Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Corrected entry: If Voldemort can possess a person who is writing or having his old diary, as he did it with Ginny, I'm asking myself why didn't he just possess Harry the same way, as Harry is also writing in it. I mean, if he could control actions of Harry Potter, his biggest enemy, it would be a perfect goal for Voldemort. Voldemort is very smart and he wouldn't miss that, so it's unexplainable how Harry didn't fall into the possession of Tom Riddle.


Correction: It took Voldemort months to possess Ginny, she had been writing in that diary for months and over the time Voldemort got more and more control over her. Secondly, this is a very young version of Voldemort, one who doesn't know about Harry and his connection with him so there is no reason for him to forget about Ginny and possess Harry instead (or as well). Ginny was all he needed.


Corrected entry: Harry and Ron are in the corridor reading the wad of paper they found on Hermione, but instead of reading a huge advantage point, 'The crow of the rooster can kill the basilisk' they only focus on the part about spiders running away from it, which they already knew, and enter the chamber rooster-less.

Correction: It is explained in the book that all the school roosters are killed by someone (Ginny) in an attempt to prevent the Basilisk from dying.


Corrected entry: In the shot where uncle Vernon falls out of Harry's window one outside shot shows his legs are almost out of the window while in the next shot they are completely in the window.


Correction: He was still trying to grab Harry when Fred stepped on the gas and he got pulled a bit more out the window. By the time he let go, it was too late. Just re-watched the scene, nothing inconsistent.

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Corrected entry: Ginny found Riddle's diary and she started writing in it, and slowly became possessed by him as the memory in the diary, and started writing messages on the wall, opened the chamber, etc. But at some point, she realized that she was doing wrong things and threw the diary in the bathroom, and Harry found it a few days later. But if she didn't possess the diary anymore, she wouldn't be possessed by Voldemort anymore, so it's a big mistake that she smashed the Gryffindor dorm room to find the diary. Why would she try to find something that she was trying to get rid of? Riddle couldn't order her to do it because he possessed her through the diary, and she didn't write in it or even have it any more.


Correction: As described in more detail in the book, Ginny smashed up Harry's dormitory searching for the diary because after learning Harry had it, she was afraid Riddle would repeat the secrets she had confided in him to Harry, and expose her as the one who opened the Chamber.

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Corrected entry: When the Dursleys are talking to the guests, they can hear Dobby bashing his own head, but when Harry and Dobby run down the stairs, they make an incredible amount of noise, which apparently can't be heard.

Correction: How do you know it can't be heard? Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are trying to impress their dinner guests and they are doing their best to pretend that everything is "normal."

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Corrected entry: In the classroom scene where Professor McGonagall is discussing Chamber Of Secrets, a caged baboon is seen masturbating.


Correction: Coincidence as the directors cannot control animals like that. This is not trivia.


Corrected entry: During the Herbology lesson with the mandrakes, Professor Sprout issues the class earmuffs, obviously to block out the screams that would follow. In order to do so, the earmuffs must block out all sound entirely, lest they all pass out, assuming the slightest sound from the mandrake causes ill effects. The plot hole is with the earmuffs. When the first mandrake is pulled, the rest of the class quickly press their earmuffs tightly over their ears. This action (and their faces) show they can hear the screams to an uncomfortable level. A moment later, Neville faints but more or less out of fright. Sprout states afterward that he's neglected his earmuffs, Seamus then replies that he's just fainted. Seamus heard what Sprout had said, given he had the earmuffs on and the distance between he and the teacher. They all should have fainted after Sprout pulled the first mandrake (this can also be said for after they all pulled up some 10 or so afterwards) as they could all hear the cry through their earmuffs.

Correction: These are only juvenile mandrakes (in the book they suffer from acne and misbehave), and their screams are much less powerful than fully-grown plants, which the students probably would not be allowed to get near. (It is mentioned that these plants have to be mature before they can be used for the petrified antidote, and it's never stated that their screams must be completely blocked out, only that ear protection is needed.) Therefore, the students only need to wear the ear muffs to deaden the sound, not entirely eliminate it, allowing them to hear Professor Sprout speak. As you pointed out, Neville did not faint from the sound.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron finish talking with Aragog, you see all the spiders coming down. You can plainly tell that they're just puppets being lowered by strings, especially the one near Ron's left shoulder.

Correction: The spiders' legs move and the walk after making it to the ground. Seems more CGI to me, but they move in a way that a string cannot do.


Corrected entry: In the forest, Aragog says he has never seen any of the castle except the box he was kept in, but during the memory Tom Riddle casts a spell, and Aragog falls out of the box and leaves the room, indicating that he has seen other areas of the castle.

Correction: He ran off and left the castle, he did not explore the castle.

Corrected entry: When Harry arrives at the Weasley's we see the clock that shows where everyone is. We see the twins' and Ron's picture moving to show they're home, but no-one else's picture is in the same place. Shortly afterwards we see that everyone else is already home, except Mr. Weasley.


Correction: In the close-up, Molly, Ginny and Percy's picture hands are pointing toward the Burrow's garden, so I don't understand why you say "no-one else's picture is in the same place". Then, "shortly afterward" of course they are at home, they were only right outside. And then Mr. Weasley arrives home. Where's the mistake?

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry first comes to the burrow, there is a shot where Harry is examining the clock. It has Mr. Weasley at quittich, but later on he comes home from work. Also, it says Mrs. Weasley and Ginny are in the garden, but later on Ginny comes down from upstairs. Persy is said to be in the garden.


Correction: In the close-up of the Burrow's clock, the hands show Ginny, Percy and Molly in the garden, and Arthur's hand points to Quidditch. BUT, it isn't until "later on", when the boys have been seated for breakfast, that we see Ginny come downstairs and Arthur come home. We don't have to see every action on screen, to draw logical conclusions. Just as Harry walks away towards the knitting needles, the clock hands would simply change showing Molly AND Ginny 'home' - but we just don't see it, but we see Molly soon appear, so we know it happened. Coming in from the garden, Ginny would have used the back steps to go straight upstairs (therefore not know Harry is in their house), before her mother confronts the boys about their overnight excursion, so later on, when the boys are seated at the kitchen table, Ginny comes down to ask about her jumper. Now regarding Arthur, when he walks in he states that there were nine raids at work that day, so obviously yes, he was at work. But, the hand pointed to Quidditch EARLIER because he could have been at/near a Quidditch practice/match for the last of those raids for "misuse of Muggle artifacts" and stayed a bit to watch a game, or after work he simply apparated to some Quidditch practice/match going on, just before heading home. There is no mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Ron and Harry are flying into the Whomping Willow Tree, Ron tries to stop the car by banging the steering wheel and yelling stop. His wand breaks, but from the way he was hitting the wheel, it should have snapped the other way.


Correction: Ron's wand snaps into two separate pieces, which are still held together by its center core. It did not partially snap in any specific direction from the impact of the steering wheel, it simply snapped completely apart. There is no error here.

Corrected entry: When Harry is entering the book shop where Lockheart is, his hair is messily across his forehead. When it comes time for Lockheart to recognize him, his hair is now neatly swept to either side to show his scar.


Correction: When Harry walks into Flourish and Blotts with Hermione, and when he stands in line with the Weasleys, his hair is parted directly over the scar, not just when Lockheart spots him.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Dobby tells Harry he must punish himself, you can see a sweater on the end of the bed, next to where Harry sits. In earlier shots, the end of the bed had no sweater on it.


Correction: From the moment Harry walks into his bedroom and Dobby bows to him, to the moment Harry tries to catch Dobby, who holds Harry's letters, there is a striped sweater/shirt lying near the edge of Harry's bed, near the wardrobe. Seen on fullscreen and widescreen DVDs.

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Corrected entry: In the shot when Dobby is punishing himself after agreeing with Harry about not meeting many decent wizards, Dobby begins hitting his head against Harry's drawers. You can see in the upper left corner a piece of clothing hanging out, and in the lower right corner a green piece of clothing. In the next shot, the green clothing is gone, but reappears again in the following shot.


Correction: The green piece of clothing that hangs out the right corner, of the bottom drawer (there are five drawers), is in every single shot where that corner is visible, during the entire scene in Harry's bedroom, in both the widescreen and fullscreen DVDs.

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Corrected entry: When Dobby is in Harry's room in the beginning of the movie he punishes himself by hitting his head into something. First it is a wardrobe and in the next shot it is a chest of drawers.

Correction: Dobby only bangs his head into the chest of five drawers and later, the lamp. Dobby never bangs his head into the wardrobe, Harry simply tosses Dobby in there when he hears Vernon coming.

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Corrected entry: When Ron and the Weasley twins go to pick up Harry, it is in the middle of the night, and Harry is in his night clothes. When they get to the burrow, Harry is fully dressed.


Correction: Harry is fully dressed when he gets into the flying Ford Anglia.

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Corrected entry: In the shot where Dobby is coming out of Harry's wardrobe, he has a sock on his ear. At Dobby's height, he was standing with Harry's shirt. His ear would not have come in contact with a sock.


Correction: First it's pretty well demonstrated that Harry is messy. There's no telling where that sock was. Second, Dobby is enamored with Harry and was shut in his wardrobe. It's exceedingly likely Dobby was rummaging through it just to see the things that belong to the great Harry Potter.

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Corrected entry: The actress who played Gryffindor chaser Alicia Spinnet in the first Harry Potter movie (Leilah Sutherland) isn't the same actress in the second movie. She was played by Rochelle Douglas as indicated in the ending credits. If you pay attention and look closely, you'll be able to spot some differences in appearance.

Correction: Actors not sticking around for a sequel is not trivia.

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Corrected entry: When the teachers gather to hear Professor McGonagall say Ginny has been taken into the Chamber, Harry and Ron are hiding behind them. The teachers are gaping at the message written on the wall. The way the teachers are positioned makes it possible for Ron and Harry to see the message. But when the teachers leave, they act as if it is the first time they've seen it; Ron even reads it aloud.

