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Factual error: Just after Austin recollects what Mini Me did last time he used the peace symbol, they both smash bottles to use for fighting. Austin grabs his out of a gift basket and Mini Me grabs his out of the mini fridge. Considering the location of both Austin and Mini Me's bottles, shouldn't liquid come out of the bottles because they are new? (01:03:40)

Factual error: The Hollywood sign is over 350' wide and would not have been visible outside Dr. Evil's lair given how small the opening was and the perspective we see it from.


Factual error: When Austin is showing Foxy the internet, the URLs on the bottom of the page refer to domains that end in .UK.GOV. All UK Government web sites end in .GOV.UK. The .GOV suffix is only used for US Government sites, and none of those have the prefix ".uk".


Factual error: When Austin Powers lands in Tokyo, the subtitle reads "Toyko International Airport." This is fixed in the Infinifilm DVD version. (00:44:40)

Factual error: If you look closely at the bar in the club when Austin goes back in time, there is a bottle of Tangerey "Ten": a gin only recently introduced, so it would not be around in the '70s. (00:23:51)

Factual error: After Fat Bastard's sumo match he goes to the toilet -- a Western style toilet. The sumo arena, especially the locker room area, would be traditionally Japanese. There is no way that a Western style, sit down toilet would be found there. What we should see is a silhouette of Fat Bastard squatting down over a Japanese style toilet which is like a trough in the floor. (00:48:00)


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Trivia: The content of the email received by Austin while he is demonstrating the internet is 'A new ATM card will be sent to you by Fed-Ex because your account has ben compromised by an unknown hacker who obtained your PIN Number while you were purchasing an MP3 Player on E-Bay. Sincerely, Your Bank.' This was included because Mike Myers really did have his bank account compromised shortly before filming. (00:38:37)

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Question: I don't get this: When Nigel Powers is first taken to the submarine, at one point he looks down, sees Mini Me and says "I thought I smelt cabbage." What's that all about?

Answer: In the first Austin Powers when he is talking about his two fears, one of them was carnies. He then said they have small hands and smell like cabbage. Most likely then Mini-Me reminded him of a carny.

Lummie Premium member

Answer: I thought cabbage patch kid.

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