Men in Black II

Corrected entry: When K shows his video store card to the clerk at the video store, the clerk remarks that the card hasn't been used since before she was born. How would she know that fact if she hadn't been born yet when it was used? Perhaps the card was only discontinued right before she began working there.

Correction: First, it was probably just an exaggeration on how old the card is. But why wouldn't she know about it, she's obviously aware of the card, so she could have been told about it or come across one by another long time customer.


Corrected entry: When Agent Jay is in the yellow tent with Serleena's tiny ship, he pulls out his video communicator and begins to talk to Zed. Zed can see Agent Jay via the communicator but when Jay closes the communicator and puts it away, Zed still has a view of Jay speaking with him over the big, egg shaped monitor. How could Zed see Agent Jay over the monitor if there was no video device available to transmit the conversation?


Correction: The device Agent Jay uses allows him to see HQ, not the other way around. In one shot of Jay on the monitor, you can see part of the spaceship, meaning the image of Jay did not come from his monitor, but some other device monitoring either the spaceship or Agent Jay. When Jay closes his visual communicator, the monitoring device is still active and thus HQ can still see him.


Corrected entry: When the post office employees are about to reveal they are aliens, the one on the left, holding his long hair, has his head completely tilted to the left. A frame later it's just slightly tilted and bent forward.


Sacha Premium member

Correction: I would neither call his head tilted completely to the left nor slightly tilted. Of course, he's in the process of removing his wig. However, there's nothing to indicate an error after seeing the scene over and over.


Corrected entry: Serleena surrounds Z with her vines and he falls down, face and shoulders perpendicular to Serleena's body. When the angle changes he has turned around 90º, but when she kicks him, he has magically turned another 90º to allow for her to kick him in the groin.


Sacha Premium member

Correction: That's not what happens at all. After he falls down, Serleena kicks Zed while he is off camera, which could have easily turned him. Then the next kick isn't a kick to the groin, but her kicking him up and into his chair (the way you'd kicked a ball up).


Corrected entry: When Jay and Kevin get flushed to the surface and are standing inside those mailbox thingies, the water on the inside walls and around their feet is blue (as it should be) - but the water dripping down their faces is colourless.


Correction: There's no mistake. It's just the way the lighting hits it to make it seem clear. In fact, in one scene Jay spits out the blue liquid and immediately after, the blue liquid appears clear on his lips and chin.


Corrected entry: It appears Will Smith suffered a touch of acne during filming. In the scene where they are driving to the young woman (witness), Will has a noticeably large spot on his cheek. In the next scene it is gone.

00:19:40 - 00:46:55

Correction: I watched the scene over and even some from before and after and there's never any weird shot or touch of acne on Will Smith.


Corrected entry: When K and J are in Times Square after being flushed, they are covered with droplets of clear water. However the water on the walls of the cylinders as well as what they were in was blue.



Correction: There's no mistake, they just appear clear, but it's all the same blue liquid. In fact, in one shot you see Jay spit out the blue liquid and even as the blue liquid is seen, some of the drops on his lips and chin appear clear.


Given the droplets were the same size on the walls of the pod as they were on J and K, they would not appear to be blue on one surface and clear on another. If the drops were larger in the pod vs on them, then I'd agree that the color could possibly be blue vs. Clear - but they weren't so they should be blue regardless of being on a person vs. Pod wall.


New this month Correction: There's a lot more to just droplet size that affects what color you see. But the point being, he is seen spitting out blue liquid and that same liquid appears clear (as opposed to seeing him spit out blue liquid, have shot change, then another shot back to J where the liquid is now clear).


Corrected entry: When Agents Jay and Kay are standing on the elevator overlooking MIB HQ when he brought Kay back, you can clearly see the leash (it's a small black string on Jay's finger) that Frank the dog is on in a couple of shots, then when they get off the string magically disappears.


Correction: It doesn't "magically" disappear. You literally see Will Smith drop the thin leash before stepping off.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jay and Kay are talking in the mail truck, there is clear blue sky over the left shoulder of Jay. The camera turns to Kay for him to speak and when it goes back to Jay the sky over his left shoulder is cloudy.


Correction: You can also see the "clouds" coming out of a chimney or smokestack. It's just smoke, which can be produced fast enough to cover the area in question.


Corrected entry: When K is standing outside of Jeebs's place, waiting for his brain to reboot, his hair is disheveled. When he comes back in, and saves J, his hair is neat and coiffed.

