Men in Black II

Corrected entry: When J and K are watching the movie about the light of Zartha, the story is told differently from the way it was at the start of the movie. One point is when K says "Laurana", the Narrator didn't say it like that at the start.

Correction: Why should he say it exactly the same? He was there, while the Narrator retold what was believed to be a regular, half-baked UFO story. K would get the story and the name right, the TV segment was a poorly made, cheesy reenactment with bad special effects.


Corrected entry: In the scene where J and K are being chased by the alien, you can clearly see that the control used to operate the car is a Playstation 2 control.

Correction: This brings out the joke that K doesn't know how to drive the car with the PS2 control instead of the steering wheel. Not really trivia.

Corrected entry: When J, K and the worms infiltrate MIB HQ, they're carrying some pretty big rocket-launcher-sized guns. During the scene in the elevator when they're hiding on the ceiling, the big guns are nowhere to be seen. J only has a pistol during the Jarra fight, but suddenly has a big gun again when confronting Sirlina later.

Correction: They are in MIB HQ as you stated. It's certainly reasonable to think that J got the big gun from the weapons storage at MIB HQ.

Corrected entry: When J is talking to the first alien in the post office, the second time the alien talks the sounds he makes don't match his mouth (apart from the final 'ah' at the end).

Correction: The sounds were made by Biz Markie on set when the film was done, not in sound editing or dubbing, as stated in the DVD directors commentary.

Corrected entry: When J, K, and Laura are on their way to the final battle, they travel on a highway and pass a green exit sign that's marked for the World Trade Center. Look carefully, because it goes by really quick. You'd think they could digitally remove it.

Correction: Only three World Trade Center building were taken down, there are still World Trade Buildings left, not to mention the upcoming Freedom Tower.

Corrected entry: The actor who plays the video rental store clerk is the same guy who plays the morgue attendant in the first film, who is killed by the bug.

Correction: There wasn't anything to suggest he was killed, he just didn't move, and was only being held up on the roof. Plus if you look closely you can see he actually blinks.

Corrected entry: When the locker is opened with the tiny aliens chanting "ALL HAIL J," the sound stops right when the door is closed. However, the locker had many diamond-shaped holes in it. So, one would still be able to hear their voices even after the precise instant when K closed the locker.

Correction: They're only chanting this when they can see Jay through the opened door. For example, they only started hailing Kay when he opened the door earlier in the movie.

Corrected entry: After Agent K and J get "flushed" into the city streets, J brings up the car, and when they get inside they are completely dry. (00:35:15)

Correction: The MiB suits are made from a special material which allows them to stay clean and dry. In the first movie, their suits were sprayed with alien goo and were clean soon after. This is explained more thoruoghly in the "corrections" page of the first film.


Corrected entry: When J takes K into the deneuralizer at the MIB headquarters, the deneuralizer is in the center of the room, but when they are flushed and there is a birds eye shot from above, the deneuralizer isn't there. Did it get flushed too?

Correction: When you first see the denuralizer you can see that it hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier. It is quite possible that it was pulled up to the ceiling.

Corrected entry: After Newton is neuralized he takes off his glasses. Yet, he knows exactly where he going and where the shovel is even though he can't see.


Correction: People can still see even though they don't have their glasses on. Everyone with glasses or contact lenses would know that.

Corrected entry: When Serleena frees the criminals of MIB, she tells them to check deneuralizers, because K needs to get his memory back. Since she hasn't presumably seen him in roughly 25 years, she would have no knowledge of the neutralization or consequently where to start looking for him.

Correction: Serleena is aware of what MIB is, and may have been monitoring its activities. She knows if K is gone, he would have been neuralized, because she knows how the organization functions.][She was actually told by her assistant that Kay was there to get deneuralized that day. She is told this just after MIB headquarters is locked down and well before she releases the prisoners.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: About twice in the movie, J gets blamed for erasing all of K's memory about MIB. At the end of the first movie, K sets the neuralizer to erase his memory, J simply presses the button, so he's not fully responsible.