Correction: They may have seen the message, but they had no idea who it was that had been taken until Professor McGonagall said so. The part they were acting surprised at was Ginny, not the message. Ron read it in disbelief.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the library, Hermione find the Polyjuice Potion 'recipe'. Hermione looks down at it and you see a shot of the page. If you pause the movie right then, you can see that it says "...Into the form of an another," when it should say "...Into the form of another." There is an extra 'an'.


Correction: Seeing as it is a book, it not impossible for mistakes to accour. Even in the magical world.

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Corrected entry: In Dumbledore's office at the end of the movie. Harry says, "I couldn't help but notice certain similarities between Dumbledore and me." His mouth says "Voldemort" but on the VHS, it is dubbed over as "Dumbledore."

Correction: Harry actually says, "I couldn't help but notice certain things, certain similarities, between Tom Riddle and me." Harry says neither Voldemort nor Dumbledore.

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Corrected entry: Moaning Myrtle floods the bathroom in one scene by turning on the taps, but ghosts can't touch solid objects.

Correction: Ghosts are frequently portrayed in fiction as being able to affect the world around them to a greater or lesser extent, depending on mood, inclination and the whim of the author. Myrtle being able to do so is entirely reasonable.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron go and see Lockhart, they get out their wands and point them at him to prevent him from doing anything to them. But seeing as they are in their 2nd year and Lockhart is a fully trained wizard, wouldn't Lockhart be able to cast a non-verbal spell on them - (non-verbal spells are taught in the 6th year).

Correction: Harry and Ron by now realise that Lockhart is not a very skilled wizard. He never uses non-verbal spells all throughout the movie, and it is possible that he may not be able to perform them.


Corrected entry: Tom Riddle's writing in the diary and Hermione's writing (pipes) are exactly the same, clearly done by the same crew member.

01:28:20 - 01:53:25

Correction: No. Look at the 'P' in Potter and the 'p' or 'P' in pipes, extremely different. All of Riddles f's, y's etc are sloped and have a quite distinct tail below the line while Hermione's p's are very upright and plain.


Corrected entry: When the flying car is about to land in front of Ron's house, we can see its shadow to the car's side (which indicates that it's morning). In the next shot, the shadow is exactly under the car (which indicates that it's noon).


Correction: The car arrives during the night and the only shadows visible are those cast by the car headlights or the streetlights. There is certainly no shadow of the car which supports the submission.


Corrected entry: In the scene in the Weasley's house there is a magically spinning plate in the sink washing itself. In the shot where the boys are shown in front of the sink look carefully and you can see the axle the plate is spinning on.


Correction: I've looked closely at this one. We see two shots of what is actually a frying pan, not a plate. One is a wide shot when they enter and one is a closeup when Harry looks at it. No axle is visible in either shot.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Riddle is writing his name in the air using his wand, play it in slow motion and you can see some letters (Particularly the "A" in "Marvolo") are written before Tom writes it with his wand.

Correction: If you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: On the Extras DVD, in the Chamber of Secrets Challenge, once you actually get into the Chamber, there are lots of puddles on the floor. If you look closely at the puddles, you can see the reflection of the studio lights above the set.

Correction: DVD artwork, text and special features are not part of the movie itself, so mistakes made here are not valid as movie mistakes.


Corrected entry: During the shoot, the part of Dobby was played by an orange ball on a stick.

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Correction: They use orange balls on sticks most of the time when doing CGI.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wood is discussing how his team will practice harder, long, etc., he then says, "I don't believe it," as the Slytherin team comes into view. To his right while he was saying this is a huge wall and the Slytherins were coming from the right as well. How could he have seen them before he made this comment?

Correction: When Wood, Harry and the Gryffindors are walking up the exterior corridor, to their *left* there are open window-type archways, including the doorway through which they walk. It is to Wood's left that he would easily see Flint and the other Slytherins wearing their Quidditch uniforms, as they appear from their corridor (also with open archways) just as they step onto grass, across the courtyard. Once Wood walks through the doorway, he now faces towards his right to confront Flint.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry, Lockhart and Ron are in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, when Harry opens the chamber you can see a cord pulling the top part up.

Correction: Unfortunately, whether viewing the widescreen or fullscreen DVD, or VHS, there is no cord, or rope, or even wire, visible as the top vanity is rising in the first overhead shot and the second wideshot from behind Harry, Ron, and Lockhart. In the second wideshot, the vanity rises directly in front of the large window encased in the stone wall; the lines of the stone wall may deceivingly give the appearance as if there are cords at the top of the vanity.

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Corrected entry: When Harry runs into the sealed gateway, he crashes. Then Ron comes up a couple of seconds later and crashes too. He should have seen Harry's crash and at least slow down the trolley a bit. And when he hits the gateway himself, he does a sort of flip, which looks really fake.

Correction: Ron is a lot closer to Harry than a couple of seconds. There is nothing unrealistic about Ron's inability to stop because he was too close. As to the flip looking fake he could have thrown himself into it to avoid injury, instead of being forced into it by the crash.

Corrected entry: At the start, when Vernon is telling Harry about how much he has done for him, he says "out of the goodness of our hearts", yet he holds his hand over the wrong side of his chest (his right).


Correction: Where does it say he has to put his hand in a certain position? If you're inferring that his intention is to show where his heart muscle is, then that would simply be a character mistake. Needless to say, it is a deliberate irony for Vernon to claim that he actually has a heart where Harry is concerned.

Corrected entry: Why does Hogwarts have modern (muggle) toilets? I know that it is a main focal point for the plot, but if the school is really as old as they say, it surely wasn't built with them. They must have had some magical method of waste disposal (the 'scurgify' spell), and surely a way to create water, so why resort to installing plumbing and a (supposedly inefficient) muggle technology. They don't use electricity, Television, Internet, etc., so why plumbing?

Correction: Even if they don't use Muggle technology, not having indoor plumbing would be a hassle. They also use Muggle sinks. It's also a major plot point that the Basilisk travels through the school using the plumbing.

Corrected entry: When we see Ginny lying in the chamber of secrets and again once she has awoken she has bare legs or flesh coloured tights on. However as they fly out of the chamber, Ginny is now wearing black tights.

Correction: Ginny does not wear flesh coloured tights while in the chamber, nor does she wear black tights on her way out. Ginny wears dark grey knee high socks both in the chamber and when she hangs onto Harry's waist as Fawkes carries them all out.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Tom Riddle are talking right after Fawkes claws out the basilisks eyes Tom says "Your Phoenix may have blinded the basilisk but it can still hear you." But in reality snakes can't hear, and the basilisk is just a big snake.

Correction: The Basilisk is not "just a big snake" - far from it. This King of Serpents may live many hundreds of years, was born from a chicken's egg, and hatched beneath a toad. Anyone who looks into its eyes suffer instant death. I should think that if a Basilisk has the ability to hear, however it does, that should be the least of its believability factors.

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Corrected entry: The basilisk is supposed to be moving through the plumbing, but when it petrifies people it's in a room or hallway. How does it get out of the plumbing and into the room? It's too big to fit through a tap, drain or toilet. If it has to knock a hole in the pipes and walls to get out, surely someone would have noticed gaping holes everywhere?

Correction: It is a magical beast controlled by the 2nd most powerful wizard in the world. Maybe Voldemort shrunk it before he sent it out to hunt.


Corrected entry: Look at the blood writing on the wall. Tom Riddle says that it was written by Ginny, but you can see that it's too high for her to write - we see a flashback of Ginny writing the blood on the wall, not standing on a chair and clearly not standing on a ladder.

Correction: If a wizard or a witch can levitate a feather, it would be no problem to levitate him/herself. Besides, the shot of Ginny writing just shows her from the chest up writing on the wall.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron & Harry notice the hallway to the girl's bathroom has been flooded, there is a depth of one inch or so of water in the hallway. When the boys step into the bathroom there is water on that floor as well, due to all the sinks overflowing with water and all the faucets turned on fully. But if you notice, there are drain grates surrounding the base of the washroom sinks extending a good 2 feet or more. There is no water coming out of these grates, indicating that the overflow hasn't reached capacity yet. If the grating is higher than the surrounding floor, and no water is exiting the grating, then it's impossible to flood the hallway. If the grating is lower than the flooded hallway, it's also impossible for the flooded section to not flow back to lower ground, namely the lower section of grating underneath the sinks.

Correction: The washroom hasn't been used in a long time because of the haunting. The drains are probably clogged, which means they would just fill up and no water would visibly come out of them.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are in Slytherin dungeon as Crabbe and Goyle, Ron says "Scar," and Harry responds with "Hair," but it is a split second before Ron's hair turns red.

Correction: The fact that it starts to change color more vigourously after Harry says that doesn't mean that he couldn't have seen the first signs of the hair colour change before he spoke.


Corrected entry: When Harry is talking to Dobby about his family; Harry is sitting on the bed and Dobby on the stall. Harry's shadow is correctly placed because he was there when filming, However Dobby's shadow (because he was computer created) is not. As Dobby is behind the lamp should his shadow be on the floor to the right of the stall? We can see it on the wall next to Harry's.


Correction: Dobby's shadow is on the wall next to Harry's because there's a lamp on the tall chest of drawers behind him (also the source for Harry's shadow). You see this other lamp as soon as Dobby stands on the table. You also saw it in a scene a few moments earlier when Dobby was head butting the chest of drawers.

Corrected entry: After Lucius Malfoy leaves Dumbledore's office, Harry asks Dumbledore for the diary, takes off his shoe, puts the sock in the diary, put his shoe back on, ties it, and comes out of Dumbledore's office. Malfoy should have already left the building, but is only part way down the corridor.



Correction: It is quite possible that Harry did these actions quickly and he could have simply slipped his foot out and back into his shoe without untying the lace. The winding stairwell is just outside Dumbledore's study and since Lucius Malfoy is not walking quickly, it is perfectly feasible for Harry to have caught up with him.

