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Cannonball Run II (1984)

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Corrected entry: Near the end, JJ, Victor and Fenderbaum are dressed as girls and are in Don Don's office signing contracts. When Don Don says, "What do they do? Scare the audience to death?" his two bodyguards laugh. That scene was used earlier in the film, but the earlier scene had a blue painting that is not in this scene.

Correction: The two scenes take place in different offices.

Corrected entry: After the white limo pulls away from the police car, you can see that the police car has no markings on it.

Correction: The car is the same as when it pulled the limo over. The later camera angle causes the car's door to reflect more light, hiding the shield, but it's still there.


Corrected entry: The guy in the Gullwing Mercedes claims he has a "383 Hemi". There is no such engine. Hemis were made in 331, 392 and 426 CIDs, but not a 383.

Correction: He lied to impress the girls. A character error at best.


Corrected entry: When the gangsters are flying the helicopter, they get really close to the back of the blue car. It's almost impossible that the driver of the car would not have heard the helicopter, or even seen it in one of the mirrors, given how low it was flying.

Correction: They were so intent at winning the race, they most likely didn't notice the helicopter behind them. Even though the helicopter lands on the roof of the car, one of the car passengers says "It could be the fan belt"

Corrected entry: After the big fight scene at the Pinto Ranch, Frank Sinatra called Fenderbaum and Blake over to his car so that he could get a head start on them to Connecticut, and drives away before them. A few scenes later, he comes up behind them and passes them. If he left before them from the ranch, how could he end up behind them, when he obviously had a faster car then them? Since he wanted the head start, it's highly unlikely that he stopped for a cup of coffee.

Correction: It is very likely that Frank Sinatra took a longer route round than Fenderbaum and Blake, who most likely took some short-cut that enabled them to 'get ahead' of Sinatra. Since Sinatra's car is much more powerful than Fenderbaum's and Blake's, it was easy for him to catch up and subsequently overtake.

Continuity mistake: When Dean Martin's car passes the military-looking Imperial, his red Corvette is suddenly a red and silver Dodge Daytona. It switches back to the red 'Vette in the car's next shot.

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Victor: My Aunt Millie took a vow of chastity. She had headaches allllll the time.

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Trivia: The man who got out of his Porsche at the starting line to chew out the driver of the monster truck (who later ran over the Porsche) was director Hal Needham.

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Question: What kind of car is the yellow one the two ladies drive after they ditch the Mercedes? The one where the top comes comes up to let people in.


Chosen answer: It's called a "Nova" (but not as in the Chevy Nova). It's a kit car, in the U.S. and for the film, it was made by the Sterling Sports Car company. Although the Nova kit car originated with the English company Automotive Design and Development Ltd.


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