Phantom of the Opera

Corrected entry: The events of the entire film are all derived from the fact that Claudin has a newly developed hand disorder and can no longer play difficult pieces on the violin or piano. In the scene just after Marie has threatened him that if she doesn't get the rent he'll be evicted, we see him playing his difficult composition on his piano, and it is made obvious that he is in pain. But in the scene where he has kidnapped Christine and taken her to his lair, he is playing the exact same piece with no hint of discomfort.

Correction: Eric did not have a hand disorder at all. He played sub-par because he was disturbed that Christine wasn't there for the curtain call and the conductor was afraid it was his age so he laid him off. The trouble he had in his apartment was stress, not pain. And even if he was in pain from his hand, he would have forgotten it in joy of hearing his concerto being played and Christine seemingly agreeing to stay with him.

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