Movie Nut

Correction: That is because K took his time to fix his hair. Which really would not take anytime at all. All he'd have to do is run his hands through his hair, and even if he didn't, K likes to take his time, as seen in the first MIB film.


Corrected entry: When they're walking into the pizzeria, Kay is quoting a regulation to Jay. As he does so, he suddenly drops to the floor to avoid being hit with the pan. But he dropped before he could have seen Lara, as she was far enough around the corner of the wall to have been missed.

Movie Nut

Correction: This just shows how good of an agent K is. He could have heard her as she came around the corner.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Serlena eats, then regurgitates the hood. The clothes he had on show no signs of dampness, or any other bodily fluids.

Movie Nut

Correction: Serlena is not a human. We have no idea what the digestive system of her species is like. It may be a dry digestion.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When J shoots the door of MIB so him, K and the worms can get in, they are all sucked in through the hole he blew. The only way this would happen is if the pressure inside the building is less than outside the building and, judging from the powerful suction that lifts them off their feet, there would have been a vacuum inside the building, which means that everyone inside would have suffocated.

Correction: Not necessarily. Large stadiums have a high internal air pressure to keep the ceiling up. When you exit, the difference in air pressure can knock you down if you aren't prepared for it, yet you don't really feel the difference while you're inside. So the pressure inside MiB headquarters could be significantly lower than the pressure outside (likely to accommodate beings from low-pressure environments) without actually being uninhabitable to humans.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kay and Jay are watching the Light of Zartha video, the aliens are walking toward the MIB from their right on the beach, with the tall grass behind them to set the angle. Next time they are shown, the aliens are approaching from the agents' left with the tall grass behind them.


Correction: This is a mistake made in a deliberately chintzy, two-bit, cut-rate film *within* the movie. It was made "bad" on purpose. Mistakes made in it do not qualify as movie mistakes for Men In Black II.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After they are flushed from MIB HQ, J begins to tell the story of how K used to love to be flushed. In the first movie, just before K hands J the Neurolizer, he says 'not bad for your first day, huh?" They were never flushed in the first movie.


Correction: Congratulations, you got the joke without realizing it was a joke. J is trying to keep K from getting upset about being flushed by attempting to convince him that he used to love it, figuring K won't know he's being lied to since he doesn't remember anyway.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Agent J takes the anchovy tin out of the cabinet at the pizza place he exclaims, "Anchovies in virgin olive oil". When the camera shows the top of the tin it only reads, "Anchovies in Olive Oil". No "virgin".

Correction: That's Jay's character mistake, not the movie's.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the half-destroyed subway car arrives in the station, when it stops, you hear a small chime-like noise. In New York City, however, this noise is only made when a subway car's doors shut and it leaves the station.

Correction: It's half destroyed. A minor electrical malfunction is very likely.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When J and K killed Serleena in the end,the fireworks form the logo of the Men in Black.

Correction: WAY too obvious to be trivia.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: After getting his memory back, Agent Kay's hair is messed up, but when he goes outside after the fight with the aliens, his hair is perfectly gelled and combed.


Correction: Kay's hair is still messed-up when he walks outside for the first time. It is neat when he goes back down to help Jay and when he leaves the second time but he had plenty of time to comb it before coming back inside.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: When Serleena captures Kay, she sticks her tongue down his ear and then starts to kiss him right in front of his ear. The camera angle changes and she is now kissing him on his cheek.



Correction: Not true. She licks Kay's ear then sticks her tongue in, takes it out and licks his cheek. When the shot changes she is still licking his cheek.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: The movie begins with the show "Mysteries in History" showing the Light of Zartha episode. When the story begins, the words "Dramatic Reenactment" can be seen. However, when K and J are playing the tape later in the movie, those words are now missing.

Correction: Nothing unusual about that. Many television shows are reedited, tweaked about and otherwise embellished between their first and subsequent screenings.

Corrected entry: In the preview, in the scene where it shows the wall flipping up and around showing all the special guns, if you look in the top-right corner there is a 2K1 AutoCocker (A futuristic-looking paintball gun).

Correction: How do we know a gun for fighting aliens couldn't be designed like a paintball gun? Or perhaps paintballs have a big effect on some aliens.

Corrected entry: When J and K are watching the movie about the light of Zartha, the story is told differently from the way it was at the start of the movie. One point is when K says "Laurana", the Narrator didn't say it like that at the start.