Corrected entry: In the girls bathroom, Mourning Myrtle tells Harry how she died by seeing the snake's eyes by the sink. How would she have died if she was wearing glasses? She would've only been "petrified".

Correction: Not true. All people who only were "petrified" saw the basilisk in a reflection, not only through glass (Hermione in the mirror, the cat in the water on the floor, Colin through his reflex camera). Glasses alone don't seem to be enough as a protection.] [Actually, Justin didn't see a reflection, he saw the basalisk through Nearly Headless Nick. The difference is that looking through a ghost will distort the image, but glasses are specifically designed to make the image more clearly.


Corrected entry: During the scene in Transfiguration classroom, the students' positions in the class are constantly changing - for example, there is a blond girl sitting in the middle of the class in one shot, then in another she is back in a corner.

00:48:15 - 00:49:20

Correction: This is not true. The students sit in the very same seats, whether in a front, back or side shot. Different girls are being confused as one girl.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Dumbledore says that "all exams have been cancelled". What about pupils taking their final exams in 5th and 7th year?

Correction: The exams would have been taken at a later date.

Corrected entry: When the Ford Anglia drives away after ejecting Ron and Harry, the boot (trunk) of the car is open. The boot remains open as the boys chase the car. Yet, as the car passes Hagrid's cabin, the boot is closed.


Correction: When Harry and Ron chase the car, there is a shot in between the 'trunk open' shot and the 'trunk closed' shot and it's when Ron says, "Dad's gonna kill me." In that time the car could very easily close its own trunk just as it closes and opens its own doors, etc.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are talking through the bars that are over Harry's window, there is no glass in the window. When the car pulls the bars off of the wall, the window magically has glass in it and shatters even though Vernon screwed the bars into the WALL.


Correction: Vernon attaches the screws of the security bar into the black window frame, NOT the brick wall. Later, when Ron and Harry are speaking some gleam can be seen within some of the diamond patterns, proving that there is a glass pane.

Corrected entry: There were a hole in the back of the car, the engine cover was squished and the windshield and doors was smashed after the Whomping Willow attack. But in the scene where Harry and Ron find the car in the forest, almost all the damage has disappeared.

Correction: Damage appearing and disappearing, whether right away or in the Dark Forest, is already noted in several mistakes.

Corrected entry: When Harry & Ron are driving on the train track, when Ron says 'We can't be far behind,' you can see shadows of equipment towards the left of the screen.

Correction: When viewed in both wide screen and full screen, when Ron says, "We can't be far behind." there is NO shadow whatsoever of any equipment anywhere in this shot.

Corrected entry: When Harry is hanging from the Ford Anglia, his window is open. When he gets back in, it is wound up.

Correction: In this shot as Harry remarks that he thinks they found the train, the window directly to Harry's left IS indeed rolled down, note the specks are on the front window pane. The window you may confused with is the one to Harry's left, directly behind him. In the last shot of the car as its headlights are turned on, the window is closed, but we do not know how much time has elapsed since the previous shot.

Corrected entry: In the two inside shots of the flying car when Harry says 'Most muggles aren't accustomed to seeing a flying car,' and Ron says 'Right,' the sky outside seems to be quite overcast. In the next of them disappearing it is sunny.

Correction: When Ron says, "Right." in the next shot looking out the front window there is blue sky and light white clouds in front of them at the horizon. First as the car lifts off the ground and then later as the car disappears there is blue sky and puffier white clouds higher up in the sky, but if you look down towards the horizon in both of those shots the clouds are lighter just as in the shots of the boys in the car.

Corrected entry: When the train station manager asks Harry and Ron what they're doing when they crash, he is holding a reading book. In the next shot of him, he quickly pulls it out of shot, but it is now a scrapbook.

Correction: That is so wrong. It is the exact same book that is visible in the three shots of him, even as he walks away from the boys shaking his head.

Corrected entry: When Dobby is hitting his head on the drawer, it shows Uncle Vernon pouring Mrs. Mason a drink, then he says 'Don't mind that it's just the cat'. It then goes back to Dobby, and the stool he is about to sit on to tell Harry not to go to school changes positions considerably from the last shot.

Correction: The only thing that changes is the angle of the camera and the stool is in the same position in both of these shots. Even if it were in a bit of a different position, in the time between the two shots of Dobby there are other shots including four shots of Vernon and the Masons, so if Dobby would have say kicked the stool in his hysteria it would be a very plausible reason.

Corrected entry: When the boys chase after the car, the mark is visible for them to stop and for Ron to say 'Dad's gonna kill me.'

Correction: There is NO mark visible in the two shots of them running to the spot nor in the next shot of Ron saying that line, either in the full screen or wide screen.

Corrected entry: When the first spell is performed on Harry during the Duelling Club, he flies through the air. He lands pretty softly considering from how high he fell.



Correction: Harry does not 'land softly', he slams into the mat both visually and audibly, as did Lockhart earlier and Draco in the next few shots.

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Corrected entry: When Ron rescues Harry from Privet Drive, Dudley, panicking, comes out of the room, and you can see that the light is on in his room. In the next, overhead shot, his bedroom light has mysteriously turned off.

Correction: Yes we do see the light on in Dudley's room in the first shot. In the next overhead shot the ONLY things visible are a bit of the blue carpet and the side of a piece of wood furniture, though it still is impossible to tell if a light was switched off, so I don't see how you can make that claim.

Corrected entry: When Dobby puts the stack of letters in his 'mark of enslavement' He pulls it back, and it disappears. From the way he did this, he would not have been able to put it in his 'mark of enslavement.'

Correction: Dobby is clever and has very powerful magic. He only goes through the motions of putting his hand behind him, when in fact he makes them disapppear through his magic just as he made them appear in the first place a few moments before.

Corrected entry: In the Quidditch game, Oliver Wood says -Watch out Harry.. Look at his hand when he says this, you can see that he moves his hand a little bit from where it was, then the bludger comes and hit the broom exactly where the hand was.

Correction: That is not true. Wood's right hand slides closer to him as he sits a bit more upright, then his hands remain on the broomstick right in front of him as the bludger hurls towards him and slams into the broomstick. The bludger is CG and was added later, so they could have had it hit the broomstick further up if necessary. This is no mistake.

Corrected entry: When Hermione sees Harry in Diagon Alley, he mouths her lines when she says 'Oh it's so good to see you.'

Correction: That is totally false. Harry does NOT mouth Hermione's line as she speaks.

Corrected entry: When Ron and the Weasley twins come and rescue Harry from the Dursleys, Harry asks 'What are you all doing here,' to which Ron replies 'Rescuing you of course.' During these lines, the twin in the back of the car mouthes his lines.

Correction: No, the twin in the back does NOT mouth Ron's line.

Corrected entry: When the hand grabs Harry in Knockturn Alley, you can see that one of the CGI fingers goes THROUGH Harry's hand.

Correction: The Hand of Glory used in the film, seen in Borgin & Burkes, in the theatrical release and in the deleted scenes, is a mechanical hand, whose wires are hidden underneath the pillow and shelf it sits upon and controlled off screen. Nevertheless, I still looked frame by frame and at no point do any of the Hand of Glory fingers 'go through' Harry's hand.

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Corrected entry: After Harry uses floo powder, before Mrs. Weasley says "What did he say, dear?" You can see crew members' shadows moving around on the wall to the left of the window.

Correction: The moving shadows we see on the wall are the rest of the Weasleys trying to get a better look into the fireplace. They could not be crew members' shadows because the Weasleys are in front of the wall the whole time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Errol crashes into the window, ducks are visible outside. They are obviously a painted set prop, because they don't move at all.

Correction: They are not a painted set prop because they move. When we first see Errol, one of the ducks moves its head, then we see the Weasleys and then Errol again (smash into the window) and now the ducks are in a different position than they were before and moving their necks/heads.


Corrected entry: When Dobby visits Harry in the hospital, he bashes himself on the head with the bottle of Skele-Gro. Before disappearing, he puts the bottle down on the table at the foot of the bed. After he disappears and the shot changes, the bottle is back in its original place on the side-table at the head of the bed; the table at the foot of the bed is empty.


Correction: Whether viewed in the widescreen or fullscreen DVD, the Skele-Gro is not on the table beside the bed, when Harry is back in bed, while they bring Colin in and only PART (the right side) of the rolling table at the foot of the bed is actually visible in that shot.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Whomping Willow hits the windshield, just after the car falls to the ground the glass cracks, but it barely hits it.



Correction: No glass cracks after they fall from the Whomping Willow. When the car falls out of the Whomping Willow and hits the ground below, Ron lays on the gas and pulls away just quick enough as the Whomping Willow slams a huge part of itself onto the GROUND, so it does NOT touch the car as it speeds away. All the severe damage to the car's glass windows is done while still UP in the tree, where it is perfectly visible as it happens.

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Corrected entry: At the very start, when Harry is looking through the book Hagrid gave him in the previous film, Hedwig's cage is on the table beside him. In the Dobby scene, it's gone. When Ron comes to rescue Harry, it's there again.

00:01:10 - 00:05:15

Correction: During the 'Dobby scene' Hedwig's cage is NOT gone. Hedwig's cage is on top of the dresser beside a lamp, in the same place as the earlier shots and where it always is. The cage can be seen 1) when Harry closes the bedroom door as he sees Dobby on his bed, 2) when Harry apologizes for supposedly offending Dobby, 3) When Dobby bangs his head and yells, "Bad Dobby!" the first time.

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron & Hermione are discussing the chamber, after Harry says 'But if there really is a chamber of secrets and it really has been opened,' you can see Malfoy, Crabbe & Goyle are just about to pass the group. Then it changes angles and Hermione says 'the heir of Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts...' and it goes back to the wider angle and they're right behind them again.

Correction: There is nothing wrong with the walking continuity of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle behind Harry, Ron and Hermione. In the first wide shot of the entire hallway Malfoy et al are just walking closer, but STILL way behind when it cuts to a quick shot of Hermione. As the next close-up of Ron opens, Ron begins to speak as Malfoy is coming closer, then Malfoy et al pass Ron on his right.

