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Corrected entry: When Austin looks back at his days in the academy it looks as though Basil and Austin are the same age, but when it goes back to 2003 you can see that Basil is older than him with those wrinkles.

Correction: They seemed to be the same age at the beginning of the first movie as well. Then Austin was frozen and didn't age for all of that time while Basil did, hence the difference.


Corrected entry: Goldmember is mocked several times for his pronunciation of "father" as "fah-jher". However, the Dutch word for father is "vader" - no Dutch person would ever pronounce "father" as Goldmember does.

Correction: Yes, but he is saying the word "father" in English with a very strong Dutch accent.

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Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil gets hit in the meat and two veg by the meteor model we hear Goldmember say "Schei*e" (German for sh*t), but he is Dutch.

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Correction: Duplicated mistake

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Austin is doing cartwheels out of the studio, you can see that it is not Mike Myers, but a stunt double. (For example, he is wearing no glasses.)

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Correction: Duplicated mistake


Corrected entry: Just before Foxxy collects Fat Bastard's "diaper" he looks at his poop and says something. You can see that only half of his body is casting a shadow, but the other half that is not casting a shadow is nowhere to be seen.

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Correction: The lamp isn't located right behind Fat Bastard, it's to the left, therefore we see half his shadow, without seeing his body.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin goes back to 1975 Basil puts in 1975 on the keypad and then Austin presses the button. When Austin and Foxxy get into the car to go, Austin just presses the button without typing on the keypad, 2002. Wouldn't it still be set to 1975?

Correction: There is likely a button to return to the original takeoff time. It just seems logical.


Corrected entry: When Austin is narrating how he was found as a baby, he says the man found a blood-soaked baby, but the baby has no blood on him at all.


Correction: It was Dr. Evil who was narrating, and he was exaggerating.


Corrected entry: When Beyonce Knowles tells Mike Myers "8 years and no phone call..." If you remember in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, he was frozen in 1962, and unfrozen in 1997.She said this in 1975. Eight years back from 1975 is 1967. If he was frozen in 1967, how could he actually meet her?

Correction: Austin Powers was frozen in 1967. It's even mentioned at the beginning of "The Spy Who Shagged Me".


Corrected entry: Austin went back in 1975 and found his dad in bed with four women. Austin's dad made a comment about him taking Viagra. Viagra did not come out into the market until late 1999's.

Correction: Austin's Dad has been kidnapped from 2002 and taken back to 1975 for safekeeping.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when the superstars are portraying the Austin powers characters, it lists Tom Cruise in AustinPussy. At the end of the movie when everyone exits the theatre, the marquee reads Austin Powers in AustinPussy.

Correction: Tom Cruise stars in it, so is listed in the credits as such, but the title of the film is "Austin Powers in AustinPussy", much like "Austin Powers in Goldmember", but starring Mike Myers.


Corrected entry: When Mini-Me is in the Mini with Foxxy and Austin, he starts writing notes, the first of which he gives to Austin to read out. You can see that it is pre-written, and Austin holds it upside-down.

Correction: It's just thin paper - you can see the writing from the other side.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Fat Bastard says he lost 180 pounds, he is a lot skinnier. But in the first movie, Dr. Evil says he weights a metric ton which is 2204 pounds. When he lost 180 pounds, he would still weigh 2024 and not be that skinny.


Correction: It was most likley a exaggeration that Dr. Evil was making. He wouldn't even be able to move if he was that weight.


Corrected entry: When Scotty ejects Mr. Roboto from his seat into the tank with sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads, the sharks begin attacking Mr. Roboto. When sharks eat humans there should be a lot of blood in the water. This does not occur in this scene. The water never turns red, it only churns up white. (01:12:45)


Correction: As Dr.Evil wanted the lasers so that the sharks cold enjoy "A cooked meal", I'm guessing the lasers cooked Roboto instantly, so there would be no blood, just succulent Roboto Juices.

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Continuity mistake: Just after Number 2 pulls the globe off of Dr. Evil's head, in one of the next few shots all of the glass disappears.

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Fat Bastard: On top of spaghetti all covered in. Corn? I don't remember having any corn.

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Trivia: On the poster for this movie there is a blue car with the male symbol on the front. But that car never appeared in the movie. (It's intended to be the time machine, but the time machine was a purplish color with a Cadillac sign on the front.)

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Question: At the end of the second film, Felicity went to the future with Austin. When this film starts she's nowhere in site for the whole movie. What ever happened to her?

Answer: An original cut featured the opening scene with Heather Graham in it (I'm not sure what happens) - I'm assuming they dropped that idea when they could get hold of all the cameo stars. Hopefully it'll surface on the DVD.

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