Boyz n the Hood

Ricky is killed. The tragedy is compounded by the fact that the day's mail had brought news that his SAT scores were high enough that he was going to be admitted into USC. Tre, at first, joins Doughboy and his friends as they go out for revenge. But Tre can't go through with it and leaves the car and returns home before Doughboy and company find Ricky's killers, thus avoiding crossing the line of no return. After Tre's departure, Doughboy and his friends do find Ricky's killers and succeed in killing them in revenge. The next day, Doughboy laments to Tre that taking revenge doesn't give him much satisfaction, since his brother is still dead, and that no one outside the 'hood seems to notice or care about the constant violence that engulfs their lives. Before the credits, we find out Doughboy was killed soon after and that Tre goes off to college.


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Tre Styles: Man, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Ricky: What?
Tre Styles: You're slamming my door like some kind of gorilla on a football field.

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Question: What exactly did Darrin and Chris steal and how did they get caught? Also, why was their sentence seven years and how did Chris end up in a wheelchair?

Answer: It was never said what they stole, just that they were going to go to the store (probably a corner store or convenience store) and they probably stole food. They got caught because they were just kids and not good at stealing or being sneaky. However, they didn't get a 7-year sentence for the theft. It's just that the film jumps to 7 years later and Darrin is now a gang member who has been in and out of jail the whole time. He's just celebrating his release from prison for a different, unknown crime. Chris is in a wheelchair due to a gun shot wound, though it's not stated how or who shot him.


Ricky says they got caught stealing when Tre asks what happened.

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