Casino Royale

Corrected entry: When Mata arrives in Berlin, East and West are shown side by side with the wall separating them. In reality there was a 100 meter wide no-mans' land between 2 walls. Breaking a hole in the wall, as shown when Mata is leaving, would not allow dozens of East Germans to easily escape to the West. (01:09:00)


Correction: It's a joke.

Corrected entry: While photographing Evelyn Tremble, Ms Lynd says she's going to use a 500th at f2. With normal indoor lighting and with no flash, that is not at all appropriate. (00:55:15)


Correction: You don't have enough information to make the call. To decide whether 1/500 at f2 is 'appropriate' you must know the film speed - its ASA rating. At ASA100 1/500 will be underexposed at f2, but at ASA1000 it will be overexposed under the conditions we see. If she is using ASA600 low speed film I'd expect her to get a pretty good result, particularly if she was using black and white film.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, James Bond (David Niven) is in the grounds of his mansion with some dignitaries. The army, hidden nearby, attack his house with missiles. The first shell destroys the house, it is then seen in perfect condition, and the next shell destroys it again. (00:11:24)

Correction: There are 2 buildings on James' grounds. The main house (yellow with steps leading to it) and the building with the piano room in it (orange with no steps). The piano building is blown up first and the main house can be seen behind Bond, intact. Then the main house is blown up.


Factual error: When M and his entourage arrive at Bond's estate their cars are surrounded by sheep. They then drive on down a unsurfaced road to Bond's house, past a pride of lions he keeps on the grounds. A series of sweeping overhead shots shows us it is all one huge field, with no fences or the like. Those sheep aren't going to last very long .

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The Detainer: You're crazy. You are absolutely crazy.
Jimmy Bond: People called Einstein crazy.
The Detainer: That's not true. No one ever called Einstein crazy.
Jimmy Bond: Well, they would have if he'd carried on like this.

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Trivia: Despite the long scene where they play each other at baccarat at the casino, Peter Sellers and Orson Welles were never on set at the same time. There are a number of theories ranging from stage fright to their alleged intense hatred of each other. (01:35:00)

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