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Corrected entry: Pyro says that the mutant gene is carried by males, yet Iceman's brother is not a mutant. This is impossible. If the mutant gene is carried by the father, then the gene must be on the Y chromosome. Refresher: Males; XY Females; XX. This means that the father must be a mutant as well unless something triggers the mutation in the fetus. Which also means if a child ends up being male, it will always get the father's Y chromosome, and the brother to Iceman must be a mutant also.

Correction: Every human being has an X gene, and males have a unique Y gene, so the mutant gene might as well be the father's X gene. Thus explaining the existance of female mutants. Maybe the females carry the gene, but what could be called an "inactive version" of it, reproduction-wise. There's also the much simpler explanation that Pyro was lying to wind up Bobby's father, who's already pretty uncomfortable with the idea that his son's a mutant.

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Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is running down a long corridor, a guard is firing at him. Then Nightcrawler teleports and the guard stops firing for a moment. However, he resumes firing before Nightcrawler reappears and kicks him through a doorway. (00:02:10)

Correction: The reason could be that the guard did that because he was scared and confused. He already knew Nightcrawler was a teleporter and he couldn't guess when and where he's going to appear again. So maybe what happened was that he saw Nightcrawler teleporting and stopped firing for a moment because he was shocked and then he started firing at the air again "just in case".

Corrected entry: After the gas is released in the plastic prison, Xavier turns around, reaches for the plastic doors and calls Scott. Right before he passes out you can see smear marks from his makeup on the door from a previous take.

Correction: It's not make up. His breath condensed on the plastic and was then smeared by his sweaty hand prior to being rubbed by his head.

Corrected entry: After the attack on Xavier's mansion we hear from one of the characters, possibly when Stryker's soldier reports back to him, that they have six children held captive. When we get towards the end of the film the camera makes it quite awkward to notice but there are only five children held captive. You can see this slightly clearer when Mystique is watching the CCTV cameras and when Nightcrawler tries to rescue them, as well as when they finally emerge from the base and are mostly in a line.

Correction: The camera angles do create an illusion, in that all six kids are only in frame for one shot. I could identify six different actors. It's difficult because Jubille and the other girl both have black hair and are wearing blankets.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Xavier is being tricked into entering Cerebro II, we can see a soldier pushing Jason while in his wheelchair into Cerebro II. In the illusion, Xavier and the little girl(Jason) enter the room and have the door swiftly close on them. If Xavier was leading Jason(little girl) and the soldier then where did this soldier go after the door closed on them? Jason couldn't have kept on pushing himself forward without the soldiers help. In the next scene involving Cerebro II the soldier is gone.

Correction: At one point Stryker enters Cerebro II without disturbing the illusion, so it's highly possible that the soldier could leave without doing so as well.

Corrected entry: When the X-Men discover that Magneto has reversed Cerebro to target regular humans Cyclops goes to blast the door but Jean tells him not to as opening the door while the Professor is linked to it would kill him and everyone linked to him. So how come Magneto was able to open the door in the first place without killing all the mutants who were linked to the Professor?

Correction: Jean Grey does not tell Cyclops that OPENING the door in any way would kill everyone, only that BLASTING it open would kill everyone. Merely opening the door would likely not cause a problem. Not only this but Magneto doesn't use his powers to open the door. He uses his powers to turn off dark cerebro. That's why you hear whirring and the professor touching the panel and saying "That's strange." Then he uses his powers to open the door. He would know not to force the door open, it would break dark cerebro and ruin his chances to kill the human race.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lady Deathstrike is fighting Wolverine, notice when Wolverine stabs her with both hands, you can see the wounds on her face healing almost completely, then they switch to Wolverine and back to Deathstrike, and her wounds are just starting to heal.

Correction: There is only one wound just begining to heal when it cuts back, it was the thickest and deepest before they started so it should be the last to finish.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Professor X and the "little girl" are about to enter Cerebro (at the X door), the little girl's eyes are the same colour. The rest of the movie she has a blue and green eye.

Correction: According to the book the professor saw the girl as having two blue eyes until they got into Cerebro, presumably when the inhibitor was removed.The earlier shots show two different colors to let the audience know what is going on, then the shot of her outside Cerebro to show us why the professor hadn't caught on.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine sniffs out a beer in Bobby Drakes house, you see that when he opens the fridge, his beard joins from each sideburn all the way around and under his chin. But when they cut to him taking a swig of the beer, you see that the hair from under his chin is shaven like his top lip and the front of his chin. (00:50:50)

Correction: Wolverine's facial hair stays consistant throughout the entire movie. It's just that when you see his chin from below it is being darkened by shadow.

Corrected entry: When Xavier is captured by William Stryker, Stryker puts a 'neural inhibitor' on him. Jason then begins doing his mind control on Xavier, causing him to enter Cerebro. When he enters Cerebro, the 'neural inhibitor' is gone.

Correction: Since the neural inhibitor would have to be removed so Xavier can use Cerebro, Stryker most likely gave the soldier that pushes Jason orders to remove the inhibitor at some point before Xavier enters Cerebro. Once the illusion was established firmly enough, it probably wasn't needed.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, when the renegade colonel is in the oval office, he looms over the President and says that when the president was still very young, he, the colonel, was flying Blackhawks over Vietnam. The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter wasn't added to the military inventory until the 1985-1989 timeframe, and the Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Correction: He said Black-Ops not Blackhawks. It is a type of mission not vehicle.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Magneto is pulling the metal out of the guard's blood, how come the guard remains still in the air? The metal would exert a force on the body when being pulled through the skin and out, and would pull the guard towards him. Since Magneto can only control metal, he could not push the guard backwards in any way.

