Child's Play 3

Trivia: Originally, the war-games scene was meant to be a total bloodbath, with numerous students being shot to ribbons. But it was eventually cut down to just Shelton being killed. Series creator Don Mancini has said he believes it was changed for two reasons - first due to budgetary concerns since it'd require so many squibs and so much coordination, and second for "political correctness" reasons, since seeing dozens of kids being shot would be a little too distasteful, even for a Chucky movie.


Trivia: Chucky almost always loses his right hand/arm in the third act. In Child's Play, Andy's mom shoots it off. In Child's Play 2, Chucky tears it off to escape from a bar. In Child's Play 3, Andy cuts it off with a knife. In Seed of Chucky, his arms are cut off with an ax before he is beheaded. And in Cult of Chucky, one of the three Chucky's loses his right arm shortly before the climax. Of the seven films, five have Chucky losing either his right hand or entire right arm in the final thirty minutes.

Trivia: Minor Spoilers for "Cult of Chucky." Series creator Don Mancini's original idea for "Child's Play 3" included multiple Chuckies. When Chucky's blood is accidentally mixed into the molten plastic, every single doll the assembly line produced was going to be possessed by Chucky's spirit. The idea was dropped for time and budgetary reasons, so only the first doll produced had his soul inside of it. Mancini always loved the idea, and was later able to implement a variation of it in the seventh film, "Cult of Chucky." (Although in that film, Chucky is able to possess multiple hosts at the same time thanks to a spell that more-or-less copy/pastes his spirit).

Trivia: The film was announced, written, shot, edited and released less than nine months after the release of "Child's Play 2." The studio was worried about the series not lasting, and wanted to rush out a third movie as quick as possible to cash in on the success of the original. Series creator and lead writer Don Mancini (who wrote or co-wrote every single film and directed entries 5-7) has said "Child's Play 3" is his least favorite of the series, as he felt it was pushed out too quickly, and he didn't have the time to write a script he found satisfactory.

Trivia: The CEO is played by Peter Haskell. Before writing "Child's Play," creator Don Mancini had briefly worked on the soap opera "Search for Tomorrow" as an assistant, which Haskell co-starred in. Mancini said Haskell was one of the only cast members who was nice to him, so he recommended him for the CEO in "Child's Play 2." When he was writing "Child's Play 3," he again included the character, and gave him a memorable death as a twisted "thank you" to Haskell for being nice to him years prior.


Trivia: When Andy and De Silva arrive at the fair, there's a brief moment where a father, mother and three girls are on-camera. (The father just won one of his girls a stuffed toy.) This is a cameo by series producer David Kirschner and his family. He players the father, his wife plays the mother, and the three daughters are their actual real-life daughters. Kirschner has said he hates doing cameos, but director Jack Bender talked him into it by including his whole family.


Trivia: Writer Don Mancini has been critical of the casting of Jeremy Sylvers (who plays Tyler) and Dakin Matthews (who plays Cochrane). He felt Sylvers was a year or so too old for his part, and that his infatuation with the Good Guy dolls and trust of Chucky wasn't realistic at his age. He also felt that Matthews was too old for his part, which he had originally envisioned as being played by an "R. Lee Ermy type," making it funny that he'd take one look at a doll and have a heart-attack.


Trivia: As is often the case, when the film was broadcast on cable, several deleted scenes were added back in to make the film fit a two-hour broadcast window. Perhaps most notably, the broadcast television version had an entirely different introduction to Andy and Tyler, who arrive at the military school via bus and talk during the ride in.


Trivia: John Ritter originally was supposed to have a cameo as a security guard at the doll factory, but his part was written out of the film. He would have caught a group of kids sneaking into the abandoned factory because they heard the "urban legend" of Chucky the killer doll.


Trivia: The film was notorious at the time of its video release as it was said to be one of the inspirations for the death of 2-year-old James Bulger, who was murdered by two 10-year-old boys. Supposedly, one of his killers had seen the film, and it was suggested that it partially inspired him. While investigators subsequently tossed out this theory and said there was no link between the film and the murder, several European television networks refused to air the film due to the controversy.


Trivia: Perrey Reeves co-stars as Andy's love-interest De Silva. Coincidentally, one year before this film was released, she was a guest-star on the 90's television show "The Flash," based on the popular DC Comics character. And what was the title of her episode? It was "Child's Play." Just an amusing coincidence. (Albeit the "Flash" episode nothing to do with a killer doll).


Continuity mistake: When Andy finds Whitehurst bound and gagged in the closet Andy removes the piece of clothing used to gag Whitehurst mouth. When it cuts to Whitehurst getting up the cloth is tied back around his neck. (00:19:00)


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Chucky: Don't fuck with the Chuck.

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Answer: The film makers wanted to make Andy older in the film so he could have a love interest and be in military school. At the time Alex was only 9, but they wanted Andy to be 16. So they recast the part.


Answer: To add to the other answer, the writers and producers felt that after two movies they had gone as far with child Andy as they possibly could have. They felt it would be too redundant to have a third film with Andy as a kid being pursued by Chucky. So they set this film years later when Andy was a teenager.


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