Correction: Why should he say it exactly the same? He was there, while the Narrator retold what was believed to be a regular, half-baked UFO story. K would get the story and the name right, the TV segment was a poorly made, cheesy reenactment with bad special effects.


Corrected entry: In the scene where J and K are being chased by the alien, you can clearly see that the control used to operate the car is a Playstation 2 control.

Correction: This brings out the joke that K doesn't know how to drive the car with the PS2 control instead of the steering wheel. Not really trivia.

Corrected entry: When J, K and the worms infiltrate MIB HQ, they're carrying some pretty big rocket-launcher-sized guns. During the scene in the elevator when they're hiding on the ceiling, the big guns are nowhere to be seen. J only has a pistol during the Jarra fight, but suddenly has a big gun again when confronting Sirlina later.

Correction: They are in MIB HQ as you stated. It's certainly reasonable to think that J got the big gun from the weapons storage at MIB HQ.

Corrected entry: When J is talking to the first alien in the post office, the second time the alien talks the sounds he makes don't match his mouth (apart from the final 'ah' at the end).

Correction: The sounds were made by Biz Markie on set when the film was done, not in sound editing or dubbing, as stated in the DVD directors commentary.

Corrected entry: K is supposed to be a postmaster (citywide boss of the post office), yet he is working as a window clerk and wearing a letter carrier's uniform. Carrier, clerk and postmaster are three completely separate jobs, and the unions absolutely forbid 'crossing crafts'.

Correction: The entire post office is run by aliens and MIB. Therefore, I think it's safe to say they don't worry about unions.

Corrected entry: When J, K, and Laura are on their way to the final battle, they travel on a highway and pass a green exit sign that's marked for the World Trade Center. Look carefully, because it goes by really quick. You'd think they could digitally remove it.

Correction: Only three World Trade Center building were taken down, there are still World Trade Buildings left, not to mention the upcoming Freedom Tower.

Corrected entry: The actor who plays the video rental store clerk is the same guy who plays the morgue attendant in the first film, who is killed by the bug.

Correction: There wasn't anything to suggest he was killed, he just didn't move, and was only being held up on the roof. Plus if you look closely you can see he actually blinks.

Corrected entry: When the locker is opened with the tiny aliens chanting "ALL HAIL J," the sound stops right when the door is closed. However, the locker had many diamond-shaped holes in it. So, one would still be able to hear their voices even after the precise instant when K closed the locker.

Correction: They're only chanting this when they can see Jay through the opened door. For example, they only started hailing Kay when he opened the door earlier in the movie.

Corrected entry: After Agent K and J get "flushed" into the city streets, J brings up the car, and when they get inside they are completely dry.


Correction: The MiB suits are made from a special material which allows them to stay clean and dry. In the first movie, their suits were sprayed with alien goo and were clean soon after. This is explained more thoruoghly in the "corrections" page of the first film.


Corrected entry: When J takes K into the deneuralizer at the MIB headquarters, the deneuralizer is in the center of the room, but when they are flushed and there is a birds eye shot from above, the deneuralizer isn't there. Did it get flushed too?

Correction: When you first see the denuralizer you can see that it hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier. It is quite possible that it was pulled up to the ceiling.

Corrected entry: After Newton is neuralized he takes off his glasses. Yet, he knows exactly where he going and where the shovel is even though he can't see.


Correction: People can still see even though they don't have their glasses on. Everyone with glasses or contact lenses would know that.

Corrected entry: When Serleena frees the criminals of MIB, she tells them to check deneuralizers, because K needs to get his memory back. Since she hasn't presumably seen him in roughly 25 years, she would have no knowledge of the neutralization or consequently where to start looking for him.

Correction: Serleena is aware of what MIB is, and may have been monitoring its activities. She knows if K is gone, he would have been neuralized, because she knows how the organization functions.][She was actually told by her assistant that Kay was there to get deneuralized that day. She is told this just after MIB headquarters is locked down and well before she releases the prisoners.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: About twice in the movie, J gets blamed for erasing all of K's memory about MIB. At the end of the first movie, K sets the neuralizer to erase his memory, J simply presses the button, so he's not fully responsible.

Correction: Just because K handed J the neuralizer didn't mean that J had to use it. This is why the people blame him.

