28 Days Later

Corrected entry: If Jim and the others are in such a hurry to reach Manchester that they make the choice to use a dangerous, unlighted tunnel out of the city rather than a much safer, but more circuitous bridge route, why do they stop later that same day for a picnic and waste so much time that they have to spend the night at the picnic site?

Correction: At that point, their main concern was to get out of the city. At the picnic site, it was a lot safer to rest.

Corrected entry: If one of the soldiers told Jim later on that the head soldier lied and that the virus never left the island, why didn't they just go searching for a boat to get to civilization, especially since they were desperate for women and only men were coming to the shelter (the piles of dead bodies at the place they took to try and execute Jim)?

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Correction: Farrell said it was his OPINION that the virus had never left Britain - and the other soldiers held him in very low regard, so they wouldn't care what he thought. Anyway, the piles of bodies were more likely to be those of infected that had tried to enter the mansion.

Corrected entry: When the main characters first got to the area they heard broadcast, there were citizen's cars parked in front with luggage, just like theirs, When they got to the house, there weren't other people. Didn't they think that was a bit fishy?

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Correction: They did, Selena says right off that something isn't right and they should get out of there, but before they can the soldiers arrive. They are basically forced to go to the army base.


Corrected entry: Why doesn't it ever occur to the characters to grab a boat on the Thames and sail away from Britain?


Correction: They didn't know how far infection had spread, so it would be pointless to sail to another country anyway. For all they know, infection could have spread across the seas - even though we later find out that that was a lie.

Corrected entry: The movie implies that infected people will eventually starve to death. Wouldn't they die of dehydration first? They should've all been dead when Jim woke from his coma.

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Correction: The very first infected people probably were dead when Jim woke from his coma, but they kept infecting more people who would then live until they starved, infecting more people along the way. By the end of the movie there was no one left to infect.

Corrected entry: The Captain promises his troops women because one soldier was going to shoot himself and overall morale was low. It has only been 28 days. The little girl lasted as long holed up in an small apartment with only her Dad to talk to. This is an operational outpost with defenses against attack, hot showers, ample food and water, electricity, and about 8 other guys to talk to. Just how weak are these soldiers?

Correction: It is also suggested that they believe society as they know it is dead, and that they are possibly the only people left. That is enough to drive people to desperate measures, even after only a month.

Corrected entry: When they got to the shelter, the head soldier told them the virus wiped out Paris and New York. There is no way the virus can travel overseas. If an infected person could get on a plane (unlikely, given the very rapid effect), he/she would attack everyone and the plane would go down.

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Correction: The virus in fact did NOT reach Paris and New York. The head soldier was lying in order to gain control of those people. Another soldier explains to Jim later on that there was no way the virus could have travelled off the island.

Corrected entry: The eventual outcome is that the infected are wiped out because they do not eat. This is indicated at the end of the film (56 days later) and a statement by Christopher Eccleston. It makes no sense that the infected are so possessed with rage that they have enough sense to drink and not to eat. Dehydration would wipe them out in a week. Perhaps 7 days later is not a good title?

Correction: Not everyone that was infected got infected on the first day, those that are dying at the end of the film could have been infected recently. And those that were infected 56 days ago were probably long dead.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Jim is running back to save his friends, he seems to run freely past the field full of mines that the army planted. How did he know exactly where they all were without setting off the floodlights or an explosion?

Correction: There is a safe path through the minefield. It is seen when the group first arrive - it is marked by white tape on the ground.


Corrected entry: There is a shot when they are driving the taxi from London to Manchester and it shows them on a 2 lane dual carriageway with wind turbines in the background. This shot is on the A30 near Truro, Cornwall (I drive it every day).


Correction: Locations in films are very frequently used that do not correspond with where they're supposed to be. Unless something actually appears on-screen that would indicate to a viewer with no knowledge of the area that the location in question is not what it claims (say, in this example, a roadsign for Truro), then this cannot be considered a mistake.