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Corrected entry: During the Herbology lesson, Malfoy's earmuff flaps change size.

Correction: No, they don't. The very SAME oval earmuffs are visibly on his head in the four shots of Malfoy wearing earmuffs. The only thing that changes, which is still perfectly consistent, is that the headband starts off in the first shot at the top of his head, but in the subsequent shots has slid down to the back of his head, so because the earmuffs are oval in shape, they are now turned a bit on his ears. But, like I said already, it still remains consistent, there is no mistake here.

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Corrected entry: When Harry enters the Weasley house, there are five bowls stacked on top of each other, next to the sink. When they take the food from the table, there are, at most, only four bowls stacked together.

Correction: In the close-up there are starting from the bottom, one dark, two white and two more dark bowls, all of distinct color and size. In the wide shot, as Ron takes the biscuit and Harry walks toward the clock, the very same bowls, in the same positions, are distinctly sitting there.

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Corrected entry: When Harry gets into the Weasley car escaping from the Dursley's, Ron is in the front of the car. When they fly off, he is in the back.

Correction: Harry passes Hedwig's cage to Ron who STANDS at the SIDE of the front seat and Ron passes the owl to one of the twins in the back seat. While the camera faces Vernon slamming open the door, yelling, "Petunia, he's escaping!", Ron simply slides to the back. So in the next shot, from behind Vernon, as Harry is on the bedroom's window ledge, Ron sits in the back seat.

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Corrected entry: Before Ron's Howler arrives, he puts down the wand he was fixing. In the next few shots, the wand is there but the roll of tape he used to fix it with is gone.

Correction: The roll of tape is perfectly visible at the bottom corner of the screen next to the wand, near the green apple, as the Howler gives Ron the huge raspberry and begins to shred itself. (DVD fullscreen)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry arrives at the Weasley house, the Weasley boys (particularly Fred and George) are seen looking around the kitchen as though it's the first time they have ever been there. Um, boys - it's your HOME, remember?

Tim Haveron Jones

Correction: One twin looks toward the stairs, the other looks around nervously, both are anxious about their mother finding out what they've been up to and rightly so. Ron's reason for looking around is obvious in the comment, "It's not much, but it's home.", his best friend is in his home for the first time and Ron who's a bit embarrassed by his home, smiles and looks at his brother when he hears Harry's nice reaction.

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Corrected entry: After drinking the polyjuice potion, Ron and Hermione both dive into cubicles - all the doors are open before they go in. Harry then changes while looking in the mirror, but when we see the stall doors again, three are closed.

01:19:45 - 01:20:50

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: The first cubicle door is closed the entire time. When Hermione says, "Cheers", the closed door is visible between Ron and Harry. Ron runs into the second cubicle and Hermione runs into the third - which is Moaning Myrtle's cubicle, hence three doors shut. (Interesting fact to note - that first cubicle door is also closed behind Ron when Hermione brews the potion while she sits on the floor.)

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Corrected entry: In the very beginning of the movie, Harry is looking through a photo album. He turns to a picture of him, Ron, and Hermione. Hermione's hair is different in this movie than in the first. In the photo, Hermione's hair is like it is in the second movie, but the picture was supposed to have been taken during the course of the first movie, in which her hair was a bit different.


Correction: Pictures can change their hairstyles; note Lockhart's pictures.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the Rogue Bludger, Harry and Malfoy dive to the bottom of the stands to chase the golden snitch, they have to go through all the wood. But in the first movie, there is just sand there, as we see when Angelina Johnson gets knocked into the stands and falls.


Correction: This is not a mistake in the film, but a difference between the first two movies. The Quidditch pitch could have been renovated during summer break, it's as simple as that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lockhart is saying something about the Bandon Banshee, he calls it a "him." Banshees are female spirits.

Sonja Marie

Correction: Don't forget Lockhart is an idiot and lies about all his adventures. This shows that not only is he a liar, but he didn't even bother checking his facts.


Corrected entry: Harry Potter is the Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team; his sole responsibility is to get the Golden Snitch. When we first open the Quidditch scene the camera focuses on the Chasers throwing and intercepting the Quaffle around the field. When one of the Slytherin Chasers has the Quaffle, Harry is speeding right behind him and continues to pursue him as he swerves around the audience stands and other players until he stops and we see the close-up of him. Why is he pursuing a Chaser when he should be looking for the Snitch?


Correction: Seekers can fly around the field as they want, and if Harry wants to distract a opponent Chaser, he can. He knows that this takes him away from his real task for a few moments, but he doesn't want the Slytherins to score, either.


Corrected entry: In the dueling scene, Gilderoy Lockhart says, "I said disarm only." Harry and Malfoy seem to wait for his line to be over instead of performing another spell on each other. Why would they care what he said?



Correction: Eh, because he is the teacher?


Corrected entry: Myrtle points to the sink where she saw the eyes of the basilisk, but she points to a different sink than the one that is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets

Correction: According to Myrtle she died when she heard some voices so she opened the closet door. During that time the basilisk could move to that spot, it's less than 2 meters away from the entrance.

Corrected entry: When Harry takes a handful of the floo powder we can see the top level of the powder is flat and undisturbed. It should be disturbed, as only moments before the shot Ron took a handful.


Correction: It is MAGICAL floo powder. It can transport people from one place to another. You don't think it could flatten itself?

Corrected entry: In the flying car, when they are try to get into the 'flying gear' (when getting away from spiders), Ron pulls down; but when Harry helps, they push the gear up.

Correction: Ron's worst fear is spiders, and there are spiders attacking him on all sides. He probably was not thinking.

Corrected entry: When Harry goes to the hospital, Madam Pomfry says "I can mend bones in a heartbeat..." However, at the end of the film, Ron's wearing a cast on his arm. If it could be mended in "a heartbeat," would it need a cast?

Correction: She was exaggerating, as Harry had a far worse injury than a broken bone.

Corrected entry: While transformed into Crabbe and Goyle, Harry and Ron meet up with Malfoy. If you look at their ties and badges, they're blue and silver. But Slytherin's colors are green and silver as seen at the Quidditch match.


Correction: The ties and crests actually are green and silver. The darker lighting makes them appear to be blue but they are green.

Corrected entry: The chamber of secrets was created by Salazar Slytherin, some 1000 years before Riddle came to find it. Would the plumbing inside the bathroom never have been changed in 1000 years? Or were the toilets and sinks the same for 1000 years?

Correction: Yes, the plumbing would have changed, and obviously has - you can see it. However, Hogwarts is magical so the entrance could probably 'make sure' it wasn't found. The original entrance would have been slightly different to the current one. Bear in mind, Riddle could have altered the entrance so he could find it more easily.


Corrected entry: When Professor McGonagall transfigures a bird into a goblet, you can see Harry, Ron, Hermione and others from the Gryffindor house, and Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle from Slytherin. However, after Hermione asks McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets, she looks around the room, and we see Justin Finch-Fletchley, who is in Hufflepuff. The decision to place him there must have to do with the fact that later on in the film, he is subject to an attack from the monster within the Chamber.

Correction: Only the books specify that the schedule is broken into houses, the movies never state this.

Corrected entry: Before Tom Riddle came to Hogwarts the toilet was not haunted, but a normal toilet for girls. Wasn't it strange that Slytherin (the man himself) had to go to the girl's bathroom when he wanted to visit his secret chamber?

Correction: Yes, which makes it even less likely for people to think the entrance is there. The chamber is meant to be hidden so no one apart from the heir can find it so the girls' toilets would be a good place.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is on the floor with a broken arm after the Quidditch match, you can plainly hear Harry say something quite rude. It is just when Professor Lockhart comes over, and you may need to turn up to volume.

Correction: Actually Harry says 'thank you'. He says it to Hermione because she blasted the bludger before it could hit Harry again.

Corrected entry: In the forest scene, the flame lamp is always glowing with a different brightness. First it's very intense, and then so dim you can hardly see it.

Correction: This is simply what flames are like. When they move, they can get darker and lighter or the flame can start to go out and then pick up force again.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are ejected from the flying car, it also ejects their trunks, the cages with the animals, and a few small parcels. When Harry and Ron enter the castle and leave their belongings with the other collected luggage, they leave fewer items than the car ejected.

Correction: It's possible they put the smaller packages in their trunks so they wouldn't drop them.

Corrected entry: Harry's Nimbus 2000 is different than the last in the previous movie.

Correction: The only thing different about the Nimbus 2000 is the metal stand that Harry can put his feet on. It's possible that he bought that in Diagon Alley.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, when Harry hugs Hagrid, the shot shows the back of Harry, and some hanging pans with flames can be seen on the wall. Look carefully at the one second from the left. It seems to burn backwards, as if it's animation has been reversed.


Correction: How can a flame burn backwards?

Corrected entry: Deleted Scene UK DVD: When Ron, Harry and Hermione are discussing the diary in the hospital wing, Hermione looks at a random page in the book and says Tom's name, Ron then takes it and points at the page while trying to remember where he read the name. Trouble is, the name is not printed in the pages, but on the back cover.

Correction: It's not a random page. She is looking inside the front cover of the diary and that does have Riddle's name printed on it. It's also printed on the outside of the back cover.

Corrected entry: When Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are talking inside the Chamber of Secrets, notice the bridge of Harry's nose. There is a small piece of duct tape under the bridge of the glasses to hold them in place.


Correction: No there isn't.That's just the bridge of his glasses.

Corrected entry: In the polyjuice potion scene (movie scene index 20), Hermione sits down and and we see nothing is on the bench. Then when Ron asks her "how", she picks up two muffins from the bench seat.


Correction: She doesn't, she takes them from her cloak pocket.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron, Harry, and Hermione are at the carnival, Hagrid is on Harry's right. A few seconds later, he is gone.

Correction: The comment is vague, and there is no carnival in CoS.

