doubt, considering that he is the person who built the plastic cell in the first place, and he'd surely know better than to use metal frames.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they find nightcrawler in the church, he turns away from them and they see the drug circle on the back of his neck. he touches it with his fingers and his fingernails are yellow. however, later on, in the jet and also when he is talking to Storm, his fingernails are blue like the rest of his body

Correction: His fingernails are still yellow when he is in the jet. The light's not as bright.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the police have arrived at the Drake residence and are ordering Pyro to "get down" after shooting Wolverine, Pyro decides to take matters into his own hands by firing flame first at one officer THEN at the other. The officers obviously have itchy trigger fingers and good aim (judging by how quickly and accurately they pegged Wolverine in the head), so wouldn't it stand to reason that the female officer would have shot Pyro while he was "flaming" the male officer?

Correction: They won't because they are taken by surprise and they freeze. It's a very abnormal situation for the officers. They are maybe very well trained, but they are definitively not trained for such a situation.

Corrected entry: In the climatic finale where Jean Grey left the X-men jet to stop the water from the dam, would it not be easier and more logical to have Ice Man create a wall of ice and Jean Grey to just lift the ship away?

Correction: Ice Man is still a young mutant, probably he doesn't have full control over his powers yet. Sitting in a plane with a huge flood on the way might disturb the young boy so that he is unable to concentrate enough to use his powers, let alone think about how he can use them.

Corrected entry: During the movie, Xavier is just barely stopped from killing the entire human race unintentionally. However, he does manage to put the humans in a temporary state giving them seizure-like symptoms. Now, what the movie doesn't mention is; wouldn't there be millions dead already? I mean, so many people would have died from things where you need FULL consciousness, like driving, swimming, flying. Plus the old and infirm, who probably couldn't have withstood an onslaught like that.

Correction: When the camera is panning through what is happening in cerebro you can see many humans who are gripping their heads in pain, and then all of a sudden vanish, meaning that alot of people did die because of what happened. Also when the President is preparing for his speach he says something about the attack which nearly annihilated our way of life, which again shows that many people died.

Corrected entry: We're told in the first film that the X-jet is stealthy - invisible to radar, etc. If that's the case, how on earth did 2 F-16s manage to track it down and get a lock on it?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: The police told the air base about after they left, and the pilots found it with their eyes. It may be fast, but something as big as the Blackbird is pretty noticable.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nightcrawler is attacking the president and the secrect service agents, he is seen "jumping" from room to room with the doors closed. Later in the movie Nightcrawler confirms himself that he has to see the place he needs to "jump" into and cannot do it blindly or he may end up in a wall.

Correction: But at the time he wasn't under his own control - Stryker was controlling him, and he probably didn't care if he ended up teleporting Nightcrawler into a wall. Plus of course, Stryker has been to the White House before, so knows the layout. Also, if you watch carefully, Nightcrawler knocks most of the doors off of their hinges, allowing him to get a clear view of the rooms.

Corrected entry: The sign at the gates of the Alkali Lake complex says that it was run by the Department of Natural Resources. The complex was a Federally run facility in Canada, so the sign should be in both English AND French.

Correction: Not really true. There tends to be less and less French the further west you go. Quebec has no English but Ontario has both etc. Also, how old is this base? We haven't always had the language laws we have now.

Corrected entry: When Cyclops was helping Jean Grey get on the jet to flee before the dam burst, you can see that Jean Grey is running with BOTH feet, and not limping on one foot as she supposedly "broke/sprained" her leg earlier.

Correction: It has to do with the apparent jump in her mutant abilities. Once Cyclops helps her into the jet she refuses his help when he tries to continue caring for her. With an odd look on her face, she mentions that she's fine then later runs outside and does battle with the tidal wave. She's flipping switches, lifting the jet, holding Nightcrawler inside, pushing back the wave, and controlling the flight-stick all at the same time. I think that once she knew what she was going to do she used her own "TK" powers to get her act together. Why would a woman that can lift and hold things with her mind need some dude or crutches for that matter, to lean on. She held herself together, literally.

Corrected entry: The supposedly claustrophobic Storm is often seen gallavanting about in narrow hallways, corridors, tunnels, and a tent. Heck, even the Blackbird Jet seems pretty cramped. As this is not mentioned in either movie, it wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT THAT on the X2 website, "claustrophobia" is listed as a weakness in Ororo's profile. As this obviously refers to "movie-Storm," the on-screen incarnation SHOULD fear enclosed spaces.

Correction: As someone who also suffers from claustrophobia, I can be pretty sure when I say that each situation would have been within the comfort level. For example: The blackbird was cramped, but spacious enough so as not to suffocate her. The corridors were tight, but wide enough for a number of people to walk in at a time. You never see her tent, but most likely she left the flap open (that's what I do).

Corrected entry: When the X-jet is crashing, Magneto just happens to be at the place it's falling down? Talk about luck!

Correction: Not luck, just Magento's great thinking and planning. He figured that the jet would return to the mansion, and it was. He probably noticed the battle and knew the X-Jet was damaged. It was already on it's way down, Magneto just used his ability to control metal to bring it towards him. It did not fall to him, he pulled it.

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Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.



In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, he receives a blue binder, which is laid in front of him on the table. When they have left, you see a shot including the President's desk, and you can see that the only thing he has on the table are some sheets of paper, stapled in the upper left corner, opened up. Then the shot changes to a close-up of the President, and then back again, and you see the blue binder in front of him, closed, and the papers have disappeared.



During the scene in the bar with Mystique and the prison guard the person on the TV is called Dr. Hank McCoy, this is the real name of X-Man The Beast.