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Trivia: The content of the email received by Austin while he is demonstrating the internet is 'A new ATM card will be sent to you by Fed-Ex because your account has ben compromised by an unknown hacker who obtained your PIN Number while you were purchasing an MP3 Player on E-Bay. Sincerely, Your Bank.' This was included because Mike Myers really did have his bank account compromised shortly before filming. (00:38:37)

Trivia: The full list of Austin's 'Things To Do Before I Die' are: 1. Become International Man of Mystery, 2. Save World from Certain Doom, 3. Find True Love, 4. Go To Outer Space, 5. Travel Through Time, Backward and Forward, 6. Be Cryogenically Frozen, 7. Catch Dr. Evil in the First Act, 8. Threesome with Japanese Twins, 9. Earn Daddy's Respect. When we see the list all are scored out apart from the last two.

Trivia: On the poster for this movie there is a blue car with the male symbol on the front. But that car never appeared in the movie. (It's intended to be the time machine, but the time machine was a purplish color with a Cadillac sign on the front.)

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Trivia: The scene where Michael Caine and Mike Myers are speaking in cockney accents is reminiscent of a scene from "The Man Who would Be King" where Michael Caine's and Sean Connery are speaking in thick accents about a person they knew in the past. The story is somewhat hard to discern due to Caine's thick Cockney accent and Connery's Scottish accent.


Trivia: Studio 69 is a reference to a real dance hall in New York City that was popular in the late 1970s - Studio 54. The "69" in Studio 69 refers to a sexual position. Mike Myers was also in a 1998 movie ("54") based on events at Studio 54.


Trivia: At the end of the movie when Not So Fat Bastard gets out of his seat to talk to Austin, if you look in the seat beside him you can see a "Reserved for Nigel Powers" sign.

Trivia: When Austin is performing at his pad, the girl on the guitar is from the rock band the Bangles. She's Susannah Hoffs and she is married to the director Jay Roach.

Trivia: On Mini Me's prison uniform you can see that his prison number is 0001/8.

Trivia: When Dr. Evil is rapping and Mini-Me is standing on the platform, Mini-Me is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. This is probably Canadian Mike Meyer's idea since he is a big fan of that hockey team.

Trivia: During the news broadcast of Dr Evil's trial, you can read scroling in the button of the screen, 'Toronto voted best city in the world' and 'The Maple Leafs wins the Stanley Cup'. This is probably due to the fact that Mike Myers is from Toronto, Canada and is a big fan of the Maple Leafs.

Trivia: Both Heather Graham and Will Ferrell reprised their roles from prior films, with each getting a cameo explaining what happened to their characters, but both had to be cut for timing and pacing reasons.


Trivia: Dr. Evil's secret lair being behind the Hollywood sign is a remnant of one of the original drafts of the script, in which his evil plan would involve him using Hollywood movies to brainwash the public into serving him.

Trivia: Although Michael Caine and Michael York have both appeared in over 100 British and American films since the 1960s, this is their first and only film together. However, they do not share a scene.


Trivia: The "movie within a movie" is entitled "Austinpussy." This was one of the original working titles for the second film. It ended up being dropped because it sounded too dirty.


Trivia: Mike Myers has stated that he would love to do a fourth film in the Austin Powers series, although as of 2018, a fourth film has not been released. Myers stated that after the death of co-star Verne Troyer in 2018, he would like to include a tribute to Troyer in a potential fourth film, should it ever be made.


Trivia: MGM, the company that releases the James Bond films, successfully halted the release of posters and promotional materials for this film a few months before release, arguing that the Austin Powers series was profiting off the James Bond name. This is despite the fact that parodies such as Austin Powers are traditionally protected by copyright law. MGM and New Line (the company that produced "Austin Powers") eventually settled their differences when New Line agreed to attach trailers for the next Bond film ("Die Another Day") to this movie.


Trivia: The prior film was released the same year as Star Wars: Episode I. Early trailers for that movie had the humorous tagline "If you see one movie this year... see Star Wars! But if you see two movies, see Austin Powers!" As a nod to that, trailers for this film (which was released the same year as Star Wars: Episode II) stated "If you see one movie this year, see Austin Powers! If you see two movies... see Austin Powers again!"


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Austin Powers: Mole! Bloody mole! We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face! I want to cut it off, chop it off, and make guacaMOLE!

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Question: At the end of the second film, Felicity went to the future with Austin. When this film starts she's nowhere in sight for the whole movie. Whatever happened to her?

Answer: An original cut featured the opening scene with Heather Graham in it (I'm not sure what happens) - I'm assuming they dropped that idea when they could get hold of all the cameo stars. Hopefully it'll surface on the DVD.

Reportedly she left Austin because he couldn't get over Vanessa.

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Answer: Remember that there were 2 Austins at the end of the second film, thus she likely ended up with one of them, while the other Austin went in a different direction.

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