Corrected entry: During the filming of The Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson broke her wrist. You can see the cast on Emma's left arm in the scene when she, Harry, and Ron finally drink the potion. She is able to move her arm and fingers, but you can tell her mobility is stiff and limited, and the sleeve of her gown is pulled down over her hand. Earlier in the film, when she is first mixing the potion, she is not wearing the cast.


Correction: I'm sorry, but that is incorrect. If you watch, she moves BOTH of her wrists during that scene. All you are seeing is that she is wearing a long shirt that goes down to her fingers. But she does move and bend both wrists. And if you watch, you can see into the sleeve enough to tell there is no cast there.

Corrected entry: During the scene when they are playing Quidditch the shadows of the goal posts keep changing direction.


Correction: Not really. I think you are just seeing the two different sets of goal posts. One at each end. Naturally they do have different shadows, which are consistent with each other from what I can see.

Corrected entry: In the shot when Harry grabs the diary from Ginny, right before he grabs it you can see that her eyes are half open, and when he motions toward her, she shuts them tight.

Correction: On the DVD, I zoomed in on her face and went frame by frame, and her eyes were shut the entire time.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, the Dursley's house is on the end of a row of houses. You can see right before they head out to the zoo that there is a house attached on the right but none attached on the left. But in the Chamber of Secrets, when the Dursley's house is shown from outside, it's in the middle of a row, with other houses attached to both sides.

Correction: There are 3 more houses to the right of the Dursley's (as you are facing the house) as you see at the beginning of the first movie. And then a row of thick trees. When Harry is about to turn 11, there is a thin line of short trees and then more houses beyond that, so the subdivision has been built up since Harry was a baby. And you also do see down the street when Dumbledore first arrives and uses the Put-Outer. There are many houses on the left (as you face the house) of the Dursley's. And in the scene you mentioned when they leave for the zoo, the only time you can see what's on the left side of the house is a shot looking down at Harry and you can see the tire of a car in the driveway of the house next door. You can also see the houses on either side of the Dursley's when the owls are delivering letters from Hogwarts for Harry. So, I am sorry, but you are wrong. The Dursleys have always had several houses on BOTH sides of their house.

Corrected entry: In the book store in Diagon Ally, when Draco comes down the stairs his neck is showing, in a later shot his neck is being coved up by a turtle neck or something.

Correction: No, his neck is showing throughout the entire scene in the bookstore. The only thing that changes is the alignment of the edge of his cloak and the edge of his t-shirt. Sometimes they are completely even/level with each other, but most of the time the t-shirt is maybe a half inch above the edge of the cloak.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, in the Great Hall, the doors leading into the Hall are on the left, and the teacher's table is on the right. The camera leaves the Hall through the window, not changing angles, and where there should be more building for the doors to lead onto, there are three big windows and a drop down to the next floor.


Correction: The camera leaves through the windows behind the teachers and pans around, and you can see that there are more buildings sticking out of the other side of the Great Hall, just high enough for there to be a doorway leading out into the entry way to the Great Hall.

Corrected entry: When harry sticks the sword into the basilisk's mouth, its fangs don't touch Harry's arm, but next scene he's wounded.


Correction: The fang went into Harry's arm because of the way he pulled the sword out, rather than the way he stuck it in.

Corrected entry: in the scene where the pixies are attacking Lockhart's class, the pixies fly out of the cage and towards Hermione who knocks her books off her desk in order to make it appear like the devilishly tricky little blighter's had done it. However it's obvious that she's the culprit.


Correction: She panicked and knocked her books over, it was actually scripted like that.

Corrected entry: Harry loses his grip when he falls out of the Anglia, and regains it in the next shot.

Correction: Although it may seem that Harry loses his grip, he doesn't. The Anglia has a longer grip area, that also angles down toward the open end of the door. As Harry falls out, he grasps the middle of the grip, then slips down the rest of the grip, making it appear that he has lost his grip and then regained it. He hand never loses contact though.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they're interrogating Malfoy, before Malfoy walks to the table and talks about the chamber, Malfoy's couch and Ron and Harry's (or Crabbe and Goyle's) get closer and further away from each other. Take when Malfoy says, "Dumbledore was the worst headmaster..." and Harry (or Goyle) say,"You're wrong," Malfoy just has to stand up to be in front of him and in other shots he about two metres away from them and there's a table in between.

Correction: It's a question of camera angles. The coffee table it there the entire time, but the way some of the shots were done make it appear that Draco is closer, or further away, than in other shots.

Corrected entry: When Harry arrives at The Burrow for the first time, there is a grandfather clock that shows the location of all the Weasleys. Ron, Fred and George move from "lost" to "home" for some reason, even though they were never lost. Also, Bill (the oldest Weasley brother) moves from "prison" to something else.

Correction: They may have known where they were, but they were lost to the rest of the world.

Corrected entry: When Lockhart is trying to escape from Hogwarts, he reveals he is good at memory charms and is going to have to do the same to them, he walks past a mirror. But the picture on the mirror doesn't match where he actually is. And when he picks up his wand, he's not in front of the mirror, yet it still shows him nearly fully.

Correction: The mirror is placed relatively high so it has been angled downward, that's all. Lockhart would hardly place a mirror somewhere where it would only show himself the top of his head. That angling makes it so that his reflection appears quite nicely in the center of the mirror ar the moment when he turns around to try his little memory charm.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hagrid comes back from Azkaban, Colin Creevey is sitting at the wrong table. Harry, Ron and Hermione are sat at one table, and he is sitting on another table, even though he is a Gryffindor and should be sat with them.

Correction: When the entire scene is examined, you will see Colin is seated to Harry's left. When Hagrid is talking to the trio, he is standing in front of Ron, with Harry to his left and Hermione on his right. Harry is angled to the table causing Colin to be at his back. Colin appears to be further away then he really is due to the telephoto lens effect.

Corrected entry: When Harry is buying his wand in Olivanders you can see his wand is wooden. But in his second year when he's dueling Draco his wand is black and smooth.

Correction: When he bought it the wand was the same but the lighting makes it look more like wood.

Corrected entry: When Harry and the Quidditch team are confronted with the Slytherin team Harry was able to see Draco quite a few times, so why was he so surprised to see him?

Correction: Harry could have easily just not seen him, Malfoy is a lot shorter than than his fellow team members and he was in the middle of the group while they were walking.

Corrected entry: In the whomping willow scene Harry and Ron are ejected from the car and Hedwig is in her cage on the backseat but when Hedwig and Scabbers are ejected from the car they are both thrown from the front seat.

Correction: The car in question has only two doors therefore the only way for Hedwig and Scabbers to exit is through the front doors. In the same scene you can see the front seats swivel and move to eject them, as this is the case then you can assume that the back seats move too and pushed the cages into the front before they were ejected.

Corrected entry: During the Quidditch match, the "Rogue Bludger" nearly hits Harry for the first time and one of the players says, "Watch yourself Harry." This player is Oliver Wood who is the Keeper on the team or the one who guards the three hoops from getting scored on. Potter was in the middle of the field after missing that Bludger not at the end where the hoops are located so what the heck is Oliver doing in the middle of the field? No wonder Slytherin was in the lead.


Correction: Wood could have been near Harry for any number of reasons, he could have left the goal area to check on Harry (which is allowed by the rules, other players cannot ENTER the goal area). Slytherin's Beaters could have chased Wood out of the goal area to give their Chasers a clear shot. But also Wood was not exactly able to touch Harry, he shouted a little bit away from Harry was at the time of the attack.

Corrected entry: In the shot after the cave-in when Harry opens the hatch with the snakes on it, look at the back of the hatch. It is made with riveted metal. Unless Voldemort re-did the chamber recently why would Salazar Slytherin make the chamber door with riveted metal over a thousand years ago when it wasn't even invented yet?


Correction: Salazar Slytherin is a wizard, he could have made the door however he wanted with magic.

Corrected entry: Right after Harry stabs the Baslik it swings around in the chamber before falling down. When it is swinging around in the background you can see Ginny laying on the ground but Tom Riddle isn't anywhere around. In the next shot he is standing right next to Ginny.

Correction: Ginny is lying on the ground and Riddle is in the background beyond her by about ten feet. There is a closeup on Riddle's face after the basilisk falls, and when we see him next several seconds later he is moving toward Ginny opposite Harry. He had plenty of time to move from his position during the fight to Ginny's side.


Corrected entry: During the transfiguration class, where Hermione asks McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets, the blackboard writing behind McGonagall is reversed.


Correction: There are two mirror-image blackboards in the room. The one on the left side has the text running the right way. The one on the right side of the room, which Professor McGonagall is standing in front of here, is completely in reverse; text, pictures and all. As the scene opens, a shot of the entire classroom is seen, and it is clear that they are two separate blackboards. It looks funny, but it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron get out of the Dark Forest, Harry shuts his door. In the next shot the car starts up and his door gets shut by the car.

Correction: Harry doesn't actually close the door: he rests his hand on it as he climbs out of the car, but he never puts much force on it and we don't hear the door shut.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is in the hospital wing and he is talking to Dobby, he has his bedside light on. He soon hears the teachers bringing in Colin Creevey petrified and Dobby disappears. In this shot, the light is on, but in the shot when Harry is in bed, the light has just mysteriously turned off.

Correction: As the teachers walk through the door, Harry is lying on the bed with the light on, but the light does not fall on his face. The later shot is a closeup on Harry's face, with the light still not falling on it. No inconsistency.


Corrected entry: When Harry Ron & Hermione are at the end of year feast, Hagrid bursts into the hall leaving the door open behind him. Then, when all the children are around him the doors are closed. In the next shot, they have opened again.

Correction: In this shot, before the doors are shown open again, the background is the side of the dining hall, not the back. What appears to be closed wooden double doors is a wall decoration.


Corrected entry: In the dueling scene, the first spell is performed on Harry. He flips through the air, but when he lands, he lands a different way than he should according to the way he was flipping.


Correction: Malfoy hits him in the chest slightly off-center, which blasts Harry up and into a backflip with a slight turn to the left. He flips backwards twice, then lands on his left side. When he sits up, he is leaning on his left side. Nothing unusual here.


