Carry on Camping

Carry on Camping (1969)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when campers are speaking to Mr. Fiddler about the noise, Sid James is first wearing a blue turtle-neck jumper when he appears from the tent with Bernie. But a few seconds later after some dialogue, he is all of a sudden wearing a light blue cardigan over the top of the blue turtle-neck jumper.


Continuity mistake: When Sid tells Bernie to turn off the light before going to sleep in their tent, you can see there is a holiday bag behind them and the handle is down, but when Bernie accidentally inflates the dinghy in the next shot, the handle is up.

Continuity mistake: When Sid tells Joan that they are not staying at the Paradise Camp, Joan says "What?" and you can see outside her window that the car is next to a bush. When we see Sid getting out of the car in the next shot, the bush is nowhere to be seen.

Revealing mistake: When Sid and Bernie wake up after sleeping outside their tent following the accident with their dinghy, Bernie pulls a metal pole and Sid is covered with water from the tent flap. At this point, Sid moves his head to ensure he gets the water on him.

Visible crew/equipment: When Joan Sims comes out of her tent and reads the letter from her mum, as the picture zooms in, the shadow of the camera can be seen moving across the grass between the two beds.


Audio problem: When Sid says "What are you doing?" after Bernie pulls the dinghy cord in the tent, the audio we hear does not match Sid's mouth movements at all.

Visible crew/equipment: Outside Mrs Fussey's house when Sid and Bernie are carrying the suitcases, the boom mike is reflected in the windscreen of Sid's car.

Continuity mistake: When Sid tells Bernie of his plan to nip outside and sew Joan and Anthea's tent flaps together, he is holding the needle and thread with his hands together, but in the next shot he is holding them with his hands wide apart.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Soaper asks the girls if they have any questions regarding Stonehenge on the coach, two girls stand up behind Babs and Fanny, but in the next shot when Fanny says "Go on, Babs, I dare you!", they are sitting down again.

Continuity mistake: When Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques are discussing what the birds and bees do to the girls on the coach, you can see that they are going down a motorway but in the next shot of the coach, they are driving down a country lane.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Sid James is tying up the necklaces of the hippies at the rave-up, one of them he ties up is a blonde haired man with a striped shirt and brown jacket. But when we see "The Flowerbuds" performing a little later on, this man is no longer tied up - he is now dancing with the other hippies.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Fiddler comes over to see Sid about the clothes line, you can see Bernie's blanket is covering his vest. In the next shot, his vest is uncovered, and when Sid stands up to talk to Mr Fiddler about a "small charge", the vest is covered again.

Continuity mistake: When Joan Sims comes out of the car to tell Sid James that it's nearly six, you can see Sid's right arm is resting on the window but in the next shot it is now in the car.

Continuity mistake: When Sid tells Bernie to turn off the light in the tent, Sid's hair is neatly combed, but in the next shot the back of his hair is now sticking up.

Continuity mistake: When Sid and Bernie are bringing the suitcases out to Sid's car both the car's nearside windows are shut, but when the girls open the car doors to get in both the windows are open.

Charlie Muggins: Hello. What's a nice girl like you doing with an old cow?
Girl with cow: I'm taking her to the bull.
Charlie Muggins: Well couldn't your father do that?
Girl with cow: No it must the the bull.

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Trivia: This film was set in the summer time but recorded in November and the field they set the film in was so muddy they had to spray paint the mud green so it looked like grass.

James Warrender

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