The Recruit

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Clayton has two wounds visible on his face. These wounds keep changing length and shape throughout the scene.

Other mistake: When Clayton shoots Zack, both the position of the gun and the location of the blood on Zack's jacket are about mid-torso on the left side. Yet not only is Zack shown to die in only 15 seconds, but Clayton does nothing to check pulse, breathing, pupils, or even the wound, which is inconsistent for this trained agent who didn't want to kill his friend; instead, he retrieves a paper from Zack's pocket and flees. (01:25:46 - 01:26:27)

Rich Janis

Other mistake: Burke told Clayton that Langley's computers don't have printers. However, while Layla sits in Sharon's cubicle, just after Clayton walks by we see a printer behind Sharon on her desk. (01:09:13)

Rich Janis

Continuity mistake: When Layla is hooked up to the lie detector that tracks the movement of her eye, she is looking around the room and blinking repeatedly, but the eye on the screen (which is supposed to be hers) never moves or blinks, even though the camera is still on her.

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James Clayton: All I know about the CIA is that they're a bunch of fat, old white guys who fell asleep when we needed them most.

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Trivia: In the book of fallen CIA operatives that Colin Farrell sees on his first day, two names (Deryck Blake and Andrew McAlpine) appear: they are the film's property master and production designer, respectively.

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