Correction: Magneto could have left some of the metal inside the guard. If he pulled particles of metal away from each other, it's believable that he could do so in such a way that the ones he left stationary stayed inside the guard while the ones he pulled towards him passed through his skin.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the military is raiding the mansion Wolverine gets seriously angry and starts stabbing the men. During this whole sequence he never has any blood on his claws.

Correction: The military officers were wearing several layers of clothes and a bullet proof vest, enough fiber to absorb the blood from the claws, so they came out cleanly.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stryker enters the fake Cerebro to give his final instructions to Xavier, he punches a code in a nearby panel to open the double doors. But in an earlier scene the Professor enters the same room and there is no one anywhere near the panel to open it (the guard was behind Jason's chair, and couldn't have got to the panel in time). With no real retinal scanner (it was only an illusion created by Jason), how did those doors open?

Correction: Stryker possibly would have had more than one guard escort Xavier and Jason or already had them at the door to assit. Jason would then have projected the illusion of the retinal scanner to coincde with a guard punching the code in.

Corrected entry: All Storm's previous appearances suggest that, although she can control the weather, she can't make weather effects appear in places where they couldn't normally occur (for example, in the first film, she couldn't just shoot Toad with a lightning bolt while he was in the building; she had to blow him out of the building so he'd be exposed to the sky). So how can she create a snowstorm inside Cerebro 2, deep underground and protected from the elements?

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Correction: Actually, the reason Storm could not or did not make a lightning bolt to fry Toad inside the Statue of Liberty is because the Statue is composed of copper, an electricity conductor, and she knew it. If she had caused a lightning bolt,it would have sent electricity throughout the entire structure and fry anyone in contact with the shell of the statue. If you listen to the earlier dialogue, Cyclops tells her to fry Magneto, but Magneto says something about a bolt of electricity and a big metal conductor.

Corrected entry: When the missile from the fighter jet strikes the Blackbird, it hits and explodes at the back of the jet above the engines. However, the damage is shown internally in the rear ceiling of the cabin which Rogue gets sucked out of. Later external shots show this as well.

Correction: The missile doesn't actually hit the jet. If you watch closely, Jean manages to deflect it upward at the last second (or the jet dives down) and it explodes above the jet, tearing the hole at the rear of the cabin.

Corrected entry: In the scenes shot in upstate New York / Boston, the weather is warm and sunny, probably either summer or early autumn. But in the scenes portraying the post in the BC Rockies, it is the dead of winter, with tonnes of ice and snow. Although the two climates are very different, the difference is far too drastic. If it were early fall in Boston, there would possibly be frost up in the northern Rockies, but not full out winter.

Correction: Actually, there is lots of snow in the mountains in northern parts of BC in early fall. In Fort St. John for example, they can get snow in July (it usually doesn't stay though) and they're not even in the mountains. Even in southern BC, some of the mountains have glaciers year-round.

Corrected entry: In the bar scene where Mystique meets with the prison guard the TV is on and you can hear it. When the guard tells the bar tender to turn it off the bartender just changes channels. After Mystique carries the beers over to the guard to talk to him you can still hear the TV, but if you look you'll see that it's been turned off.

Correction: In some bars and restaurants they have more than one TV all set on different channels. the TV noise heard in the background could be from another TV in another part of the bar not visible on screen.

Corrected entry: When the dam starts to break apart at the top the water shoots straight out. This is physically impossible. As any engineer knows the water pressure is highest at the bottom part of the dam and very low at the top. The water should have been just pouring out not shooting out.

Correction: Water pressure builds very rapidly and the dam is BIG. For each 10 meters the pressure is an additional atmosphere and that is more than enough to make water shoot out.

Corrected entry: Given how Mystique can apparently infiltrate any place with her shapeshifting abilities and other talents, why didn't she just free Magneto herself by impersonating the guard, rather than this convolute plan involving injecting him with iron? Or better yet, since Magneto is allowed guests, why not impersonate Xavier?

Correction: Mystique would have needed a pretty good pretext to get him out, regardless of who she pretended to be, and still couldn't have taken anything in that might have aided his escape. Hiding metal in an unsuspecting guard is far more effective, especially since the area would have been locked down as soon as the escape became apparent.


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Continuity mistake: When Wolverine attacks the SWAT member in the Mutant Academy kitchen while Iceman takes cover, there's a spot the difference competition between the start and end of the gunfight. After a second or two there are bullet holes in the back wall, the Dr. Pepper's been knocked over, the basket's gone from the corner of the table, and the chair at the right is maybe a foot from the corner. When we cut back, the bullet holes in the wall have changed position, the Dr. Pepper's righted itself, the basket's back on the corner, and the chair's now much closer to the edge. All this while Iceman's hiding and Wolverine and the gunman are fighting each other. (00:36:40)

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Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.

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Trivia: Magneto is reading 'The Once and Future King' by T H White. In the novel Merlin is trapped in a crystal cave - Magneto in a similar plastic/glass cave.

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Question: Is there a reason for Storm creating a storm when the X-Men talk to the president or is it just to make the scene more "spooky"?

Answer: The president is delivering a live address on television. The storm would make an excuse for the break in the signal.

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