Audio problem: When Bullseye leans in at the end of his conversation with Kingpin and says, 'I want a bloody costume,' read his lips. They don't say 'bloody.' They say 'f***ing'.



Audio problem: In one of the films final scenes after Daredevil has just defeated The Kingpin Daredevil says "Justice is served." in a close-up shot. If you watch the shot right before that close-up though you can see, but not hear, him say justice is served.


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Matt Murdock: Excuse me? Do you have any honey?
Elektra: [reading paper.] Right in front of you.
Matt Murdock: Could you be a little bit more specific please?
Elektra: [looking up.] What are you...
Matt Murdock: Blind? Yes.



When we see the burning 'DD' in Joe Pantoliano's glasses it is not a reflection. The DD should be backwards in his glasses.



Jennifer Garner wore colored contacts for the role of Elektra. Her natural eye color is brown.