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Corrected entry: Sam loses an awful lot of blood for someone who manages to stay alive and conscious. Bridgitte takes a couple of minutes, and follows a pretty thick trail of blood to find him, even though he should have passed out from either pain or blood loss by then.

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Correction: This is because he has been bitten by the Ginger wolf. The werewolf "infection" has been relesed into his system causing him to heal faster and fight pain better. Just like at the beginning of the movie where Ginger is attacked by the beast of Bailey Downs and her wounds begin to heal within a few minutes.

Corrected entry: When the first batch of monkshood serum is being made it is drawn into the syringe as a purple liquid. The scene cuts away to Ginger in the bathroom and returns to a close up of the syringe which is now filled with an orange colored liquid. The syringe appears later in the film (and in the sequel)filled with purple liquid. (01:08:05)

Correction: The fluid is a dark brown/purple liquid. It is consistent throughout the shots. Different lighting may cause it to appear slightly darker or lighter.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene after Ginger gets called down to the principal's office, and Bee discovers that she infected Jason Micardy, and they are waling down the hallways, Ginger has no black strings around her neck (she wears them all throughout the movie), but in the next scene she has them (when they arrive at Sam's place).

Correction: She could have taken them off at school, and put them on again before she went to Sam's.

Corrected entry: Werewolf Ginger just busted out of the back of Dude's yellow van and into her own house. Dude and Bridgett have just stepped into the house and are looking for and trying to avoid Gingerwolf. Since it's night, why is there daylight coming through the windows? Shouldn't it be dark outside? (01:28:57)

Correction: When Dude and Bridgett entered the house, they turned on lights. The light outside the window could be from a streetlight or one of the exterior lights.

Corrected entry: Near the end when Ginger wants to have sex with Sam, she closes the door all the way, then un-does her shirt. When Bee finds them, the door is open a fair bit.

Correction: The door in my bathroom swings open all the time if it is not firmly latched and locked. The door was closed but no one checked to make sure it was locked.

Corrected entry: Ginger changes, as we all know, and she developes claws. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that some days she has claws on one hand, on the other, on both, or not at all. Other times they are shaped differently.

Correction: We don't know how the transformation takes place, so are unable to determine if that is how it normally would occur.

Corrected entry: In the movie Sam drives a Chevy van after hitting the creature, the grill on his van has bent snapped away but in fact a Chevy vans grill is made of metal and would be taken off all together even hitting a brick wall. It would take a lot more than just hitting a half human half werewolf to bend and snap little bits of metal off a Chevy grill with out taking it off, to do this it would have to be taken of by a mechanic and cut off (very carefully). (00:18:30 - 00:19:30)

Correction: Chevy vans have plastic grilles, depending on the year. If the van had ever been in an accident previously, it likely would have been replaced by a plastic grille. Besides, I have witnessed many vehicles that have metal grills, such as my old Mercedes, hitting a deer (much smaller than a human let alone a werewolf) and leaving part of the grille intact, and snapping off other parts of it.

Corrected entry: When Ginger is going through her first menstrual cycle, the film establishes she wants to hide it from her mom. It therefore makes no sense for her to carelessly put her stained underwear in the laundry basket for her mom to find. Even if she did this by accident, it makes no sense when her mom confronts her with it to have no idea how she found out, and to accuse her sister of telling her. (00:29:20)

Correction: Bridgett could have put them in the wash or her mum could have gathered them up in Gingers room and not noticed the stain at the time.

Corrected entry: If Bridgette knew that she was going to become a werewolf after she mixed her sister's blood with her own, why didn't she kill herself after she killed her sister?

Correction: She only infected herself to get her sister to come with her, then her plan was to "cure" Ginger, then herself. She didn't originally plan to kill Ginger.

Corrected entry: Ginger's hair changes colors. It's more red in some scenes, other's it's more brown and other's it's lighter red. Also, her white streaks changes throughout the movie, and also tend to get more darker.

Correction: Her White Streaks change because she is slowly turning into a werewolf, the white streaks signify the change.

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