The Great White Hype

Despite the fact that Conklin puts far more effort into his training, and Roper turns up badly out of shape, it turns out to be for nothing - Roper knocks Conklin out in the first round with no difficulty at all. Rev. Sultan admits to Kane, who had bought out Conklin's contract, that he knew that there was no way that Conklin or any other white boxer could possibly defeat Kane, and was in fact relying on audiences wanting to see a black man beat up a white man (and vice-versa) in order to make money from the fight, which it turns out he did quite successfully.

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Mitchell Kane: Are you happy with your deal with Sultan?
Johnny Winsor: Happy? I'd sooner be turked by a syphilitic bear.
Mitchell Kane: T-turked? Turked? What is turked?
Johnny Winsor: Rectally relieved.



In the final fight scene, 'Sultan' is greeting people in the arena. He stops a man who looks like John Travolta and says 'Vincent, how's Jules?' (or something similar). Vincent Vega was Travolta's character, and Jules was Samuel L Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction.