Austin Powers in Goldmember
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Continuity mistake: In the showdown between Austin and Britney, when the view goes to a close up of her machine-gun breasts, she has significant cleavage but when it zooms out she has no cleavage. (00:06:10)

Continuity mistake: Just after Number 2 pulls the globe off of Dr. Evil's head, in one of the next few shots all of the glass disappears.

Jackie Menechino

Continuity mistake: When Fook Mi and Fook Yu are standing with their backs to Austin, they start laughing. In the next scene which is about a second later, they are facing Austin.

Continuity mistake: When Austin first makes his entrance in the 70s, there is a close-up shot of his feet in which his coat is dragging on the floor. The next shot shows his whole body, and the coat now only reaches his ankles.

Continuity mistake: When Austin and Mini Me are behind the screen in the examination room aboard the submarine, the second sailor to be examined witnesses Mini Me drop out from under Austin, somewhat resembling a woman giving birth to a child. Mini Me does not have hair when he drops out from under Austin, however, in the next shot, Mini Me is shown getting up, and he has his wig on. (01:13:50)

Austin Powers in Goldmember mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Austin Powers is on Mini Me's shoulders, Austin picks up and throws a henchman's sailor hat in the air. It lands in a very visible spot, but when there is a close-up on Mini Me's legs, the hat is gone. It shows up again right after that. (01:11:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Goldmember peels a big chunk of skin from his shoulder and eats it, you see the skin he's holding is almost transparent. The scene then cuts to Dr. Evil and back to Goldmember, and the skin he puts in his mouth is now brown/dark green. (00:40:05)

Austin Powers in Goldmember mistake picture

Continuity mistake: If you look closely in the scene where Austin travels through time in the "Pimp Mobile", you can see a golf cart in the background driving by. If you watch in slow motion, you can see the golf cart disappear at the same instant the pimp mobile does. (00:23:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Austin, Mini Me and Foxxy enter the sub, they are all wearing fins. Foxxy takes her cap off and her hair expands, and Mini Me makes out with her leg. Mini Me and Foxxy are no longer wearing Finns and they are not close by as if they had just slipped out of them.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Austin is in Goldmember's Office in Studio 69, the camera pans down to Foxy's feet, and she is wearing gold platform shoes. In the next shot after Goldmember takes Nigel out in the time machine, Austin and Foxy run out the door and Foxy is wearing sneakers. She runs from behind the desk and out the door, never having time to change her shoes.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Austin is attempting to rescue his father, Goldmember gets behind a screen to change into different clothes. When Goldmember takes off his robe, you can see that his crotch is glowing gold...But when his clothes come back on, the glowing doesn't stop.

Continuity mistake: Just after Dr Evil gets the globe on his head, there is a man on his left with a giant screw-wrench in his hand. The shot later, there is also a woman and the screw-wrench has disappeared. Another shot later, the woman has disappeared and after that, the man.

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Continuity mistake: At one point in Fat Bastard's fight at the sumo arena, his hands are below his opponent's hands, but in the next shot, his hands are above his shoulders.

Continuity mistake: Just after Dr. Evil reveals his evil plan, he puts the remote that he was using on the table. If you look at the remote throughout the scene from facing fowards to facing to the viewers' right.

Jackie Menechino

Continuity mistake: Austin is in 2002 with his new teeth. He goes back in time to 1975 to find his father and he has the old teeth again. He goes back to 2002 with Foxxy Cleopatra, but he still has the bad teeth. (00:36:45)

Continuity mistake: The first time we see the "Mole", he is in Dr. Evil's Hollywood Lair. When he brings Dr. Evil his chair, there is a close-up on his mole, which has no hair on it. In Austin's "Pad", when Basil comes in to tell Austin and Foxxy about the Mole, there is a close-up on his mole again, but this time there are two little hairs sticking out.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene that we see Austin on the shoulders of Mini Me, they have problems walking and Austin slams a big water bottle on the ground. A few moments later, we see a shot and the big water bottle is not on the ground.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Basil interrupts Austin and the Japanese twins, look behind Basil. In several of the shots toward him and you can see a guy in orange and someone else dancing. In the next shot, about a second later, the guy is propped up against the wall. Pretty quick, huh?

Continuity mistake: When Number 2 removes the Globe off Dr Evil's head, there is no hole below.

Continuity mistake: Austin Powers was scheduled to be knighted at the end of the first movie. It shouldn't have taken 5 years for him to be knighted.

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Austin Powers: Mole! Bloody mole! We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face! I want to cut it off, chop it off, and make guacaMOLE!



In the showdown between Austin and Britney, when the view goes to a close up of her machine-gun breasts, she has significant cleavage but when it zooms out she has no cleavage.



The content of the email received by Austin while he is demonstrating the internet is 'A new ATM card will be sent to you by Fed-Ex because your account has ben compromised by an unknown hacker who obtained your PIN Number while you were purchasing an MP3 Player on E-Bay. Sincerely, Your Bank.' This was included because Mike Myers really did have his bank account compromised shortly before filming.