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Corrected entry: At the mansion, the British Army have laced the surrounding area with land mines. The problem is, the British Army do not use or have access to land mines due to the International Banning of Land Mines. The two significant militaries (that is, militaries that would be able to help the British) that use them are the Chinese and the U.S Army; but there is no mention of either of these forces.

Correction: In the 28 days since the Infection broke out, US or Chinese forces could have lent aid, including land mines, then pulled out once it was obvious that the situation was out of control.

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Corrected entry: They leave Hannah and Frank's flat in Canary Wharf, drive through the Blackwall Tunnel going South and get to the north of England without crossing the river again. Manchester is north of the River Thames, as is the flat - they have no need to cross the river and go completely the wrong way yet still get near Manchester. (00:41:15)

Correction: Canary Wharf is an office block, so it is unlikely that Frank and Hannah could live there. Therefore it could be possible that their flat was south of the river.

Corrected entry: To continue on the same note: the contaminated young little boy in the hamburger cafe screams 'I hate you' 'I hate you' as he attacks the main character. None of the other contaminants in the whole film (as far as I'm aware) speaks. They all growl like a mad dog. (00:51:55)

Correction: On the commentary track, the director says that the soundtrack contains voices for all the infected - it is indecipherable most of the time but it helps give the impression of rage. The boy's lines happened to be clearer than most.


Corrected entry: The idea of the film is that everyone's been infected with a disease. Will someone please tell me why there aren't any cars on the motorway? I know everyone got infected, but does that give them the ability to park their cars at home? It's impossible for a motorway to be empty. There are always cars on them, so there should be cars on the motorway in this film---though they would most likely be abandoned or trashed.

Correction: The disease has an incubation period of just a few seconds. So it is not possible to get infected, get in the car and get on the motorway. You couldn't get infected while on the motorway, and you couldn't walk onto the motorway either.


Corrected entry: Near the end, Jim and the girls break out of the army safe-house by ramming the gate in the taxi. They hit it with such force that they are thrown across the cab. But in the next scene we see the cab outside the cottage and there isn't a even a scratch on the front of the car.

Correction: The next scene takes place 28 days later, plenty of time to fix the vehicle or acquire one very similar to it.


Corrected entry: In the first bit of the film, when Jim is wandering through a London apparently emptied by a killer virus, there is a shot of him walking up the street away from the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately, as well as him, you can clearly see a black-clad figure walking much further up the road in the distance. It's impossible to imagine that Jim wouldn't see this survivor, or be seen by him/her and try to find out what's going on.

Correction: There WERE other survivors, not to mention infected people, around.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film during the first shot of the Westminster bridge(showing the side of the bridge and the city) everything is completely still. However, just under the center of the bridge, on the path, you can visibly see a bicyclist ride by between the white boats.


Correction: And why shouldn't there be a bicyclist? People are still alive out there, and traveling by bike would certainly be much safer than going on foot.

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Visible crew/equipment: Watch the scene where Frank gets killed. In the last shot of this scene, we see a soldier standing over the dead body. Keep an eye on the right side of the screen as the camera slowly moves away and you should see one of the cameras and a cameraman on the ground next to a large metal object.

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Selena: Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.

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Trivia: Megan Burns (Hannah) grew up to form a band named Betty Curse. Their music can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/bettycursemusic.

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Question: Why do some people infected with the rage just die while others spread it and have to die out by starvation? For example, why did the main character's parents die lying peacefully in bed instead of while foraging for others to infect and eventually starving to death?

Answer: Jim's parents did not get infected with Rage. They decided to commit suicide, hence the pills and alcohol beside the bed. They basically decided that it was better to die than become infected, hence the message on the back of the picture. Those that are infected with Rage, the length of time it takes to die probably relates to how they were infected. If they were infected through the mouth or something similar then they would live for a while, if they were infected through a serious wound then obviously they would become infected but would not live as long because of the serious injury.

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