Casino Royale

Continuity mistake: When Bond, Moneypenny, his daughter, and his double are escaping from their prison cell, Moneypenny and Mata Bond are barefoot. When they are outside the cell, they both have their heels. They are never shown putting their shoes back on, and they wouldn't have had enough time anyway.

Continuity mistake: When Sir James and Mata Bond infiltrate Dr. Noah's headquarters, they hurry down a corridor with dozens of doorways. There are no flashing lights, but the corridor color repeatedly changes from blue with blue doors to red with red doors from one camera shot to the next.

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: And exactly how would this have happened unintentionally? This was obviously done on purpose to create a disorienting, surreal effect. It may not be "realistic" but this is not a movie that concerned with realism.

Your attempt to speculatively explain it away as a stylistic choice does not negate the fact that this is a continuity error in a film that is full of continuity errors. It's important to remember that this film had 6 different directors, as well as disgruntled and uncooperative actors (Peter Sellers even quit and walked out in the middle of production). As a result, the movie has a piece-meal appearance and is riddled with plot holes and continuity errors.

Charles Austin Miller

Are you suggesting the two parts of the scene was directed by two different directors and one of them decided to change the color scheme before shooting? Considering the difficulty in creating the two different looks, it is practically impossible for this to have been done accidentally. A break in continuity is not a mistake if it is intentional.

Early in the sequence, Sir James and Mata Bond are looking for an escape route: They glance down one corridor, which is a dead-end that is all blue with blue doors; but they choose another dead-end corridor that is all red with red doors. As they flee down the red corridor, the camera cuts to show them from the front, back and profile as they hurry down the corridor. Although they deliberately chose the red corridor, the color changes from red to blue and back to red from cut to cut. The obvious answer is that they tried alternate takes Sir James and Mata Bond fleeing down the red corridor and then the blue corridor, but then sloppily edited the shots together into one sequence.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy Bond opens the cupboard to get his pills there is a mounted gun on the shelf as well. After picking up the pills he turns around and the gun has vanished. (01:57:15)


Continuity mistake: Bond enters the temple and sits. 12 girls come in, they have their hands together and obviously aren't carrying anything. They kneel and are then suddenly waving giant sheets around which have appeared from nowhere. (01:03:00)


Continuity mistake: Each time Tremble does his 'Indian beggar' lines, there is a woman in a red dress standing right behind him. She is not there in any other shot. (01:35:35 - 01:37:30)


Continuity mistake: Most of the time that Le Chiffre is playing cards the women gathered around him are in the same position - e.g. the blonde twins are either side of him and the woman in the bright green dress is to his right. However there is one short shot, just before Le Chiffre does his levitating woman magic trick, where they are all in different positions - e.g. the woman in the green dress is now behind him to his left. (01:12:10)


Continuity mistake: Early on in the fight at the casino someone smashes through the mirror above the bar. Later on the mirror can be seen to be intact. (02:05:25)


Continuity mistake: When Andress is taken hostage outside the casino, watch the background to see the bouncer walk inside the Royale. Yet, when Sellers runs outside, the bouncer is outside again. (01:41:00)

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Bacillus Box: ...Handle these capsules with care. Dr. Noah's bacillus is highly contagious. This germ, when distributed in the atmosphere will make all women beautiful and destroy all men over 4'6." Please handle these capsules with care.

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Question: At the beginning, M and agents representing the USA, Soviet Union and France try to convince James Bond to come out of retirement. Bond steadfastly refuses; whereupon, M lights his cigar as a signal for British troops in the distance to destroy Bond's estate with mortar fire (M is accidentally killed in the mortar attack). But what was the purpose of destroying Bond's estate? Wouldn't that action only drive Bond further away from rejoining the spy corps? Why would the British government go to such lengths to punish Bond? And then why did Bond return to the secret service, anyway, after such treachery?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Given that this is a comedy, the thinking was probably "Well, we'll just blow up your retirement so you've got no choice but to come out of it."

Captain Defenestrator

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