Corrected entry: The MIB's do an awful lot of stuff in broad daylight without worrying about neuralizing people. They pop into a busy intersection out of tubes, covered in blue goo, use a remote control car with a driver that pops into the steering wheel, and fight a giant bug in the middle of a sidewalk, all without calling in one neuralization unit or even WORRYING about the people seeing. Also, what do you think the chances are of every single person who saw what happened over the skies of New York staying to stare at the Statue of Liberty? Most people probably wouldn't stay staring out the window even after everything died down.

Correction: The flash from the neuralizer affects everyone who's not wearing the glasses that the MIB wear.

Corrected entry: We know from the first movie that the small "cricket gun" is very strong because Will Smith flew backwards and the gun made a huge hole in a big truck. However, in the second movie, when Tommy Lee Jones uses the gun to blow off Jeebs' head, it sounds and acts like a regular plasma sort gun, that only fires a plasma or laser beam.

Correction: The reason that the noisy cricket blasted J back in the first movie but not K in the second movie is because that gun can be "dialed up" in power. According to the website for the first movie, rookie agents were often given noisy crickets dialed up to full blast by their superiors to teach them a lesson in perception.


Corrected entry: In the scene where K is flying the car through the subway, K and J switch seats so J can drive. In the next scene when they land on the roof of a building, you see J come out of the car on the passenger side.

Correction: There's plenty of time for them to switch between the scenes, and given that K always drives he probably insisted.

Corrected entry: In one of the very first scenes, there's a dog that barks. When it does so, you can clearly see it's breath, indicating that it's a winter month with cold temperatures. However, the movie is supposed to take place in July.

Correction: I don't think a cold July night in NYC is unheard of. Rare, certainly, but not unheard of.

Corrected entry: When J & K are flushed from the deneuralizer chamber in the blue toilet cleaner-like solution & are ejected up on to the street, wouldn't the blue liquid have dyed their dress shirts blue? If this blue liquid can cling to the metal walls of the tubes they pop out of on the street, then why doesn't it soak into their white shirts?

Correction: Seeing as flushing is a security measure, MiB probably made sure their suits were impermeable (they have alien technology, so this wouldn't be hard). They could have also made non-staining blue liquid, too.

Corrected entry: After K has been deneuralyzed and he is on the street looking at the aliens disguised as humans, there is a postman. New-Yorkers are really lucky to have postal service at night time...

Dr Wilson

Correction: As J said, most postal workers are aliens. Therefore, this alien could be in his human suit which includes his postal uniform, or he could be having a nice, long walk home after work.

Corrected entry: What happens to Johnny Knoxville? He seems to vanish during the fight scene with Will Smith and the aliens, and is never seen again in the film.

Correction: He may not be seen again but he is mentioned. He was one of the people who kidnapped Laura from the Worms. When J and K ask who who took Laura the Worms say "Some dumb two headed guy."

Corrected entry: In one of the diner scenes, Jay coments over the fact that the 85 people he saved on the subway will never remember it. 85 people? The group he neuralizes on the train can't be more than 30 or so, and even if there are a few we can't see, there is no way that 85 people could have fit into what was left of the train.

Correction: Jay is simply exaggerating.

Corrected entry: The worm in the subway is a very, VERY big worm: We see, while Agent J is riding on it, that it is roughly the size of a subway car, and at the end, it is sitting in the tunnel waiting to eat the alien. So, questions: If the worm's this big, how do the subway cars manage to pass it time and time again without 1. running into it and/or 2. People seeing it and having to be neurolized?

Correction: J tells the worm that he is restricted to a certain section of the subway tunnels. We can only assume that this section is no longer used so it is safe for him to be there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where agent J is riding the large worm through the subway and then is thrown into the last carriage. He then tells everyone to move to the front, then there is a shot of the back of the train. Look closely at the two people sitting down, they start running before the worm bites the train.


Correction: Actually the woman is looking out the back window and sees Jeff coming, but the guy is still sitting until Jeff bites the train.


Corrected entry: When K has just been deneuralyzed at Jeebs place and gets ejected and slides across the floor, the steam coming from his ears is coming from underneath him, not from his ears.


Correction: I think that it was supposed to be that his hair was smoking. If his ears were smoking it would mean his brain was fried.


Corrected entry: The guy in the video store who asked agents J and K if they had, "Seen any aliens lately?" Is the same guy who played the morgue attendant who got slimed by the bug in the first movie. He's called David Cross.