Corrected entry: In the first film, during the quidditch scene, Hogwarts can be seen in the background, across the lake (it can easily be seen after Harry almost falls off his broom). But in this movie, Hogwarts is right next to the field.

Correction: They moved the quidditch field. It does not have to be in the same place every year.

Corrected entry: Harry's arm guard comes off after it is hit with the bludger during the Quidditch scene. When he catches the snitch and falls, it is still on. When he is on the ground, it's gone again.

Correction: Harry loses his right arm guard to the bludger. He then catches the Snitch with his left hand and falls. The missing guard never reappears, though Harry does have a dark leather glove that extends up his wrist to his robe.


Corrected entry: Harry sees Lucius Malfoy put the diary in Ginny's cauldron in the beginning of the film. How come he never remembers it until the very end of the film? If he remembered, he would know who had searched his dormitory and a little about the diary.


Correction: Harry didn't realize that Lucius Malfoy put the diary into the cauldron until the end of the movie. This is when he started to put two and two together, and realized that Ginny must have gotten the diary when Lucius slipped it into her cauldron. It's a deduction, not a memory.


Corrected entry: In the first film, when they performed the spell "Windgardium Leviosa" they had to hold up your wand to keep the spell occurring. In this film they only have to say the spell but did not have to hold up their wands. You can tell from the feather levitating in the last film and the cupcake levitating in this film.


Correction: In the first film, they were learning the spell and how to control it. In the second one, they probably had mastered the whole technique, and didn't need the "added support" of the wand.


Corrected entry: When Harry finds the final entrance to the Chamber Of Secrets, you see a round door. This door is held closed by somewhere around five serpents which go off the edge of the door and onto the wall. therefore if you were to push the door they would keep the door from opening. There is one problem though, the door opens outwards and therefore the snakes do nothing to stop the door from opening. Since there are no snakes that act as locks on the inside of the door, the entrance apparantly was never really locked.

Correction: Each snake has it's nose inserted under an iron loop that is attatched to the wall. As the door is opening, there is a close up of the door and one of the loops can be seen.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the film where Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into freeing Dobby, Malfoy is understandably enraged. He pulls out his wand and snarls "You've lost me my servant, boy." and then begins to shout "Avada....." before Dobby interrupts with "You shall not harm Harry Potter." Readers of the books will recognize this as the first word of "Avada Kedavra", the Unforgivable Curse which results in the instant death of the victim. An interesting way to show just how angry Malfoy was. It was also quite reckless. If anyone found out he did it, he would spend the rest of his life in Azkaban (until Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix anyway) if it was ever discovered he did it. And of course Dobby would have been a witness, unless Lucius killed him too. DVD subtitles actually show that he is starting to say "Vera-", but that doesn't match his mouth movements.

Phil C.

Correction: On the contrary, his mouth does match the words if he was rolling his "r" in the word "vera-" as I suspect.

Corrected entry: In Harry's room, there is a stool. When he talks to Dobby, the leather is blue. When Dobby goes to sit on it, it is black.

Correction: The reason the leather on the stool seems black when Dobby sits on it is because Dobby casts a shadow on it.

Corrected entry: You can see the wig line of Lucious Malfoy right before he steps into Hagrid's house, when they are coming to take Hagrid away.

Correction: Lucius Malfoy's hair is actually a white weave into the actor's naturally dark hair color (not a wig) and can be seen through the entire movie. A light weave into dark hair is the hardest to cover up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry falls out of the flying car, you can see several items on the dashboard. None of the item move at all. They just stay glued to the spot.

Correction: It could be that Mr. Weasley used a sticking charm on those items so that they wouldn't move around if the car made a sharp turn or something.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry is in the memory of Tom Riddle, he has got a shadow. But in fact, he isn't "really" in that place, it is just a memory.

Correction: Only Harry himself, and the audience, can see it. Using the same logic we shouldn't have been able to see him. If he isn't there to block light how can he be there to reflect it.

Corrected entry: When Fawkes flew to Ginny and Harry after Harry told Ginny to follow the chamber out, notice that the dead basilisk is not there anymore. However, in the next scene, it reappears.


Correction: The Basilisk lies dead in the water with its head on the stone floor the entire time. The Basilisk head is to the right of the huge head statue and the snake can be seen behind Harry when the shot faces him.

Corrected entry: At the end, Harry tells Dumbledore that he asked the Sorting Hat to be in Gryffindor, but he didn't: he asked not to be in Slytherin.

Correction: We can go back and watch the first movie any time we want, so Harry might not remember his Sorting as well as we do. It was two years ago and he only experienced it once.

Corrected entry: As Harry's being chased by the rogue bludger, Ron says 'I'll stop it' and as Hermione says 'no, its too risky, you could hit Harry' the boy behind her mouthes her words.

Correction: No he doesn't, he simply opens his mouth, it looks like to lick his lips.


Corrected entry: When Colin Creevey first takes a picture of Harry, right after the flash, look at the students behind Harry. Colin then introduces himself. Look behind Harry again - there are different and more students.

Correction: If you watch when the camera first swings into the scene, you can see all the students behind Harry and Ron. so it's not actually different students, it's just that the angle of the camera is different each time they go to Harry.

Corrected entry: Hermione says they will violate about 50 school rules by making Polyjuice Potion. When it turns her into a cat/human, she has to go to the infirmary and later Harry and Ron say she will be fine in a few days. Didn't she at least get detention for doing something so against the rules? I would think Hermione getting detention would be big news considering her goody goody brainy reputation.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Her embarrassing predicament might well be considered punishment enough. Plus there's not necessarily any evidence she was trying to make polyjuice potion - it could have been some sort of permitted animal transformation spell.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Weasleys rescued Harry from Privet Drive, it showed him taking his trunk, and owl. The broom was not in his room, or packed in the car. Later when the boys arrived at school, the car ejected its contents before leaving the Hogwart's grounds, the broom was still missing. But Harry had the broom when he was playing Quittich. Seems doubtful he left his personal property at school over the summer.

Correction: The broom was in his trunk. As we find out in book 3, Harry's Firebolt was kept locked in his trunk before the Gryffindor/Slytherin Quidditch match for safety, therefore the trunks must be large enough to contain a broomstick.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is in the hospital trying to regrow the bones in his arm, he hears someone coming and jumps on the bed. However, in the next scene, he is covered with the blanket, even though he did not move or change position.

Correction: When Harry jumps on the bed, he grabs the blanket and starts pulling it over him. In the cut to the next shot he would have had enough time to pull it up a bit more, and it never completely covers him.

Corrected entry: In the game of Quidditch, the bludger is smashing through all of the solid oak beams around the stadium, but when it hits Harry it only breaks his arm. Surely it should have smashed all his bones in his chest and arms with the speed it's going at.

Correction: No because remember, Dobby is controlling the Bludger, he just wants Harry to leave Hogwarts, not be severely injured or killed.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At first in the movie, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all think Lucius Malfoy opened the Chamber of Secrets 50 years earlier. They all saw him in the bookshop, you think they could tell that he wasn't about 65 years old.


Correction: Wizards show their age at a much slower rate than normal. It is entirely possible that Lucius Malfoy is much older than 65, and all three characters would have known this.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Hagrid comes back, the camera starts going up and you can see that Hagrid is the same height as other teachers standing near doors.

Correction: Filch is the only person standing near the doors. In all shots showing Filch Hagrid is obviously much taller. Also, all of the teachers are seated at the front of the Great Hall.

Corrected entry: During the quidditch match, the first goal we see is scored by Slytherin. When they score, ALL the players come together and fly about in some sort of arrow formation. Wouldn't it have been VERY easy for the Gryffindor team to take the quaffle and score as there's no defense whatsoever?

Correction: In virtually every sport I've ever seen, once a goal is scored the game is stopped until the ball/puck/etc. is put back into play.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: After Errol delivers the Howler to Ron, he flies very close to Hermione's head, the wire attached to the Owl is visible as it passes her hair. It looked like it actually hits her in the face.

Correction: No wires are visible as I watch it. In fact, the actor playing Colin Creevey next to Hermione and if there was a wire attached to it that would be able to hit her hair, it would have hit him first. But it doesn't. And there is not wire visible, anyway. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In Defence Against the Dark Arts class when the Cornish pixies are destroying the classroom, Lockhart asks Harry, Ron and Hermione to nip all the pixies back in their cage. Hermione uses 'Immobulus' then the shot goes behind Hermione and you can see Neville on the ceiling. One pixie floats towards Hermione and part of it just vanishes. Poor computer animation?

Correction: I thought this too at first, but look more closely. The pixie actually floats to Hermione's front. It starts at her side, and moves in, passing by her stomach, so her back and cloak hide it as it moves by.

Corrected entry: At the end of year feast, Hermione runs up to Harry and hugs him then shakes Ron's hand. Then she sits down and her back is facing Ron and Harry's backs. Wouldn't that mean she sat down at the wrong table?

Correction: Hermione sits next to Ron with her shoulder towards him. She doesn't have her back towards him and Harry. The camera is just at a bit of an angle.

Corrected entry: In the scene where young Voldemort is telling Harry that Ginny was the one writing it on the wall, but where does she get the blood from? I doubt they just had buckets of blood lying around, and it would have taken quite a bit of blood, since she wrote 2 long, and big messages.

Correction: When Harry discovers the piece of paper in Hermione's hand in the hospital wing and he reads it, he says that the Basilisk fears the cry of the rooster. Ginny kills Hagrids's roosters so the Basilisk will stay at Hogwarts. Ginny used the blood from the roosters to write the message.

Corrected entry: When Harry Potter is writing in Tom Riddle's journal, Tom replies "No, but I will show you." The pages start to flip and stop on a blank page. A date then appears in the top right hand corner of the right hand side page as June 13th. Wouldn't all of the students have been at home that day 50 years ago? Isn't June 13th considered summer holiday?


