Boyz n the Hood

Tre and Ricky are Black teenagers growing up in the violent neighborhoods of South-Central Los Angeles. Tre lives with his non-nonsense father, Furious, and this strong male presence in his life is integral in keeping him on the right path. He is a good student on track to go to college. Ricky has no such close male authority figure in his life guiding him and is further hampered by the influence of his brother Doughboy, who is a full participant in the violent gang lifestyle and is constantly in and out prison. But Ricky is a trying to do right, and experiences a positive countering influence in being around Tre and Furious. Though Ricky is not as solid academically as Tre, he is a gifted football player and will be able to attend USC on a football scholarship if he can just get his SAT scores high enough to qualify for admission.

But can these two young men really remain separate from the gang violence that surrounds them every day?

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Tre Styles: Man, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Ricky: What?
Tre Styles: You're slamming my door like some kind of gorilla on a football field.

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Trivia: Writer/director John Singleton has a cameo in this film. He is the mailman with the uniform, cap, and sunglasses that delivers the letters to Doughboy's mother's house when Doughboy and Ricky are having a fight out on the front lawn. John gives the letters to the boys' mother.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Question: When Ricky's mum is looking at his test results, I think his score was 710. I don't live in America, so I have no idea if this is good or not. I'm assuming it is, but if someone could confirm this and just how good (e.g. very high or simply quite good) it is, I would appreciate it.

Answer: The scoring has been changed in recent years, but for the time that is a very poor SAT score, the average was probably between 900 and 1000, and 1600 was perfect. But at the time, you needed to score at least a 700 on the SAT to get into college, so he would have been able to go to school on a football scholarship, had he not been killed.


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