My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Revealing mistake: Near the end when Toula and Ian are in the limo, Toula starts to wipe off her makeup and take off or loosen her wedding dress. She actually pulls off the bow on the right arm of her dress. If you pause the movie right there, you can see by Ian and Toula's reaction the bow was not supposed to be removed. The scene ends immediately after. (01:20:45)

Continuity mistake: When Toula goes to meet Ian at the school where he works, and they are talking in the hallway, her arms occasionally move from behind his neck to the front of his shoulders. The continuity is correct at the bgeinning of the scene, but at the end it happens a few times. (00:48:05)

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Yianni: Ian, if you're gonna be in this family, I get you some earplugs because the Portokalos women, if they're not nagging someone... they DIE.
Toula Portokalos: Ah, you're in so much trouble when I tell my sister.
Athena: Tell me what?

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Trivia: The man who plays Ian's friend Mike is played by Ian Gomez, who is Nia Vardalos' husband in real life.

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