Correction: No. Hogwarts is in Great Britain, where the Summer Holidays are roughly from mid-July to mid-September.


Corrected entry: After the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry is in Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore tells Harry to examine the sword carefully. Dumbledore is holding the sword by its handle, so Harry grabs it by the blade. Wouldn't Harry cut himself by doing that?

Correction: Just as with holding a knife by the blade, not necessarily if he is being careful.


Corrected entry: Hermione uses magic outside of school more than once. Both to fix Harry's glasses (once in year 1 on the train then again in year 2 in Diagon Alley). Since the rules are so strict about using magic outside of school wouldn't she get in trouble?

Correction: Harry was being watched closely, whereas Hermione wasn't, but we don't find that out until Book 5.

Corrected entry: During the duelling club scene, Snape tells Lockhart that instead of disarming, he should teach the students to block unfriendly spells first. Lockart says it's an excellent idea, and Harry and Malfoy are called up. But then Lockhart still tells them to cast spells to disarm their opponent. What happened to blocking spells first?



Correction: Lockhart was just humoring him, he didn't actually take him seriously.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are thrown from the car after falling out of the Whomping Willow, if you slow it down you can easily see a blue hand on each side of the car literally pushing the boys out.

Tiffany Fife

Correction: That is the seat of the car tipping to the side to expell the boys. You can see the seats leaning out when Scabbers is thrown out.


Corrected entry: In the scene with Lucius Malfoy and the Weasleys in the bookstore, Lucius takes one book out of Ginny Weasley's basket and comments on the tattered shape it is in, but in the next shot he puts not one, but three books all tied together back into the basket.

Correction: This is an essential part of the plot - it's how he manages to slip Tom Riddle's diary to Ginny.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: At the start of the film when we see Harry through the window, the top two drawers in the chest of drawers are closed, and the bottom one only slightly open. When Harry comes back into his room and finds Dobby, the top two drawers are open and the bottom one is open wider.



Correction: It's possible Dobby messed with Harry's stuff before he started jumping on the bed, when Harry found him; namely gone through his dresser drawers.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron are sitting in the hall doing work and Hermione comes up to them she swings her leg over and it is bare. Then 2 seconds later as she is sitting down she is wearing tights.

Correction: They are never sitting in the hall doing work. When they are eating in the Great Hall before Hermione tells them about the muffins, she comes to sit with them and swings her leg over the bench. Her knee is bare, but you can still see her knee-highs (socks) under her knee. When she swings the other leg over, you can see the knee-high, but her cloak is covering her knee.

Corrected entry: When the rogue bludger breaks Harry's arm, it falls limp, he takes his good arm and grabs the snitch. After this the broom spins upside down and you see Harry holding onto his broom with his supposedly broken arm.

Correction: His arms flail about a bit, but Harry doesn't use his broken arm. He was holding on with his legs, just as he did when he caught the snitch.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Harry's family clearly live in a small close with trees behind their house - see owls delivering mail. The opening of COS shows Privet Drive to be in the middle of a large housing estate with houses to the rear.

Correction: Maybe there was a development over the year he was away?

Corrected entry: When the trio enter the Gryffindor Tower after the Duelling Club, Harry says, "if I hadn't told that snake not to attack Justin", he is interrupted by Ron when he says "Oh that's what you said to it". Harry mimes these words before the shot changes to Ron.

Correction: The shot changes too quickly for Harry to mime Ron's lines. He starts to say "then" when Ron interupts him. That's why he appears to mime Ron.

Corrected entry: When Harry falls out of the flying car, we can see several small parcels just behind the front passenger seat - why did none of them fall out as well?

Correction: They appear to be tied together, which would not allow them to fall out. Besides, according to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), they actually had him dangling from the car 25 feet up in the air. Therefore, the parcels would've fallen out when they were shooting the scene if they were going to.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the pixies, Lockhart introduces himself at the beginning as their new DADA teacher. When he reveals the pixies in their cage, Seamus Finnegan makes an exclamation. Lockhart says, 'That's right Mr Finnegan'. Having only just introduced himself for the first time, how did he know his name?

Correction: Prior to his class, Lockhart could have received copies of students' files and their photographs to familiarize himself with his future students. It's also interesting to point out, in between introducing himself and releasing the pixies, Lockhart gives the class the 'Gilderoy Lockhart quiz' - a scene that was cut from the movie - therefore another means of giving himself the opportunity to learn their names..

Corrected entry: When Harry drops his wand to look at Ginny, Voldemort (Tom Riddle) walks towards him, and it's not there. Then the next shots show it's there and he stoops down and picks it up.

Correction: That is not correct. When Harry drops the vand it slides along the floor and ends up between Ginny and the big face/sculpture where the basilisk emerges later. You can just glimpse it at the bottom of the screen when Tom Riddle walks towards Harry and Ginny.

Corrected entry: In the scene with Dumbledore and Harry after Justin and Sir Nicholas are petrified, Hagrid comes bursting in with a rooster in his hand saying he would swear Harry didn't do it. This scene only makes sense if Hagrid had met Harry in the hall just before the attack, as in the book. Clearly this scene was filmed, then dropped, as it makes no sense in the movie.

Correction: True, the rooster is only explained in the book, but Hagrid's entrance still makes sense. He would most likely have heard from one of the teachers that Harry had found Justin and was taken up to see Dumbledore. He found out quickly about Hermione and would have also heard about Justin quickly.

Corrected entry: Check the bathroom part when Ron and Hermione are going to puke after drinking the Polyjuice potion. Ron goes in the first one yet comes out of the one beside Hermione on the far side.

Correction: As they are standing there drinking their potions, Harry's head obscures the door to the 1st stall. After Ron drinks his potion, he runs into the 2nd stall and you can see the door close to the left of Harry's Head. Hermonie then enters the 3rd stall and closes the door. As the effects of the potion begin to hit Harry, his head tilts forward and you can now see the door to the 1st stall which is in the closed position. At this point you can see that all 3 stall doors are closed. When Ron, as Crabbe, exits the 2nd stall it is the same stall that he had previously entered.

Corrected entry: During the credit roll at the end of the movie, the credits show that there were three Slytherin Beaters. There are only supposed to be two Beaters per team. We all know the Slytherins cheat, but come on...

Correction: Well there might have been a stunt double for the movie or are the last names the same?If they are the same they could be twins who played each others parts. Lastly they may have a substitute for their beaters, since they do get the most bludgers flying at them because they jump in front of them, and since we don't know the rules to Quidditch they may be allowed to have a sub.


Corrected entry: We see Ron break his wand when the car is soaring out of control into the whomping willow tree. When they've landed in the tree, Ron says "My wand, look at my wand". The tree then becomes even more violent, and Ron drops his wand, and says "what's happening". Eventually they fall out of the tree, get thrown out of the car, and it disappears into the forbidden forest. A few scenes later, Ron is trying to repair his wand with cellotape in the great hall. But at what point did he actually get his wand back? It wasn't in his hand when he was thrown out of the car, he was in too much of a panic to get it whilst in the car, and he certainly didn't venture into the forbidden forest to retrieve it afterwards.

Correction: The car expelled them and everything that was theirs before driving off.


Corrected entry: In the Scene where Vernon tells everyone what to do when the Masons arrive. When he says "And Pertunia, you will be..." you can see Vernon mouth the words when Pertunia says "I'll be in the lounge, waiting to welcome them graciously into our home."

Correction: Vernon has carefully coached them on what to say to the clients and is making sure that Petunia gets it exactly right.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dobby talks to Harry in the infirmary, Dobby says he has ironed his hands and shows them bandaged. A few shots later the bandages are gone, and then in the next shot they are back.

Correction: The bandages are still there; it's just difficult to see in the dark.

Corrected entry: If Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are so concerned that the kids will miss the train at 11:00 since they didn't arrive at King's Cross until 10:58, why wouldn't they allow Ron and Harry to go through the platform before they do? Wouldn't they have tried to get them through first so they could get on the train?


Correction: I think we're supposed to assume that they're so anxious about Ginny on her first day that they rush through with her and leave the boys to follow - which normally they could have done with no problems, except that Dobby was magically blocking the entrance.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Why would Gilderoy Lockhart use Ron's wand to cast a memory charm on Harry, the spell that backfires on him? Even if Ron's wand was intact, any wizard knows that the wand chooses the wizard not the other way around, and if you remember from the first movie, Harry caused quite a bit of destruction trying out wands that weren't made for him. Surely Lockhart shouldn't expect someone else's wand to work for him.



Correction: Other people's wands don't actually cause destruction in the books - this was just amped up a bit in the initial 'choosing a wand' process for the films. Mr Ollivander, the wandmaker, explains to Harry simply that 'you will never get such good results with another wizard's wand'. The spell only backfires in Lockhart's case because Ron's wand was broken.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron and Hermione made the Polyjuice potion so they could get into the Slytherin house, Harry and Ron made the sleeping draught potion in the cupcakes for Crabbe and Goyle so they could lock them away and not risk running into them in the house. Hermione was going to turn herself into a Slytherin named Millicent Bulstrode before the spell went wrong, but she hadn't taken any precautions like a spell to not see her in the house. What if she ran into Millicent in the Slytherin house looking like her?


Correction: In the book we are told that Millicent Bulstrode has gone home for the holidays at the last minute, so that's why Hermione doesn't need to be as careful. Of course, this raises new concerns - what would the Slytherins think if she suddenly turned up again? - but that's a book issue, not a movie mistake.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry falls out of the car when they are trying to get away from the train you can see that Harry's hair is blowing in the wind. When Ron goes to grab Harry and pull him in Ron's hair does too, then when he goes back in the car his hair is still blowing even though he is in the car with the windows up.

Correction: The two front windows are in fact down. They are down even before Harry falls out of the car, which can easily be seen while they're flying over the tracks (notice their hair waving in the breeze).

Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron go and visit Hermione in the hostpital wing, Harry is holding her hand and by the look of it, he had been for a few minutes. Then he discovers the piece of paper in her hand. Wouldn't he have felt that earlier?

