28 Days Later

Visible crew/equipment: Watch the scene where Frank gets killed. In the last shot of this scene, we see a soldier standing over the dead body. Keep an eye on the right side of the screen as the camera slowly moves away and you should see one of the cameras and a cameraman on the ground next to a large metal object.

Continuity mistake: The chain and collar vanishes from Mailer's neck as he runs into the mansion. (01:33:45 - 01:35:20)

Continuity mistake: When Jim and the other two characters are making their way to Jim's parents house, they are seen on the Docklands Light Railway track going towards a place called Island Gardens. The next shot shows them at a station called East India which is completely the other direction to where they were going down the track. Obviously, only users of the railway would pick up on such error though.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning we see Jim walking across the Westminster bridge towards the Parliament Buildings. Big Ben shows that it is around 8:10. Then the camera moves way back to a wide shot of the bridge, and we see that (according to Big Ben) it is suddenly 25 minutes later. (00:09:20)

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film the taxi which they use to travel to Manchester has a little statue in it by the tax disc. When they are approaching Manchester you can see the statue in some shots, but in one shot it's not there.


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Continuity mistake: When "Mr Bridges" attacks Jim at Jim's parents home, after Mark kills "Mr Bridges" look at his left arm. (He's wearing a watch on the left wrist.) There is not a single bit of blood and no bite wound. A few shots later, there is lots of blood and a very large bite wound. (00:27:45)


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Continuity mistake: When Jim has read the letter from his parents he clutches his head in his hands, and the way he holds the note changes between shots . (00:23:30)


Continuity mistake: After Frank has been killed, when everyone is being taken to the soldiers' mansion, note the person on the right opening the gate, does he look familiar? Well he should because in a few scenes later he has suddenly become the infected private Mailer chained up. (This is due to a late cast change). (01:04:35 - 01:09:45)


Factual error: After Jim escapes the house and makes his way back to the blockade there is a shot of him operating the siren. In the background is a sign saying that the M55 junction for Blackpool is in 1/3 mile. The M55 is nowhere near the M602, where the blockade is supposed to be. (01:30:20)


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Continuity mistake: There is a scene early in the film where the garage explodes. A view from high up shows the explosion. Later in the film when Jim and Frank are on the rooftop, you get practically the same view but look at the area where the explosion was earlier. Everything is perfectly normal and there is NO sign of any explosion.


Factual error: In the scene on the motorway where we see Manchester burning, the road signs are for the A421 and A507, which are at M1 junction 13 near Milton Keynes and nowhere near Manchester.

Revealing mistake: In the church, none of the infected that Jim sees are wearing anything on their heads. They then chase him and are set alight by Jim's rescuers. When we see the infected running and burning, the fireproof hoods the actors are wearing are visible. (00:16:20)


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Continuity mistake: When Jim is wandering the deserted streets after waking up from his coma, there is one overhead shot of Jim walking down the street, towards a silver car. When it then cuts to a closer shot a red double decker bus appears underneath the "Landmark Advertising" billboard. A small white van/truck has appeared in front of a medium-sized white lorry, and the position of the silver car parked in the centre of the traffic lights grid changes between subsequent shots. Also between these and following shots, the position of the trash littering the streets differs. (00:11:05)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the survivors are driving up to the 42 barricade (near Manchester) there is a shot from inside the taxi. In this shot the windscreen wipers are on. Yet in the next shot, from outside the taxi, from ontop of the barricade, the windscreen wipers are not on. (00:59:35)

Continuity mistake: In the final scene where Jim, Selena, and Hannah are waving down the jet flying overhead, Selena is wearing a green sweater/coat over two layers of red shirts. It cuts away and returns to her suddenly lacking the green sweater. She was seen jumping and waving already with it on, so it's not like it fell off from movement.

Revealing mistake: When the camera pans up to show Manchester on fire, flashing lights are just visible on the horizon in the middle of the road. This is the police keeping the traffic back so the scene could be filmed.

Revealing mistake: After the soldiers execute their spiritual comrade, Jim takes cover in the field of dead bodies nearby as the executioners run off to search for him. The body right in front of Jim is breathing, as his chest is moving up and down. (01:22:45)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Major Henry West pulls a deceased Private Davis out of their army truck, we see three infected running towards the truck, however Major Henry West shoots two of them and the other infected just disappears.


Factual error: After they leave Jim's parents' house Jim and Selena are seen walking through Canary Wharf, but they're coming from the wrong direction. The Docklands Light Railway tracks that they use to cross the river are in front of them and their base (in Canary Wharf Tube station) is even further in front of them. Why did they cross back over the river and then walk away from the safety of their base? (00:29:00)

Continuity mistake: When Jim learns that the women are going to be forced to become sexual slaves, he barges into the room where they are at and screaming "We have no time, come on!" In the shot when they are physically leaving the room, Selena has her infamous machete in her hand while exiting. When they are in the hall ways running before all three are ambushed by the soldiers, the machete is gone from Selena's hand. (01:21:45)

Selena: Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.

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Trivia: Megan Burns (Hannah) grew up to form a band named Betty Curse. Their music can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/bettycursemusic.


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Question: Aren't distances in Europe designated in kilometers? Col. Henry West says he and his men are located 27 miles NW of Manchester. I figured he'd use the equivalent distance in kilometers,43 km. Is this common in Europe to use either measurement?

Answer: The metric system is used in mainland Europe, but very rarely in Britain. Road signs are still measured in miles in Britain, and distances usually are too.

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