28 Days Later

Corrected entry: When Jim shoots infected Mailer's chain to free him Mailer stands there a bit just staring at him. Wouldn't a infected who's in blind rage try to attack Jim as soon as he notices him and only stop when he realizes he can't get past the wall? He should at least instantly storm the mansion he was trying to get into for days already. I don't think he didn't attack Jim to be grateful for releasing him.

Correction: There's no proof that the infected don't think. In every scene that they attack, it's a straight run from them to their victim, so they don't have to plan. Indeed, they must maintain some reasoning ability or they would just beat on a locked door and never leave until another victim appeared. Mailer is trying to figure out if he can get Jim.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Haven't the people in the film heard of mobile phones or television? The terrestrial TV stations may have broken down, but satellite stations from abroad would easily have been able to beam in messages at the start of the outbreak denying reports that the outbreak had spread to France and America. And given that Selena and Mark have been moving around central London, they would almost certainly have picked up such a message. Similarly, anyone making a radio broadcast about a possible cure (as the blockade soldiers do) would almost certainly have left a mobile phone number they could be contacted at. As there is enough electricity left over to power Christmas lights, lights in a supermarket, and the lights in a drinks dispenser, there would be enough electricity both to run a TV and to charge a mobile phone.

Correction: Firstly, power was not available everywhere - we even see Frank was using a battery to power the Christmas lights and I think the DVD commentary admits the lighting in the supermarket was a 'cheat'. Secondly, remember that the Major wanted his men to think that the infection had spread and that the world was ending. I doubt he would let any of them have access to a mobile phone.

Corrected entry: When Jim, Hannah and Frank leave the flat they decide to go to a Supermarket, but during wars or naturals disasters the supermarkets are the first to be looted by panicked citizens. This particular supermarket is not only unlocked but untouched as well and in very good condition.

Correction: True, but this was no normal natural disaster. supermarkets are looted because there is lax enforcement to keep them protected. in this particular situation, the rationale for staying out of the streets is the threat of the infected. Looting the supermarket, or indeed, going outdoors, was a potential life threatening situation. By the time the threat had cleared up enough that it was safe to venture outside, there may not have been enough people in the area to completely loot the supermarket. As far as we know, several groups could have hit the supermarket and taken as much as Frank, Jim, etc, and there would still be plenty inside.

Corrected entry: On top of the tower block, several of the plastic containers are washing baskets with holes in the sides. If it did rain, they wouldn't hold any water anyway. It was a waste of time collecting them and carrying them to the top. Water's important, but in the middle of central London there'd be literally millions of more suitable containers. (00:40:40)


Correction: But Frank and Hannah would be afraid to leave the safety of the barricaded tower block - all those containers came from the other apartments, and I guess they decided that even the little pool that would collect at the bottom of the baskets with holes would be better than nothing.

Tobin OReilly

Corrected entry: When Frank brings in the tray of drinks, there are only 3 glasses on it but when he puts it down there are 4. (00:36:20)


Correction: The fourth glass was behind the bottle of liquor, as seen in the next cut.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Jim is first rescued by Selena and the other guy, a big deal is made about not getting infected blood in his mouth. However, near the end of the movie when Jim rescues Selena in the military compound, his entire face is covered with the blood of the people he had just fought - both infected and not. After a moment of hesitation to decide whether to kill him, Selena kisses his bloody face.

Correction: Jim only kills soldiers before kissing Selena. He never kills any of the infected so he wouldn't have any infected blood on him.

Corrected entry: The group of four get almost entirely through the tunnel before getting a flat. As they change the tire they see and hear dozens of infected running their way from the direction they just came from. Where were all these infected, standing around in broad daylight? The group would have almost certainly passed and noticed a gathering of infected that large in the daylight. (00:45:50)

Correction: The infected were presumably hiding among the wreckage they drove over.

So these infected, driven to attack the uninfected, were just hanging out in a tunnel?

Corrected entry: Why are all the fruits and vegetables at the supermarket still fresh? you would assume that after 28 days there they'd start to look a little on the rotten side.

Isabel C DeLucia

Correction: A lot of them are going rotten, they show several rotten fruits and vegetables and only some green apples are still good. Frank says "ah, irradiated" just before he picks up a tray of apples.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When the group of 4 drive into the tunnel on their way to meet the soldiers, they discover it's somewhat clogged with abandoned and wrecked cars. Why is the tunnel the only place where cars were apparently deserted in mass hysteria? The city streets and highways are all empty. (00:41:00)

Correction: They said something about the infected attacking in daylight and that's a dark area - they could've had a mass slaughter in there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jim and the others stop at a supermarket there is a gross error. The sets feature no electricity, in the city and country, other than generator or battery power. At the supermarket outside of London, whereas the music may be at the market or on the soundtrack, the fluorescent lighting is a rather obvious blunder. (00:48:25)

Correction: Not necessarily. A power plant could run by itself for a week or two unattended (particularly if it is hydroelectric). Many grocery stores have a backup generator as well, which could kick in when the power fails (and be on a timer so it only runs at certain hours, prolonging duration). It is possible (though only just) that the power would still be on there.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the lead actor walks across Westminster Bridge after leaving the deserted hospital. Despite the fact that the whole of London has been evacuated, there is a camera shot from behind the actor showing him walking across Westminster bridge, and slightly out of focus to the north east, you can see traffic going up and down Victoria embankment.