Correction: At the very beginning of this particular scene, we see Harry exchanging some dead flowers with some fresh flowers, in a vase next to Hermione's bed. He then goes and sits down on the bed and says "wish you were here Hermione, we need you now, more than ever". At THIS point, he puts his hand on hers and finds the piece of paper. He had only just put his hand on hers when he found it.

Corrected entry: When Harry drops the polyjuice potion, you see that it lands on a grate. When Myrtle floods the washroom, wouldn't the water go into these grates?


Correction: No, there could have been too much water for the grates to have drained all the water on the floor causing the water to spread. Also, the floor might not have been even or had flooded too far away from the grates so that the water could have created a puddle and could not run back to the grates.

Corrected entry: When Harry is writing to Tom Riddle through the diary there is a close up of Harry's face and in the reflection of his glasses you can clearly see the film crew. You are able to see the camera-man and a women standing next to him, and they are moving around.

Correction: You can't see anyone in his glasses because there wasn't any glass in the frames for the majority of the film.

Corrected entry: While the rocks are falling between Harry and Ron, Harry falls on his stomach and you can see several boulders bounce off of his back.

Correction: The boulders do not hit Harry, they fly over his back.

Corrected entry: When Harry is pulled out of the flash back (where he saw Riddle), a door closes on the way. But how did the door close when no-one was there to close it?


Correction: This occurs only because Harry lives in the wizarding world. This door closing was obviously because of magic.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Harry and Dobby are fighting over the lamp when Harry hears Vernon knock at his door. Do you really think that Vernon, really mad and annoyed at Harry, would patiently wait at the door while Harry got the lamp from Dobby and pushed him into the closet, to come in and threaten Harry?

Correction: Vernon is storming up the stairs, not knocking.

Corrected entry: Fred and George Weasley are on the Quidditch team as Beaters - the players who keep bludgers from hitting their teammates. So where were they when the rogue bludger was attacking their star Seeker?

Correction: They were protecting Katie, Alicia, Angelina and Oliver from the other Bludger. This is explained in depth in the book, so presumably we just have to assume the same is happening in the film.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Lockhart is packing up and leaving because he doesn't want to go into the chamber. Look closely in the mirror next to the door just before Harry and Ron enter the room. You can see Lockhart watching the door waiting for the boys to come in.

gandolfs dad

Correction: Lockhart was jumpy because it could have been one of the teachers coming. He would have heard Harry and Ron's footsteps. I think that would draw his attention to the door.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the pixies are let lose in their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the pixies make a disaster of the classroom, yet when Professor Lockhart runs out and tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione to take care of the rest, Hermione freezes the whole lot of them with one simple spell. Couldn't she have performed this spell when the professor first released the pixies and saved the class a lot of trouble?

Correction: Hermione, when Professor Lockhart lets the pixies free, still thinks that he has everything under control, and therefore would not want to disrupt the whole lesson by freezing the pixies.

Corrected entry: Aragog says that he came from a distant land. How then, in the Dark Forest, did he find another spider to breed with and make all the little spiders?

Correction: Aragog had said that Hagrid was a nice guy who also gave him someone to live with so he wasn't lonely. Then he said, "But i can't help giving my relatives fresh meat when it comes into the forest so willingly." At least he said that about Hagrid giving him another spider to live with in the book.

Corrected entry: When Harry first meets Dobby, Dobby is bouncing on the bed. There is a bulletin board of some kind with a Gryffindor flag thing on it. A couple of minutes later, the flaggy thing is still there, but the board itself is gone.

Correction: The Gryffindor flag is pinned onto the wall, not the bulletin board. The bulletin board is in fact several inches to the right of the flag. When there is a wideshot of Dobby both the flag and the bulletin board can be seen. When there is a close-up of Dobby only the flag can be seen, naturally as the flag was never on the board in the first place.

Corrected entry: When the basilisk bites Harry, he pulls out a straight fang. But when he carries it across the room, it is a curved tooth. But there were no curved teeth in the mouth of the basilisk, let alone Harry's arm.

Correction: The tooth is curved. The camera angle when Harry first pulls the tooth out of his arm is straight on so the tooth looks straight but almost immediately Harry changes the angle that the tooth is shown and it is clearly curved.

Corrected entry: The professors at Hogwarts tell the students that they have extensively checked the entire school and can find no trace of the Chamber of Secrets. The Chamber turns out to be an auditorium-sized room under the school connected to hundreds of yards of underground tunnels. The friendly ghosts that can fly through walls should have been able to find it in a few seconds.

Correction: The ghosts might not be able to enter the room because it is magically hidden. They might been "deluded" thinking it is just another piece of rock, just as the Muggles see Hogwarts as a ruin.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Malfoy is coming from Dumbledore's office near the end, Mr. Malfoy is already down the stairs and Harry is just at the bottom, but if you look back at Harry it's quite obvious that there are no stairs - he is just walking out from behind the stone statue.

Correction: When you see Harry coming out of that "hole" where the stairs are. You can see that the stairs are just finishing going down so Harry went down on the stairs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Weasleys are rescuing Harry from the bedroom, when Harry is still in the room he is wearing pyjamas, and also when the Weasleys are pulling him in to the car, but in the next shot, when Harry is already sitting safely inside the car, he is wearing different clothes.

Correction: There has been a time lapse. In the time it took Harry to pack his trunk and gather up all of his possetions, he could probably have gotten changed out of his PJ's and into other clothes.

Corrected entry: When the rogue bludger was following Harry in the Quidditch match, it went right through a tall stand from the back to the front. When the hole showed up, it was on the side.

Correction: It was actually the side view, it just looks like it came through the front of the stand because it was on a close up shot.

Corrected entry: If you notice the scene where the trio is sitting in the library after the Duelling Club incident, Justin Finch-Fletchley is in there (he is sitting with a group of Hufflepuffs glaring at Harry). However, in the next scene he is petrified in the hallway Harry is going down.

Correction: It isn't Justin Finch-Fletchley who is in the library. That boy is Ernie Mac Millian but he and Justin look a bit alike.

Corrected entry: This takes place when Harry is writing in Tom Riddle's diary. Each time Harry writes, Tom's reply waits until Harry's writing has completly soaked into the paper. However, when he asks Tom if he knows anything about the Chamber of Secrets, Harry's entry is still soaking into the paper when Tom begins responding. Tom's reply is too long for him to write in the little time that he had to read Harry's question and write back.

Correction: Tom Riddle's penmanship is also extremely tidy...which leads me to believe that the dark wizard wasn't physically 'writing' the words, merely willing them to exist instantly, thus defeating the need of lag time in which to write them, no matter how long the phrases actually are. Waiting for Harry's ink to completely soak in is probably only a courtesy.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Dobby met in the hospital wing Dobby is on the ground standing, and when Harry gets out of his bed he puts his leg through Dobby.

Correction: When Harry gets off the bed, there was a good foot of distance between him and Dobby.

Corrected entry: When McGonnagal is telling the class of the Chamber, she says no such Chamber has been found. Well, how could she say that when Hagrid got expelled from school for opening it fifty years ago and Tom Riddle got a special reward for finding the person who opened it?

Correction: She's lying, either to keep the kids from being scared or to keep them from trying to find the chamber themselves. She's probably also trying to protect the school's reputation.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Malfoy are duelling, Harry casts a spell which launches Malfoy in the air. By the way he was flying through the air, he should have landed on his back, but when the shot changes, he has landed sitting and turned around.

Correction: In the wide shot, you can see that Malfoy's legs swing over just as the shot changes, so that his legs will be facing towards Snape.

Corrected entry: When Ron and Harry change into Crabbe and Goyle they go to the Slytherin common room. To get into Slytherin house they would need to know the password, but no one knows the other houses' passwords, so how did they get in?

Correction: After they change into Crabbe and Goyle, they meet up with Draco in the corridor, then go to the common room. Of course Draco knows the Slytherin password, allowing Harry and Ron to get in disguised as Crabbe and Goyle.

Corrected entry: During the final moments in the Chamber, Harry overcomes Tom Riddle (Voldemort) when putting the Basilisk tooth through the diary. If you watch carefully, you will notice that Harry is keeping his right arm idle, as it has also been posioned by the tooth. He keeps striking the diary and finally closes it for one final attack on the cover. Right before he closes it, you see his left hand still poised in the air with the tooth, but as they cut to the closing of the book right away, they show Harry's left hand closing the book with no sign of the tooth. Now they cut back to Harry's face and his left arm is still up holding the tooth.

Correction: Actually, just before the closeup of Harry closing the diary,(with the tooth in the left hand) the shot of Harry doesn't show his arm. But looking at the position of his shoulder, his arm is down. Then comes the closeup of Harry's left hand (HOLDING THE TOOTH) closing the book. The next scene show Harry raising his left arm, with the tooth still in hand, and stabbing the diary.

Corrected entry: When Harry is talking with Dumbledore in his office after coming out of the Chamber of Secrets, the camera moves from Harry, past a pillar, and to Dumbledore. Footsteps are clearly heard, but neither Harry nor Dumbledore are walking.

Correction: The footsteps you hear are from Lucius Malfoy who is shortly about to arrive in Dumbledore's office.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Ron shuffle out of the crowd in Flourish and Blotts, Draco was reading a book by the stairs. It seems as though a crew member called him for his cue because he looked at the side and nodded. Then he tore one page and resumed his line.

Correction: Draco is taking a cue from his father. Draco stops Harry and friends so that his father can add the diary to Ginny's cauldron.

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Uncle Vernon: And Dudley, you will be?
Dudley Dursley: I'll be waiting to open the door.
Uncle Vernon: Excellent. And you?
Harry: I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.



At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair.



In the scene where Harry and Malfoy are flying on their brooms, there's a shot where Colin takes a picture. Listen to the music right after that. The music is the same music used in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones during the chase scene on Coruscant (John Williams did the music for this film and all the Star Wars films).