Boyz n the Hood

Corrected entry: Before Cuba Gooding Jr. escapes from his window to seek revenge he hugs Lawerence Fishbourne. Despite Cuba's T-shirt being soaking in fresh blood, Lawerence Fishbourne's white shirt is dry after he hugs him. (01:35:05)

Correction: The blood is relatively dry since it was from when Ricky died. They then carried him and were at Ricky's house - in this time it could've dried.

Corrected entry: When Trey first comes to live with his father, he is ordered to rake the leaves on the lawn. However, after he starts, the camera pans out to reveal there is not a single tree near their house. Down the block there are a couple of palm trees, but they do not produce the kind of leaves he was raking. So where did these leaves come from?

Correction: There is a tree at this house, but not seen in the film. Maybe it was cut from editing.

Corrected entry: In the end, Monster guns down the punks who killed Ricky. Doughboy approaches Ferris to finish him off. He fires a few shots from his .45 (I think it's three; at any rate it's less than the weapon's full capacity of seven), at which point the gun is empty (the slide stays back). Why wouldn't he keep his gun fully loaded?


Correction: I don't see how not keeping the gun fully loaded is a mistake. Take your pick as to why he didn't keep it fully loaded, but it doesn't make a mistake.

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Corrected entry: At the onset of the movie, during the fishing scene, Furious is talking to Tre about how he was "17 years older than him" and went to Vietnam. We know the beginning of the movie is set in 1984 and that Tre is about 10 years old, making Furious about 27. American involvment in Vietnam ended at the beginning of 1973, where Furious then only would have been about 16 - too young to have been in the armed services in Vietnam.

Correction: The minimum age for military service is 17, so all we need is one year and this fits, so unless we know there exact ages this can not be a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ricky is gunned down, Ricky is shot in the back and you see wounds appear on the front of his torso. This isn't possible. Ricky is shot with a shotgun from at least 20 yards away. Shotgun pellets do not rip completely through a body at that distance.

Correction: If buckshot can rip through a fully grown deer, it can go through a fully grown man.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ice Cube tangles with the guy that bumps Cuba Gooding Jr; when he walks by, he opens his jacket, revealing a silver 1911 pistol. After asking "Do we have a problem?" he yanks the pistol out and pulls the slide back to chamber a round, but the slide stays locked back, indicating the gun was empty.

Correction: It is stated that the guy who ice cube tangles with bumps Cuba Gooding Jr. When he really bumps Ricky who is played by Morris Chestnut.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Ricky is shot through the chest, the blood pack is visible bulging through his shirt. (01:28:30)

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Furious Styles: What'd you use?
Tre Styles: I used the number she gave me... Why you sweating me? I didn't have to use nothing. She said she was on the pill.
Furious Styles: How many times do I have I told you, if a girl says she's on the pill, you use somethin anyway. Pill ain't goin' to keep your dick from falling off. I don't know why you insist on learning things the hard way, but you gon' learn. Oh yeah, you gon' learn. Pick up that hair.

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Trivia: Writer/director John Singleton has a cameo in this film. He is the mailman with the uniform, cap, and sunglasses that delivers the letters to Doughboy's mother's house when Doughboy and Ricky are having a fight out on the front lawn. John gives the letters to the boys' mother.

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