Correction: Since in the first movie we never learn his name, it's never made clear that he was killed, and he has an obvious obsession about aliens and the Men in Black, we can assume that he is in fact the same character.

Corrected entry: When showing the closeup of the 'Employee of the Month' plaque in the pizza parlor on the first visit, the word 'Employee' is misspelled 'Employe'.

Correction: This is mentioned by one of the characters, so it's an intentional error and not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In MIB, Zed says there are about 1500 aliens on Earth at any given time. In MIB 2, J says just about everyone working in a Post Office is an alien. Surely there are more than 1500 people working in all the post offices in the world.

Correction: It has been 5 years since the first movie - surely there could have been some kind of mass exodus from another planet during that time which meant that the number of aliens on Earth could have risen sharply. There are any number of things that could have happened which would have caused a boom in Earth's alien population.

Corrected entry: If K neuralized himself to forget where he hid the light on earth, and J neuralized K to forget all about the MIB. Why did the deneuralization bring back all information except info about where K hid the light? Wouldn't deneuralization bring back all of K's memories that were neuralizied?

Correction: The information about the light would have been neuralized out of him twice. He would need to be deneuralized twice, which they didn't want to do, or it was impossible to recover.

Corrected entry: When agent J summons his car for the first time, it pulls out of the parking stall and stops in front of him. As the car stops you can see the hand of the person driving it on top of the steering wheel. The car stops and the hand slides across the steering wheel to the right and disappears from view. He can't be the automatic driver, as his hand would stay on the wheel.

Correction: It has to be because if you look closely at the man in this scene, and the automatic driver in the rest of the movie, it is the same guy. In this scene, he even has the black suit and the sunglasses.

T Poston

Corrected entry: This whole thing with the light is said to have happened in 1978. Although the film was set in 2002, they keep on referring to the events that happened 25 years ago. Twenty-five years before 2002 is 1977.

Correction: The "25 years" is a time approximation, just like one would say "a month ago" instead of "27 days ago".

Corrected entry: When the MIB car pulls up to Agent J and K in the public and the driver gets sucked into the steering wheel, you can clearly see in the background the people walking by speed up when the driver goes into the steering wheel. The special effects used were obviously speeded up, someone forgot about the extras in the scene and they sped up as well!

Correction: This only happens in the trailer - it's been fixed for the proper film.

Corrected entry: Agent K tells Laura that when it rains it is because she is sad. When she gets in the little space ship and flies away to the shining star, you can see her become sad and it starts to rain. When the shot changes back to Agents K and J there is no sign of rain falling. Rain doesn't stop and evaporate that fast.

Correction: At the end of the movie when Laura becomes sad, it only rains inside the spaceship she is in. That is why Agents Jay and Kay do not get wet. You can clearly see this when a picture of the spaceship is shown against the sky.

Corrected entry: In the first Men in Black movie, K tells Jeebs to leave Earth or he would basically kill him, but Jeebs is still on Earth and he isn't too scared to see K again.

Correction: Jeebs is visibly terrified when he first sees K. He only stops being afraid after he realizes that K doesn't remember his "promise" or his history.

Corrected entry: In the first film, the noisy cricket is an extremely powerful gun that launched J back about ten feet whenever he used it. Yet when K uses it, he stays perfectly still.

Correction: The reason that the noisy cricket blasted J back in the first movie but not K in the second movie is because that gun can be "dialed up" in power. According to the website for the first movie, rookie agents were often given noisy crickets dialed up to full blast by their superiors to teach them a lesson in perception.

Corrected entry: You can NOT tell me that with the sorting machine, and a hole THAT big, that Kevin couldn't look in at any time and see the alien in there? Not once in five years? Give me a break.

Correction: One contributor wrote: I am a postal worker and we never, EVER open the machinery. Only mechanics are authorized to do this, and if the machine was working fine, why would Kevin look in there in the first place?

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Agent Jay: Jarra, you're under arrest for being that ugly and making that many copies.



When MIB agents exit the lift to get into the main hall of the MIB Office, the lift opens halfway up the wall and they need to go down a little platform. But when K and J return during the lockdown and face the trashcan with guns, the lift opens at floor level, so it can be conveniently peppered with bullets.



The first alien in the mail room that Will Smith starts to talk to in alien language is a rapper known in real life as Biz Markie. He is really making those noises with his mouth.