Flashdance (1983)

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Revealing mistake: In the final dance audition it is obvious that Beals has a stunt double during some of the takes, as the face is different and the double is wearing blueish eyeliner or shadow and reddish lipcolor.

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Continuity mistake: When Alex and Nick enter her place, the layout is quite different from the movie's opener. Which was a large, near empty warehouse. It is now much smaller, and bedazzled with bling, including sparkling mannequins for dress making.

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Continuity mistake: In the hallway on the way to gym, only Alex, Tina and the other girl are seen. But, in the workout montage, Jeannie suddenly appears.

Nick: When you give up your dream, you die.

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Trivia: Alex's house is at 2100 Sidney St. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Question: It's clear from the film that the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance is a ballet-only or ballet-heavy institution. So why would Alex, with no ballet training (sorry, but you can't "wing it" when dancing en pointe) and whose dance audition is nothing like ballet, even audition there? And why on earth would any dance company take someone whose dancing ability, great though it might be, doesn't match their style? Philadelphia and New York have plenty of dance institutions more suited to Alex's dancing style - why doesn't she go there to audition?

Answer: It states early in the film that Alex went to the ballet and was enchanted by it and started her love of dancing. Her girlhood dream was always to be a part of the conservatory and dance the ballet's one day. Her going to the conservatory was to LEARN that building on her knowledge. Besides, normally she wouldn't have gotten an audition with her lack of Point training, but for Nick's intervening.


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