Correction: I can't see anything on the region 1 DVD. You only see the embankment in brief pan.


Corrected entry: When the group is about to drive through the tunnel, Frank has to ram some cars out of the way. Later, when they stop to set up camp, you see the front of the car with no damage at all.

Correction: He doesn't ram anything, he drives up and over the pile of debris.


Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, Jim walks through an empty London. We see Big Ben behind Jim, and Jim's shadow is behind him. The next shot shows Jim has no shadow, and is in complete shade. (00:09:11)

Correction: The sun is always shining. In the closeups you can see Jim's shadow and in the wide shots the Houses of Parliament are always bright in the morning sun.


Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, Jim walks through a deserted London. We see Big Ben from one angle showing about 7:45, then in the next shot it's about 7:40.

Correction: There's only one shot where the face of the clock is visible, and then it reads 12 minutes past 8.


Corrected entry: Why did none of the survivors have guns excepting the military? I know that Britain is probably less gun happy than the states, but surely someone would have thought to raid a police station for handguns, at least, and a shotgun would've worked quite well.

Correction: I'm certain people would've tried that. 28 days is a long time for those who were successful at looting a gun shop or police station to a) die or b) run out of ammo. Plus the UK is REALLY gun-unhappy, and you'd need to look hard to find any, even around police stations.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film as Jim walks around why is there a solitary bus lying on its side in the middle of the road? Why are there no corpses lying around? Why is it that the (virtually) only abandoned car in Central London is parked in the middle of a road junction and left both locked and alarmed?

Correction: As seen later in the film, the infected drag their victims away. If there is broken glass, then they could have easily pulled someone out,

Corrected entry: All survivors know how infectious the "rage" is yet no one wears safety glasses, face shield, rubber gloves or any other type of protection. The father did have riot gear but for some unknown reason it was quickly discarded. One guy at the beginning had a gas mask but was killed early. Besides being poorly armed they were also poorly armored.

Correction: The survivors don't seem to be aware just how infectious Rage is. In the scene when Jim is attacked by an infected neighbour at his parents' house, Selina asks him if any of the infected blood got into his mouth. However, Frank became infected by a drop of blood from an apparently long dead person dripping into his eye. It seems that no-one realises just how infectious Rage is, hence the apparent lack of protection.

Corrected entry: When Jim is walking around at the beginning of the film, he walks into a church and the priest starts coming at him; he appears to be choking. If Jim isn't aware of the virus yet, and the priest looked like he was in some kind of pain, why would Jim punch him out? Wouldn't he try to help him?

Correction: He's just walked from a completely abandoned city into a church piled high with bodies to find a red-eyed priest swinging his fists and roaring at him. He was freaked out.

Corrected entry: Why do the infected travel in groups? Wouldn't they attack anyone they see if they had pure rage? Not just the healthy people.

Kelsey H.

Correction: They don't travel in groups. They are all attracted to the same stimuli, much like sharks to blood. Simply because they all end up pursuing the same target at the same time does not suggest they are constantly roving in packs. They could easily be wandering around and run towards something making a noise, and would simply end up with a group of infected doing the same.

So what is the stimulus intended to be? Noise? Bleeding? Sweating?

Corrected entry: When the lead character and Selena meet the father and daughter, the father explains to them that they have not had water for some time. They use a bucket for a toilet. The lead has to shave without water. Yet in the very next scene, we see fish swimming in very clear, clean water in an aquarium. With the only available water that comes down in the form of rainfall, and a drought of at least ten days, it seems curious that the fish were given priority over personal grooming.

Correction: You may not have noticed that the water level in the fish tank is very low - the fish are all scuttling around at the bottom. Frank probably took most of the water for himself and Hannah but didn't have the heart to kill the fish (in keeping with his character).

Visible crew/equipment: Watch the scene where Frank gets killed. In the last shot of this scene, we see a soldier standing over the dead body. Keep an eye on the right side of the screen as the camera slowly moves away and you should see one of the cameras and a cameraman on the ground next to a large metal object.

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Jim: No, no. No, see this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea.

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Trivia: Megan Burns (Hannah) grew up to form a band named Betty Curse. Their music can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/bettycursemusic.

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Question: I didn't understand the rationale of Jim releasing the infected soldier Mailer into the mansion, since he knew the women were still inside, unprepared and unarmed. Anyone got a good reason why he did it?

Answer: He also knew that the women were in an interior room, upstairs, with the door(s) closed; and that Mailer was much more likely to encounter/eliminate the other soldiers who were downstairs and mobile first. He was probably gambling - correctly, as it turned out - that he'd be able to make it upstairs and either rescue the women or eliminate Mailer before they were harmed.

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