Chasing Amy

Trivia: The collector who calls Banky a tracer is played by film producer Scott Mosier.

Trivia: During the lesbian bar scene, they are all around the table. The lights behind them glow eerily like portholes. They re-enact the scene from "Jaws" where they compare injuries, only with cunnilingus stories. Even putting the leg on the table comes from "Jaws." This scene was originally meant to be in Mallrats, but was rejected by the studio.

Trivia: When Holden and Alyssa are talking in the Meow Mix club, they mention the Quick Stop and one event that took place there in "Clerks" (other Kevin Smith movie). They also talk about the girl who drowned in the YMCA pool and that is also mentioned in "Clerks". (00:19:20 - 00:20:10)

Trivia: When Alyssa is telling Holden about all of her "unusual" sexual experiences she mentions Shannon Hamilton, Ben Affleck's character from "Mallrats."

Trivia: When Alyssa is bearing her soul to Holden about all of her sexual encounters, she mentions leaving her prom halfway through to have sex with a 26 year old man and Gwen Turner in the back of a limo. In "Mallrats" (1995), Joey Lauren Adams played Gwen Turner.

Trivia: When Banky and Alyssa are swapping stories in the lesbian bar, Banky shows how little he can move his head after Brandi Svenning's dad caught him with her. Brandi Svenning is in "Mallrats," along with her psychotic father, Jared.

Trivia: The film's events take place two years after the events of "Clerks," which in turn takes place the day after "Mallrats."

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Trivia: In some of the opening convention scenes with Banky and Holden, the bottom left corner of their newest "Bluntman & Chronic" issue can be seen, with the drawing of a security guard that looks a lot like LaFours from "Mallrats."

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Trivia: Not necessarily a mistake, but this is something to notice. Throughout the entire movie Holden has a goatee. However, on the cover of the Criterion Collection DVD Holden does not have any facial hair.

Trivia: The comic-book shop customer's rant about "Bluntman and Chronic" was actually copied from a real film review for "Mallrats".

Visible crew/equipment: The cameraman is visible in the reflection of window while Holden is walking back to his car in the rain.

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[After Banky pulls out a stack of porno magazines from his bag.]
Holden McNeil: Oh my God. Who are you, Larry fucking Flynt? What are you going to do with all of those?
Banky Edwards: Read the articles. What do you think I'm going to do with them? They're stroke books, stupid!
Holden McNeil: You've got like, thirty books there! We're only going to be gone for two days!
Banky Edwards: Variety's the spice of life. I like a wide selection. Sometimes I'm in the mood for nasty close-ups, sometimes I like them arty and air-brushed. Sometimes it's a spread brown-eye kind of night, sometimes it's girl-on-girl time. Sometimes a steamy letter will do it, sometimes - not often, but sometimes - I like the idea of a chick with a horse.

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Question: Holden tells a fan that he likes to think of Bluntman and Chronic as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern meet Vladamir and Estragon. I know who Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are, but who are Vladamir and Estragon?

Answer: They are the two main characters of the play Waiting for Godot. They spend the entire play in one place waiting for a person who never shows up and talking about random nothingness.


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