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Corrected entry: In the scene where Cendino is double crossing the inmates. Cyrus tosses a cigarette on the fuel and it ignites. Though this is cool in the movie it is actually impossible. Since this is more than likely airplane fuel, the cigarette would simply be extinguished. It takes a heat source much hotter and more constant than a cigarette to ignite that type of fuel.

Correction: It is the gas that came out of the gas pumps located at the service station, not gas from the plane itself.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the cons fight the soldiers in the boneyard, Cyrus explains that they will create a trap by shooting the front and rear vehicles. Yet during the battle, the troops are continually moving.

Correction: Cyrus wanted to take out the front and rear vehicles so that the troops couldn't escape and regroup. They had to keep moving forward to stay alive.

Corrected entry: When the "Con Air" plane lands at Lerner Airfield it almost has a head on collision with another plane. Cyrus didn't care about most of the convicts anyway, so why didn't he, Diamond Dawg, and Swamp Thing just take the plane that they almost hit instead of having everyone dig out their original plane?

Correction: The plane they almost hit is shown going off into the distance. It would have been easier to dig the plane out, than to chase after they other plane.

Corrected entry: The plane that is carrying the prisoners is a C-123. Its max. level speed is above 600 km/h, while its cruising speed is above 400km/h, so how the hell do they manage to use two AH-1 Cobra anti-tank helicopters to chase the C-123? The AH-1's max. speed is 352km/h. Interesting...

Correction: The plane is taking off and climbing, not cruising, with the rear door open effecting is drag coefficient, with one of the engines damaged, and it makes a circle of the runway, slowing it down further so it is conceivable that the Helicopters could keep up with the plane on this occasion.

Corrected entry: Why are they making an emergency landing on the Strip, when there is an airfield right beside and aligned with it? Or why couldn't they just land somewhere on the thousands of square miles of desert around Vegas?

Correction: Regardless that it was more dangerous to land on the strip. Wouldn't you rather land in a vastly populated area which would give you ample time and a better chance of escaping as opposed to landing in the desert or an Airport which could be completely surrounded within 5 minutes?

Corrected entry: When agent Sims is boarding the plane, Malloy gives a gun to him. But the gun is at the left leg, and when Sims is inside the plane and pulls out the gun, it is in the right leg.

Correction: Watched it last night - Malloy puts the gun on the inside of Sims' right leg, and that's where he grabs it from when his leg shackles are being undone.

Corrected entry: Poe was convicted of murder as a US Army Ranger. He would have served his time at the US Disciplinary Barracks at Ft Leavenworth, not a civilian prison. He would also have taken a military flight home.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: He is a civilian, at the beginning of the movie you can hear him end his tour and be discharged from service.

Matt Tyrrell

Corrected entry: When the plane takes off from Lerner airfield, it flies over John Cusack and the other agents, trailing the car. Quite a few seconds after flying over them, the car hits the tower and flies off, still falling away from them. However, they then have to stand back because the car falls at their feet, despite the fact that by that stage the car would have been at least 200m away from them.

Correction: The plane starts to turn in a few shots, and while we don't see the exact route it takes, it could be assumed that it comes back the way it came

Corrected entry: The idea that Baby-O needs to get his shot or he will die is completely incorrect. Anyone who is diabetic would know that it's not high blood sugar that can kill you, but an insulin overdose. Assuming that he had eaten breakfast that morning, he should be glad he had not been given an injection, because he was on the plane for who knows how long and then crashed at the remote airstrip with nothing to eat; his insulin levels would have been so high that he could go into a coma.

Correction: This is incorrect. Baby-O has severe Insulin Dependent Diabetes - a form of diabetes that requires the daily injection of the hormone insulin to maintain normal body chemistry. Avoidance of insulin in these patients will result in a severe metabolic derangement known as diabetic ketoacidosis, the symptoms of which are very accurately portrayed in this film. (Though I doubt that someone in ketoacidic shock would survive a bullet impact.) There are milder forms of diabetes that fit the description above, but Insulin Dependent Diabetes is not one of them.

Whilst plausible, It's highly unlikely DKA would develop within 24 hours of not having background insulin.

Since we don't know when Baby-O had his last insulin shot, the time frame is irrelevant.

Correction: Whilst plausible, it's highly unlikely DKA would develop within 24 hours of not having background insulin.

Since we don't know when Baby-O had his last insulin shot, the time frame is irrelevant.

Corrected entry: When Billy is impaled on a pipe and we see the pipe sticking out his chest, there's another hole in his shirt above the pipe, even though he was only impaled once, and the hole wasn't there before.


Correction: There is blood coming through the shirt above the pipe, there is no hole in the shirt.


Corrected entry: Poe should've been put in a state prison for manslaughter, not a federal penitentiary.


Correction: Poe is sent to San Quentin State Prison.


Corrected entry: When Johnny tries to rape the female guard, Poe comes to the rescue and knocks him out. Poe then handcuffs him to an overhead rail with both hands in the cuffs over the rail. Yet after the crash, while the police are doing clean-up, they drag away Johnny leaving one arm hanging off, as if Poe put only one of his hands in the cuffs, and one cuff on the overhead rail. Even with one arm severed, they couldn't naturally have got out of that position without the severed arm going over the rail, in which case it would be lying on the floor with the rest of him.

Correction: We don't see Johnny the whole time from the cuffing till the crash. There would have been enough time for somebody, even Poe, to uncuff one arm so that Johnny could be better prepared for the imminent crash.

Ronnie Bischof

That is incorrect. We see Johnny 3 times during the crash landing scene. 2 times he's yelling at Cyrus, trying to wake him up. And right before the final crash, we do see him in the plane, both hands still bound.


Corrected entry: When the villains have made their lousy landing at the airfield and the police are coming, Cyrus opens a box with shotguns and throws one to his fellow convicts. The next scene shows the convict catching the gun, and it has somehow turned into an M-16.

Correction: There were three different boxes. One (the one Cyrus opened) contained the shotguns, behind him was another box that contained the M-16's, and the third box on the left (the one Diamond Dogg opens) contained the grenade launchers that were used to blow up the propane tanks.

While this is true that the crates carry different weapons, the original mistake is pointing out how Cyrus picks up a shotgun, tosses it to Swamp Thing, but the weapon Swamp Thing catches is an assault rifle. This is a valid mistake.


Plot hole: The convicts remove the radar transponder from the Conair aircraft and put it aboard a tour plane to distract their pursuers. That won't work. By law the tour plane will have a working radar transponder of its own, and two working transponders that close together will show up on radar as a collision. Air traffic controllers would immediately alert emergency services who would, obviously, wonder how two aircraft that had collided had managed to stay in the air. Nobody disconnects the first transponder - Pinball carelessly tosses the second transponder under the rear seat of the aircraft (the implication being that it continues to operate, perhaps on backup battery power). He doesn't disconnect the original transponder either - Swamp Thing, a skilled pilot, does that. There is no time for him to do any of this before he is stopped by the female security guard anyway.

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[Poe is looking out of the back of the plane at the DEA agent's car tethered to it, flapping about.]
Cameron Poe: On any other day, that might seem strange.

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Question: Why is there a cache of weapons in the belly of the plane? Is there some reason in US Marshall rules?

Answer: If there was ever an emergency landing the weapons would be needed with the prisoners as they most likely will have to exit the plane at some point. There doesn't seem to be any information around that says that every prisoner transport plane would have the same amount of weapons or in the same spot but it seems likely most would have backup weapons for situations like that.

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