Correction: Just because K handed J the neuralizer didn't mean that J had to use it. This is why the people blame him.

Corrected entry: The MIB's do an awful lot of stuff in broad daylight without worrying about neuralizing people. They pop into a busy intersection out of tubes, covered in blue goo, use a remote control car with a driver that pops into the steering wheel, and fight a giant bug in the middle of a sidewalk, all without calling in one neuralization unit or even WORRYING about the people seeing. Also, what do you think the chances are of every single person who saw what happened over the skies of New York staying to stare at the Statue of Liberty? Most people probably wouldn't stay staring out the window even after everything died down.

Correction: The flash from the neuralizer affects everyone who's not wearing the glasses that the MIB wear.

Corrected entry: We know from the first movie that the small "cricket gun" is very strong because Will Smith flew backwards and the gun made a huge hole in a big truck. However, in the second movie, when Tommy Lee Jones uses the gun to blow off Jeebs' head, it sounds and acts like a regular plasma sort gun, that only fires a plasma or laser beam.

Correction: The reason that the noisy cricket blasted J back in the first movie but not K in the second movie is because that gun can be "dialed up" in power. According to the website for the first movie, rookie agents were often given noisy crickets dialed up to full blast by their superiors to teach them a lesson in perception.


Corrected entry: In the scene where K is flying the car through the subway, K and J switch seats so J can drive. In the next scene when they land on the roof of a building, you see J come out of the car on the passenger side.

Correction: There's plenty of time for them to switch between the scenes, and given that K always drives he probably insisted.

Corrected entry: In one of the very first scenes, there's a dog that barks. When it does so, you can clearly see it's breath, indicating that it's a winter month with cold temperatures. However, the movie is supposed to take place in July.

Correction: I don't think a cold July night in NYC is unheard of. Rare, certainly, but not unheard of.

Corrected entry: When J & K are flushed from the deneuralizer chamber in the blue toilet cleaner-like solution & are ejected up on to the street, wouldn't the blue liquid have dyed their dress shirts blue? If this blue liquid can cling to the metal walls of the tubes they pop out of on the street, then why doesn't it soak into their white shirts?

Correction: Seeing as flushing is a security measure, MiB probably made sure their suits were impermeable (they have alien technology, so this wouldn't be hard). They could have also made non-staining blue liquid, too.

Corrected entry: After K has been deneuralyzed and he is on the street looking at the aliens disguised as humans, there is a postman. New-Yorkers are really lucky to have postal service at night time...

Dr Wilson

Correction: As J said, most postal workers are aliens. Therefore, this alien could be in his human suit which includes his postal uniform, or he could be having a nice, long walk home after work.

Correction: He may not be seen again but he is mentioned. He was one of the people who kidnapped Laura from the Worms. When J and K ask who who took Laura the Worms say "Some dumb two headed guy."

Corrected entry: In one of the diner scenes, Jay coments over the fact that the 85 people he saved on the subway will never remember it. 85 people? The group he neuralizes on the train can't be more than 30 or so, and even if there are a few we can't see, there is no way that 85 people could have fit into what was left of the train.

Correction: Jay is simply exaggerating.

Visible crew/equipment: When Agent Kay is in the elevator with the little worm dudes he swings down and starts shooting at the robot. When he swings down you can see the safety harness between his legs. (01:02:50)

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Laura: Half the time you were on your back!
Agent Jay: That's how I fight.

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Trivia: The little girl who asks Kay for stamps in the post office and Jay lifts out of the way is the director (Barry Sonnefeld)'s daughter. (00:27:40)

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Question: I never understood the two people on the bikes, you know the people with all the stars. What are they suppose to represent?

Answer: They are extraterrestrials, the fact they are weird gives it away to K now he has been deneuralized. He started to notice them again as his mind is rebooting.


Answer: They don't represent anything. Barry Sonnenfeld says in the commentary that he simply likes to use that cycling couple as he thinks that it is a cool visual.

Garlonuss Premium member

Answer: And apparently they are a couple who actually live in that area of New York. So they may be familiar to some who see them in the movie.

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