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Swamp Thing (1982)

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Continuity mistake: When in the rowboat, Adrienne Barbeau's t-shirt is white in some shots and blue in others. It is not the lighting - it is plainly two different coloured t-shirts.

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Suggested correction: You missed something. The boy took her back to "get out of those wet clothes'. She changed clothes.


Except the mistake is claiming in the rowboat, the color changed between shots, not that she was wearing a different shirt later in the film.


Continuity mistake: When the Swamp thing goes to destroy one of the trucks chasing Cable, the trucks used are chevy blazers but the one he wrecks is a International scout.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film Cabel gets stabbed in the right side of her d├ęcolletage, and she bleeds all over her evening gown, as you would. Swamp Thing very kindly heals the wound. Apparently he also has the power of magic dry-cleaning too, because the blood disappears from Cabel's dress.

Continuity mistake: Between Cable being nabbed by the bad guys and escaping by leaping overboard from their boat and the scene where she watches Swamp Thing having his arm chopped off, she alternates between wearing a fairly obvious bra and, well, swinging free, as it were.

Continuity mistake: When the guy chops Arcane's arm off in the swamp, he chops it off between the wrist and elbow. As Arcane walks away, his arm is chopped off up by his shoulder.


Swamp Thing: Everything's a dream when you're alone.

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Question: Why did Bruno place the medallion on the branch before leaving?

Answer: He was showing compassion. Just because he's a bad guy doesn't mean he is heartless.

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