Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps (2000)

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Brigette catches up to Ginger at the greenhouse and swaps blood with her, infecting herself. After Sam knocks Ginger out, B tells him that the monkshood works, so they drive to the house to get some more of it. But on the way there, Ginger completes her metamorphasis...Upon arriving at the house, Ginger escapes inside and B and Sam have to get the monkshood. They get it, but Sam is brutally attacked by Ginger and is taken away. B gets the monkshood and follows Ginger downstairs, where she kills Sam and chases B through the house until they end up back in their bedroom.Taking the knife that Ginger used earlier to try and cut of her tail in one hand, and the monkshood syringe in the other, B confronts Ginger and tells her that she isn't dying with her. Ginger leaps and Brigette stabs her with the knife, and she rolls off.Brigette then looks over the pictures of her and Ginger and hugs her sister until she dies.


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When "B" accidentally pulls the leg off of the dead dog, the position of it in her hands changes between cuts.



In the DVD's deleted scene sections, we see what happens to Pamela Fitzgerald in the Halloween party - she is confronted by two policemen and she shows them what she has in the clear plastic tupperware, which contains the fingers of Trina. The police arrest her on the spot and take her away, leaving Sam and Brigette to save Ginger.